Scooter rental in Formentera: how to do it?

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Useful tips for renting a moped in Formentera

Once you land on the island, you can't wait to explore it. For this reason, even well in advance, many go hunting for best scooter rental in Formentera. To help you in this enterprise, here is everything that may be useful to know before booking your moped and starting to enjoy the wonders of the island, making pleasant excursions and visiting the most interesting points of the island.

  1. Formentera: auto or scooter?
  2. Scooter for rent: online or on site? How much?
  3. Is it possible to rent a scooter in Formentera without a credit card?
  4. Where to rent your scooter or motorbike
  5. Refueling in Formentera

Formentera: auto or scooter?

There are so many reasons why renting a moped in Formentera it is considered the ideal way to get around the island and by far preferable to renting a car, especially if there are two of you:

  • The island is crossed by a single one main road, that from the Port of La Savina you can travel to the other end of the island, namely the Lighthouse of the Mola (about 19 km, therefore the distances are minimal);
  • È easy to park, both near the beaches and in urban centers, even during the high season, when the island is quite crowded (in fact, we also recommend renting a scooter in Formentera in August);
  • Formentera is lisland of freedom, and riding it on two wheels will accentuate this sensation.

So if you too have opted to rent a scooter in Formentera, here are our tips to do it in the most convenient and economical way.

Scooter for rent: online or on site? How much?

If you are looking for a cheap rental scooter then definitely worth it book online. It is on the web that you can find the best offers for renting a scooter in Formentera.

You may also be wondering what is the cost of renting a scooter on the island. This obviously depends on the period and number of rental days: they range from 25 to 35 € per day (low / high season rate).

The fee usually includes ainsurance with deductible, but you can choose to take out one with full coverage (see below the paragraph on the credit card).

For the helmets, I am included in the price and you will be provided with your size at the time of collection.

Is it possible to rent a scooter in Formentera without a credit card?

If you want to rent a scooter in Formentera, in addition to the driving license, you need a credit card. This will be used to guarantee the deposit, which will be returned to you upon return, provided that no damage has been reported. In fact, unless you want extra total insurance, the one included in the basic rental has an excess.

Some companies may not require a credit card in case you choose a total insurance (without deductible), to experience the holiday with zero thoughts. However, in general, in Formentera you will find few agencies willing to rent you a scooter without a credit card.

↓ Book your rental scooter in Formentera at the best price! ☟

Where to rent your scooter or motorbike

Now that you know how to rent a moped in Formentera without surprises and at the best price, we would like to give you some advice on where to pick it up, as there are several options.

If you are traveling with small and light luggage, you can too rent a scooter in La Savina, that is, directly to the port of Formentera, as soon as you get off the ferry. This option is very comfortable because it immediately makes you independent and also on your return: you can easily return the motorbike to the same workshop.

Otherwise, after reaching your accommodation by other means (taxi or bus), the simplest thing is to contact thenearest workshop. Find below the list of all the locations where you can find a scooter rental in Formentera:

  • Punta Prima
  • Like Mari
  • the Savina
  • It's Calò
  • Es Pujols
  • Sant-Ferran

If for example you are staying in the Migjorn area, you can go to Es Calò or Sant Ferran, depending on where you are.

Refueling in Formentera

Once in the saddle of your scooter you will be free to tour all of Formentera: the only thing you need to know is where to get petrol, both when your fuel starts running low, and before delivery (Most companies require you to return the scooter with a full tank of fuel as it was delivered to you).

If you have hired a moped, you need to know that in Formentera there are only two petrol stations:

  • you meet one just before arriving at the port, coming from Sant Francesc;
  • the other is found along the main road that connects Sant Francesc to Sant Ferran.

In fact, during the summer it is quite likely to find a bit of a queue to refuel. Another prerogative ofhigh season is that you pay the entrance to access the Natural Park of Ses Salines. The daily cost for motorcycles varies between € 2 and € 4 from May to September, depending on the period, and allows you to come and go as you please throughout the day. Access is free from October to April.

One more last recommendation and then you can turn on your scooter and set off to discover the island: be careful along the way never to invade the cycle path (you will recognize it because it is red).

And now think about enjoying the trip, also because in Formentera there are no traffic lights!

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