Sargasso Sea: What is it and where is it?

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"Four pirates in the Sargasso Sea
on a raft made of stones
they go rowing, they say,
looking for a great treasure ... "La rhyme about the 4 pirates everyone knows it, young and old. However, little else is known about this particular and mysterious portion of the ocean. Where is the Sargasso Sea? What makes it fascinating and what are its characteristics? To find an answer to these questions, you just have to continue reading ...


  1. Where is it? Here is the map!
  2. Sargassum seaweed: that's why it's called the Sargassian Sea!
  3. Where the Eels reproduce ...
  4. A mysterious reputation ...
  5. User questions and comments

Where is it? Here is the map!

The Sargasso Sea is located in theAtlantic Ocean off Florida, precisely in the area between Antilles and the Azores, and intersects in the south-west with the famous "Triangle of Bermuda". Certainly it is not a tourist resort given the considerable distance from the mainland, however this is certainly an area of ​​indisputable charm. The sea was sailed by travelers and expert sailors of the caliber of Jules Verne e Christopher Columbus; to the latter we owe its discovery.

Sargassum seaweed: that's why it's called the Sargassian Sea!

When Columbus found himself in the Sargasso area, he was literally amazed by the presence of huge ones algae agglomerates, which looked like a vast prairie in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These details seaweed belong to the genus Sargassum.
From them derives the name of this exceptional marine area.

Where the Eels reproduce ...

But seaweed isn't the only thing that makes the Sargasso Sea special. It constitutes in fact the natural love nest of Eels. These catadromous fish usually travel hundreds of kilometers to reach the area off Florida and here reproduce before dying. The larvae are then carried into the ocean by currents until they reach European fresh waters and the Po Delta.

Here is a video showing thousands of newly hatched eel larvae:

A mysterious reputation ...

Its proximity to the Bermuda Triangle makes the area absolutely fantastic as well mysterious. Throughout history they have been recorded very strange disappearances ed disturbing kidnappings. These arcana, after years, still remain unsolved.

The story of the French cargo ship "Rosalie" is famous. It disappeared in 1838 and was found after two years off the Cuban coast, unmanned. The hull was perfectly intact, the goods properly in place as well as the lifeboats, no signs of a pirate attack were found. A similar fate happened to the "Mary Celeste", which disappeared in 1872 and was found between the Portuguese coasts and the Azores islands.

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