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The Scala dei Turchi, located in Realmonte in the Province of Agrigento, not far from the Valley of the Temples, is one of the favorite destinations of the southern summers, thanks to its conformation with soft, rounded and irregular lines and the color of its "cold" white marl cliff.
It is composed of clayey and limestone sedimentary rock, which gives the cliff the characteristic white color and the low temperature to the touch. The cliff is reached via a path of huge steps, on top of which tourists usually "camp" to sunbathe or admire the wonderful panorama overlooking the equally fascinating coast of Agrigento.


  1. Where is it and how to get there
  2. Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments
  3. Where to sleep in the surroundings: hotels, camping and b & b
  4. What to do and see in the surrounding area
  5. Curiosity: History and origins of the name
  6. Useful Tips
  7. User questions and comments

Where is it and how to get there

  • From the center of Realmonte: through Via Pier Santi Mattarella and Provincial Road 68 / SP68. Distance of 4,6 km, 8 minutes by car and 55 on foot - Get directions
  • From Agrigento: it is 16,2 km from Agrigento and can be reached in just over 20 minutes by car, taking the SS115 / SS640 from Via Francesco Crispi - Get directions

Unfortunately there is no public transport available, you have to use your own vehicle or take a taxi.

How to descend to the Scala dei Turchi

Once you are near the imposing cliff you can park along the roadside (in the sections with parking allowed signs), or go a little further to find rest areas and convenient paid parking (Parking Scala dei Turchi, Get directions - from € 5,00 per day). Once you have parked your car you can reach one of the access points.

  1. Lido Scala dei Turchi (about 500 meters from the cliff): it is the closest, it offers a staircase that descends to the beach. Unfortunately the access is not very comfortable due to the many steps to do - Get directions
  2. Lounge Beach Scala dei Turchi (about 800 meters from the cliff): there are fewer steps to take and they are lower, but once you get off the beach you have to walk more to reach the cliff - Get directions
  3. Majata Beach (about 1 km from the cliff): there are no steps but you walk directly on the beach - Get directions

Access is open and free in all three points.

Closure for safety:
Between 2017 and 2019 the stretch of beach immediately before the cliff (the one that connects it to the three access points) was closed due to some safety works. A boardwalk was originally installed over the sea to allow access, but it was removed shortly after. During this period the only way to reach the cliff without incurring fines or penalties was starting from Lido Rossello, via a walk of about 10 minutes which also included a stretch in the water (high up to the knees).
In the summer season 2019 the site was reopened to visitors.
However, due to a new landslide in January 2020, the access was closed again, therefore today it is not possible to access the white marl cliff of the Scala dei Turchi.

Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments

The white sand beach, natural mud and cold water it's free and free.

However, it is possible to rely on the bathing establishments not far from the cliff, near Realmonte, which provide deckchairs and umbrellas.

  • Majata Beach: here you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas and take advantage of the services offered by the bar and restaurant. Paid parking, showers and toilets. Facebook page - Get directions
  • Lido Rossello: Lido equipped, with the presence of two well-equipped kiosks. Facebook page - Get directions

Where to sleep in the surroundings: hotels, camping and b & b

It is possible to stay a stone's throw from the suggestive Scala dei Turchi, taking advantage of an "all inclusive" package suitable for families, couples, organized groups. Here are the suggested structures: Hotels and b & b from € 55,00 per room -

What to do and see in the surrounding area

  • Valley of the Temples in Agrigento: it can also be visited in the evening, it is just 16 minutes by car (12 km) from the Scala dei Turchi. Tour of the Valley of the Temples and Garden of Kolymbethra from € 50,00, entrance ticket only with audio guide from € 21,00
  • The birthplace of Luigi Pirandello: just 8 km away (15 minutes), full entrance ticket € 4,00, reduced € 2,00. The guided tour lasts about an hour (more information on the official website)

Curiosity: History and origins of the name

La Scala dei Turchi owes its name to the raids of Saracen pirates, also referred to as "Turks" (an epithet not at all related to today's Turkey, but rather to the Arab origins of the pirates), who used to land in this area considered a safe harbor and plunder the neighboring centers.

Useful Tips

  • Children and the elderly: it is quite difficult to reach, therefore we do not recommend visiting very young children, the elderly and heart patients. Going up and down the cliff can be dangerous due to the strong slipperiness of some points.
  • What to bring: in addition to the swimsuit, non-slip beach shoes are recommended (especially for those who intend to arrive from Lido Rossello). Given the impossibility of planting umbrellas, don't forget sunscreen and a hat.
  • Prohibitions and fines: despite the safety measures, the beach before the cliff continues to be subject to collapses, therefore it may happen that it is closed on some days. There are fines of € 50,00 for anyone who tries to cross the barrier. Finally, even those who damage the marl sedimentation risk being sanctioned (€ 150,00 for those who try to plant umbrellas in the rock, up to € 500,00 for those who remove pieces of rock to take them away as a souvenir).
  • Access for animals: there are no prohibitions for dogs, therefore the beach is also accessible to 4-legged friends.
  • Visit time: it is advisable to dedicate a couple of hours; it's not the kind of beach to spend a whole day at the beach. If you want to spend the whole day, it is better to stay at the beaches (Majata / Rossello).

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