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  • Story of the Santa Monica Molo
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Story of the Santa Monica Molo

The story of the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles begins in 1909: for hygienic-sanitary reasons, the construction of a system for the disposal of organic sewage in the area proved to be urgent. It was decided to integrate this structure into a pier almost 500 meters long, to deliver the treated sewage in the waters of the Pacific, but the project it stopped in the 20s, leaving only the majestic structure of the pier to the city.

Today, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the attractions of the coast of Los Angeles, the center of nightlife and shopping, meeting point and a place full of attractions for locals and visitors.

Its fame precedes its current role as a commercial and recreational nerve center: it is in fact the first masonry pier of the entire West Coast and for the time it was the most innovative work, globally, from a technological point of view. By the 30s it had become the most important pier in California and was used for mooring yachts and sport fishing boats, attracting the world's jet set.

Il Lifeguard Service of Santa Monica established its headquarters on the Pier as early as 1934: right here, in his laboratory at the end of the Pier, the heroic lifeguard Pete Peterson designed the famous red lifebuoy that still today, in a modern version, we see in "Baywatch".

Over time it was the subject of restorations, restyling and expansions and became the place of very popular sporting and social events, from beauty contests to sports competitions, especially surfing, coming to host a ballroom. Olaf C. Olsen, one of the sailors who established his headquarters on the Pier, was the "model" to create Arm wrestling.

In the 60s was the meeting point of local artists and activists, to then go through a phase of crisis, from which he has now fully recovered.

Today, the Santa Monica Pier is at the same time a place-symbol in the city panorama, an immense playground, a public square and a belvedere unmatched in the Pacific Ocean.

Where to eat

I restaurants 7 del molo are well organized to offer a full range of menus to suit all tastes:

  • Soda Jerks: the paradise of smoothies, ice cream and milkshakes by the ocean.
  • Ristorante al Mare: Spanish cuisine that offers a very varied menu, from pizza to pasta, from parmesan to homemade soups, from tortellini to ribs ...
  • Bubba Gump Shrimps Co.: Hollywood cuisine "Bubba Gump Gamberi" leaves the screen and becomes a seafood restaurant on the Pier. The specialty? You can guess right away ...
  • Pier Burger: an American fast food with a wide choice of sandwiches for all tastes.
  • Mariasol: Mexican cuisine, very popular in the area, is located right at the western end of the Pier, overlooking the ocean.
  • The Albright: a cuisine that focuses on superfine fish dishes, but which offers excellent alternatives with inviting and very fresh side dishes.
  • Rusty’s Surf Ranch: traditional American dishes are served here, accompanied by live music complete with a dance floor to let loose.
  • Pac Park Food: it is not a restaurant, but it is ideal for those in a hurry! The park offers quick, sweet and savory snacks in the various stands inside.

To see

Pacific Park

The most famous Luna Park in Santa Monica offers everything you can expect from a large amusement park: entertainment for everyone, games, tours and activities, extraordinary night openings on the occasion of the main holidays and many truly unique attractions in the world, such as the minigolf on the water or the solar powered Ferris wheel, ideal for fun and for taking photos of California and the Pacific from above.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot or booked online at a discount and you can choose between the ticket for the individual attractions or the ticket for the entire park.


The fascinating aquarium of Santa Monica, on the Pier, is home to more than 100 marine species, including plants and animals. Its motto is "Heal the Bay", that is "Heal the Bay": The aquarium is in fact actively engaged in the protection of marine flora and fauna also through workshops for young people, voluntary service and" acquadozioni "to save small marine friends.

On the official website it is also possible to have all the updated information on the events that the aquarium organizes throughout the year.

Trapeze School of New York

A real trapeze lesson, lasting 2 hours, suitable for everyone, but really for everyone, with no preparation limits. Perfect for the reckless as well as the lazy and out-of-shape visitors.

Ocean Front Walk

The Ocean Front Walk is a beautiful wooden terrace overlooking the Pacific at the far end of the Pier. It is a point
breathtaking panoramic view, ideal for a stopover and to take magnificent souvenir photos.


The historic Carosello del Pier is certainly an “old” attraction, but still full of charm.


One of the most original arcades in the city. As the name implies, here are video games for arcade fans. Pacman awaits you and not only him ...

Hours and days of opening

Although the Pier is always open, it is advisable to check the opening hours of the individual shops to find out if they are open and if there are any special openings / closings during the year.

How to reach us

How to reach it by public transport

Metro Expo Line: This is a very popular rail link as it connects downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica (where it makes 3 stops at strategic points) in less than 50 minutes.

The Metro Expo Line also has connecting rides to Pasadena, San Fernando Valley, South Beach and Long Beach (including all intermediate stops).

Big Blue Bus: the rides depart from the terminus of LAX City Bus Center and for the modest sum of 1,25 dollars each way you can not only reach Santa Monica and the Pier, but take advantage of the numerous intermediate stops to visit the neighborhood and the surroundings well.

Santa Monica Free Ride: this is a free service organized with a network of golf cart-style taxis, but much more spacious and equipped with large luggage racks. The rides are free because they are sponsored by big brands.

How to reach it by car

To get to Santa Monica beach, where the Pier is located, the witty local signs tell you to always go west, until you end up in the ocean.

Freeway 10: ends a few blocks east of the Pier. Running west, exit at 4th and 5th Street, follow 4th Street and turn left onto Colorado Avenue, which leads straight to the Pier.

Pacific coast highway: Running south, you can exit at Palisades Beach Road and walk along the beach until you reach the parking areas, or you can exit at Moomat Ahiko Way and park at the nearest beach.

Highway 1/Lincoln Blvd/Pacific Coast Highway: Running north, turn left on Pico then merge onto Ocean Avenue turning right, then turn left again towards the Pier.

Where to park

For those arriving from Highway 1 / Lincoln Blvd / Pacific Coast Highway, the beach level car park is reached by turning left onto Moomat Ahiko Way.

For those arriving from other roads, keep left on the exit ramp of the Moomat Ahiko Way, drive underneath the Pier, turn left on Ocean avenue and then left again towards the Pier at Colorado / Santa Monica Pier.

Parking lots have an average cost of around $ 12 per day.

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