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A quick trip to Sardinia on the occasion of the Every Santo bridge.

1 day

Thursday? 31/10/2019
I wake up as always thinking about things to do at work, the morning demo and the cases to be closed but immediately a flash appears in my thoughts? today we leave! Three days of motorbike in Sardinia!
The day goes by quietly but after lunch I start to shiver. I leave the office in the middle? afternoon and I run home to prepare the bags to be mounted on the bike why? this will be a test trip to load luggage in view of Tunisia on New Year's Eve.
I am wrong with the loading times and I do not consider the city traffic and I arrive half an hour late for the appointment with Matteo, the boy who will accompany me? on this tour.
We get on the motorbikes and proceed calmly towards Genoa having a large margin before the departure of the ship; do we plan to arrive at the port by 19.00 pm considering that the ship will sail? for 20.30.
In our plans had we not considered for? the absence of the Morandi bridge so a detour on the highway takes us to Bolzaneto and l? we remain stuck in the queue for at least an hour.
We arrive at the port at 20.15 pm, time to complete the boarding procedures and we hear the ship door close behind us. The odometer on the ship reads 108.350 km.

2 day

Friday? 01/11/2019
The journey by ship goes smoothly and at 9.00 we disembark in Porto Torres; to welcome us we find a rainbow that warms our hearts after the rain the night before and we hope there is a good omen for the following days.
It takes us a few minutes to orient ourselves but then we proceed quickly towards Stintino; at the beach of La Pelosa we find a warm sun and transparent water awaiting us, here summer does not seem over yet.
We resume the road to the south looking for secondary streets that lead us to Alghero where the historic center of the city? is revealed of unexpected beauty and? a regret not having time to explore its internal alleys.
Leaving the fortified walls on the seashore behind, we take the panoramic coastal road towards Bosa; the stretch of road brushed along the coast? fantastic, gentle curves follow one another in harmony with the profile of the mountain and the well-kept asphalt leads us to crawl with the most? times.
Once in Bosa Marina we reach the clouds bringing downpours but luckily? lunch time and we take the opportunity to pass them calmly and dry.
Goal of the afternoon? cross the island longitudinally, so? we set off towards Nuoro and after being stopped by the crossing of a flock of sheep we turn south towards Ottana and from there. towards Tortol ?.
The landscape becomes hilly but the asphalt and the road design continue to be perfect!
In Tortol? Maurizio, owner of the B&B? Il Vicoletto? awaits us, a small pearl enclosed in a chaotic urbanization.
Fish-based dinner concluded with myrtle and cigarillo.

3 day

Saturday 02 / 11 / 2019
We leave calmly with the idea of ​​reaching Olbia in the afternoon and then visiting the Golfo degli Aranci.
We pass the Gennargentu natural park leaving behind Santa Maria Navarrese, Urzulei, Orosei and reaching Santa Lucia for lunch time.
The landscape ? again changed with mountains of sand-colored rock dotted with green patches.
We continue on the road towards Olbia but along the way it starts to rain again so we decide to reach the apartment we had rented and give up the tour of the Golfo degli Aranci.
In the evening it stops raining so we can at least take a walk in the city.

4 day

Sunday 03 / 11 / 2019
The weather forecast gives consistent rains starting at 13.00 so we decide to leave early to go to Palau and from there? embark for the island of La Maddalena.
We arrive just in time for boarding at 8.30 and we are pleasantly surprised by the cost of the ticket, 38 euros for two (round trip, counting the bikes), very different from the 50 euros each that we had budgeted on the internet.
We just have to give ourselves a breakfast at the port of the village of La Maddalena before approaching the tour of the island. Once again landscapes, asphalt and road lines kidnap us in a perfect fit.
A strip of asphalt then joins the island of La Maddalena with the island of Caprera, the last home of Garibaldi, so we take the opportunity to visit what was once his home and the memorial dedicated to him.
Pleasantly we discover that the first Sunday of the month? free so we let us accompany us to what was his home and admire the landscapes he enjoyed from the windows up to his tomb in rough granite, perhaps the most? suitable to represent the life of this man, strange, globetrotter, at times ambiguous, perhaps mad, never really deployed except in the struggle in favor of the oppressed and of the Unity from Italy.
The visit to the Arbuticci Memorial where four multimedia rooms told us about the life of the famous leader was beautiful.
We take the ferry back to the mainland, if so? can you? call an island, and on the ship we are surprised again by the rain that will accompany us? until evening.
Let's try to follow the path we had traced to skirt the north coast of Sardinia but the water? incessant and the wind too strong, so as to make the rain move horizontally and strain us with drops, preventing us from visibility.
We then cross the coastal mountains and continue in their shelter up to Tempio Pausania and from there? we try to reach the sea through beautiful side streets.
Before arriving in Castelsardo a pachyderm seems to want to cut the road but nothing else? than a rock formed like an elephant by the rain and strong winds of the area.
Through a very long coastal pine forest we reach Porto Torres well in advance before boarding and we just have to wait under some makeshift shelter.
Before getting on the ship they inform us that the Libeccio wind that has been blowing all day is carrying with it? waves 7 meters high so the departure? postponed until tomorrow: conclusion a bit? bitter for these three days which, although wet, were beautiful and fun also thanks to the pleasant coincidences and the chance that made us take the right paths; modern technology for? it must not make us forget that with nature we do not mess around and therefore we remain in port waiting for more waters? calm.
Unfortunately Matteo is contacted by his boss for an urgent commitment the following day so why? forced to disembark from the ship and reach the Olbia airport by motorbike from which he will arrive? in Milan the next morning.
Instead, I wait on the ship and reach? the port of Genoa around 18.00 pm on Monday; at least they offered us breakfast and lunch and so on? I avoided getting on with kinder brioche.
The arrival at night did not make the return to Turin easy but can I say that? it was a good experience, the bike yes? behaved well and the solution of the side cases without rear top box worked great, so ready for a trip more? lasting.
Final kilometers on arrival at the box 109.342, therefore about 1.150 km covered in five days, also considering the outward stretch from Turin to Genoa.

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