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Mondo Insieme allows students to spend a school year abroad, the most popular program among high school students, which allows students to study for a term, term, semester or school year at a high school in their favorite country.

Il 60% of subscribers the school year abroad, says Mondo Insieme, chooses the United States as a desired destination, on the one hand for the American Dream - always present among young people - on the other for the fascination of American High Schools. However, the destinations offered cover practically all countries in the world: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, China, Japan, France, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, the Nordic countries, and many others. There is truly spoiled for choice, depending on your cultural interest!

Certainly, live as an Exchange Student it is an experience not to be missed, because it allows you to become part of a family from which you have been chosen and live like a local teenager. All host families are selected on the basis of parameters decided by government bodies and Mondo Insieme partners. Families choose to host to share their daily lives, to allow Exchange Students to get to know the culture and traditions of the place and, at the same time, get to know the Spanish culture and traditions directly from their own home. In fact, we speak of cultural exchange.

Once they arrive at their destination, the students are greeted by an area representative which introduces them to their new school: at that point you are ready to immerse yourself in the context of the High School, choosing the courses to attend based on the subjects you are interested in and according to your school address.

An American family welcomes Alice to Cincinnati

It should be remembered, in any case, that some subjects, such as civics, American history and English in the US are mandatory: this constraint is designed to ensure that students are able to fully understand the environment and culture of the country from which they are hosted. For the rest, you can decide whether to opt for linguistic or scientific subjects, whether to study journalism, computer science, dance, decorative arts, marketing, theater and so on.

Extracurricular activities

The real strength of High Schools abroad, and in this the American High Schools are particularly renowned, is represented by numerous extra-curricular activities offeredWhether it's contributing to the school newspaper, playing a sport or joining a club, it will be easy to feel an active member of a school community.

In short, a school year abroad, in the USA or in the country of your dreams, is an opportunity to be seized on the fly: it allows you to experience an educational and fun path, ideal for opening your mind, getting to know the world and putting yourself to the test. .

Why do a year abroad

By virtue of the recognition of the experience of Spanish schools, according to the provisions of the Ministry of Education, University and Research for some years, more and more students decide to take part in an Exchange Program every year. What benefits is not only the current school career, but also the professional career of the future, regardless of whether you intend to work abroad or in Spain.

The educational experience that can be lived by those who choose to become an Exchange Student is unique and precious. The cultural exchange is the focal point of the program: when you attend a local school, which can be public or private (America and Canada offer many options), you gain the opportunity to make new friends and to deal with a school that is certainly very different from that you are used to, which means - among other things - learning a new study method.

You can also take part in the experience taking advantage of the Itaca Scholarships which, for some years now, have been promoted by INPS through a call for proposals.

Among the various proposals to be evaluated in the United States, the programma Choice Plus High School Exchange, which ensures maximum freedom of choice as regards the destination, the course of study and the extra-curricular activities to devote to.

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