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When you are young there are some experiences that deserve to be lived because they enrich us professionally, culturally and allow us to grow as a person. One of these is undoubtedly the summer vacation in the United States. A useful, profitable journey during which not only relax and have fun but also work profitably, meet people from all over the world and perfect the English language.

World Together, (find out more about who he is and what he does) in partnership with Aspire Worldwide, offers all young people university students and undergraduates between the ages of 18 and 28, the opportunity to join the program Work and TravelUSA. Once you arrive in the United States - in the period between June 15 and September 15 - you can work in the tourism services sector. Those who want to continue the experience will be able to allow themselves an additional month as a tourist in the USA. The work will be regularly contracted and paid.

An experience that will enrich the curriculum of future professionals: which future employer will not consider positively the experience abroad, the ability to speak and understand correct and fluent English learned in the field?

An experience that is also enriching for contact with young people from all over the world: today the multiculturalism it is fundamental for a good and peaceful coexistence and learning to be with those who have a culture different from ours is undoubtedly a wealth, a resource to be enjoyed throughout one's life.

How it works

The program includes selections - which will take place by March - open to both sexes, during which the aptitudes of the aspirants will be evaluated. And not only that, because the candidate will be accompanied in the process of creating a registration dossier which will also include the simulation of interviews with future employers. And then there is the logistical assistance for booking flights and accommodation.

La quality of services offer is such as to maximize the objective and to offer the awareness that the future professional life, the world of work, must be faced with competence and effectiveness.

Group of Spaniards employed in Yellowstone

What are the destinations

There are many destinations from which to choose, here I will list only the main ones:
- Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming;
- The Angels;
– Ocean City nel Maryland.

Who you will work for

The main employers are Yellowstone National Park, which usually looks for positions such as saleswoman in souvenir shops, waiter in restaurants, dishwashing, meal preparation, waiter or various positions in canteens and responsible for cleaning hotel rooms.

A Los Angeles the employer is Pacific Park, an amusement park in Santa Monica. The open positions for this destination are:
- Food & Beverage Attendant: takes orders, prepares and serves meals, works at the cashier
- Games Attendant: Interacts with customers, encourages them to play, awards prizes
- Rides Attendant: ride attendant.

A Ocean City, in Maryland, a seaside resort on the Atlantic Ocean usually the job positions sought are for restaurants, for the water park, or even for the amusement park.

Francesca at work in Ocean City

If you think you qualify and are interested in participating, please fill out the form to join contact with Mondo Insieme. Do not miss this unique opportunity to get to know the world of work, exploring it closely, experiencing its evolution, catching its signs and preparing for change.

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