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    San Francisco climate: when to go? Weather, temperatures and best time

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    When to go to San Francisco to enjoy the city at its best? Such a question undoubtedly deserves a precise answer, but the first one that comes to mind "in the gut" is: ALWAYS! Yes, for me San Francisco is one of those American cities that would be worth seeing in any weather; in addition, Frisco is fortunate to be in a geographical position that does not have periods particularly prohibitive for the visit, as long as you organize yourself adequately.

    If your visit to San Francisco is planned for the summer, don't take it lightly (as many do ...): my experience suggests the maximum versatility in the choice of clothing. I was in San Francisco in September (one of the most suitable months for the visit, as we shall see) and I was forced to constantly take off and put on my sweatshirt and anorak.

    If you could stay short-sleeved in downtown neighborhoods as soon as you approached the Golden Gate Bridge or if you went up hills (for example, San Francisco's Coit Tower, atop Telegraph Hill), you should immediately put on your jacket. wind ... not to mention the neighborhoods directly overlooking the ocean, frequently swept by the sea breeze.

    That said, I want to give you some more specific information on temperature and on climate di San Francisco: before organizing the trip it is good to know what temperatures await you, so as not to risk being caught unprepared. In addition, when organizing an on the road it must be taken into account that the climate in California is very variable, which is why temperatures can change rapidly at short distances.


    • The weather in San Francisco
    • Can you take a bath?
    • Surroundings of San Francisco
    • When to go?

    The weather in San Francisco

    The climate of San Francisco is ideal both for those who can't stand the scorching heat, and for those who suffer from too bitter cold: it can be defined as a climate tempered, with long cool summers and mild winters.

    • The months from June to October are all to be considered summer: during this period there are few really hot days, and they are distributed mainly in the months from August to October, in particular in September. Temperatures are largely mitigated by ocean currents and the fog lingers over the bay practically constant throughout the morning. Throughout the year, temperatures maximum averages (23 °) are found in September, but also in October and August the weather is acceptable and you can go around some neighborhoods with short sleeves (but don't forget to put a sweatshirt in your backpack…). During the summer months, the minime they stand in a range between 10 and 12 ° on average, while the rains they are mainly concentrated between September and October, for a maximum of 2-3 days a month.
    • The climate of San Francisco is mild even in the months Winter, which look more like a prolonged autumn: le minime they hardly ever drop below freezing during the day and at maximum they are between 12 and 15 °. It is by no means excluded that in February or March, during the hottest hours of the day, you can take off your sweatshirt and stay in short sleeves, even if - when preparing your suitcase - it is obviously necessary to equip yourself with clothing suitable for cold and windy temperatures typical of the area, which in this period are those to be expected. It's cold at night, and it's possible for temperatures to drop below freezing. There Fog City (City of Fog), as San Francisco is called, gives some respite in the winter months, so it's not uncommon to see the Golden Gate Bridge sparkle in the sun. The rains they are decidedly more frequent in winter, especially from December to February, during which you should expect 8 to 10 days of rain per month.
    • During the spring months, the climate it is pleasant, even if a bit capricious: le rains thin out, the temperature they gradually rise up to 8-10 ° (min) and 17-19 ° (max). Sunny days are frequent, but temperatures drop quickly in the afternoon hours and if you don't get dressed in layers or, as they say, "onion", the risk of colds is around the corner. The nights can still be quite cold.

    Can you take a bath?

    La water temperature in the San Francisco Bay it swings between 12 and 14 ° throughout the year: are you so sure you want to test your physique in the icy waters of the ocean? The cold sands of Ocean Beach are often a beautiful, unspoiled landscape - odd to say for a city beach in California!

    Surroundings of San Francisco

    Excursions from San Francisco are very frequent on West Coast tours: in this case it is good to pay attention to sudden changes in temperature. Moving east (Yosemite), south (San Jose) and north (Napa Valley), temperatures can change rapidly depending on the season.

    When to go?

    Taking into account all the advice and recommendations that I have given you regarding the wettest periods and sudden changes in climate over the course of 24 hours, we can say that the best time to visit San Francisco is from May to September.

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