San Diego Pass: which card to choose to visit the city?

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Among the most beautiful and full of attractions in California there is San Diego, the city that touches the border with Mexico. Full of charm and famous for its nightlife and its beaches, it also deserves to be visited for its Old Town, the magnificent Balboa Park and theme parks such as Legoland and SeaWorld.

But if we arrive in the city disorganized, and we feel that vertigo typical of someone who wants to see everything and does not know where to start, what can we do? There is a San Diego Pass who helps us in the enterprise of making the spirit of San Diego our own, without perhaps spending a fortune on admission tickets, means of transport and miscellaneous expenses? This article will offer you three, you just have to choose the one that suits you best!


  • San Diego All-Inclusive Pass
    • I bonus: SeaWorld e Bus Hop-on Hop-off
    • Prices
    • How to buy it
  • Build Your Own San Diego Pass
  • Go California Explorer Pass: The best attractions in San Diego and all of California

San Diego All-Inclusive Pass

As in all major American cities, here too we find the Go san diego card, flexible and intelligent method that comes to the aid of those who never know which attractions to visit. The San Diego All-Inclusive Pass is a variable duration pass, which will allow you access to approx 40 attractions (+ 1 bonus between SeaWorld and hop on hop off bus) of the city that you can check in detail on the official website.

You can choose from museums, amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, mini-cruises, organized tours and much more. You will also choose the duration of the pass, depending on your period of stay in the city: you can buy the card valid for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 days: you can visit all the attractions included in the offer, without daily limitations.

If you haven't understood how this pass works, let's take an example to clarify: if you decide to buy the 3 day pass, and you will visit the first attraction on Monday, you can use your pass without limits for another two consecutive days, that is until Wednesday. Activation coincides with your first visit. But beware of the only real limitation of this offer: the day pass is valid from 9 to 17.30, so it is good to wake up early and organize your day in the best possible way, to make the most of the offer.

I bonus: SeaWorld e Bus Hop-on Hop-off

You may have noticed that one of San Diego's spearheads is missing: Seaworld! Yes, because this attraction deserves a separate discussion. The expensive ticket to this popular water attraction is only included in the passes for 3, 5 and 7 days. On the other hand, you can enter the park for all days of validity of the pass. This possibility is excellent, because the pass does not automatically guarantee entry to the same attraction for several days, except in rare cases, like this one.

If you are not interested in visiting Seaworld, you can use the bonus in another way, which is as a ticket for the tour on the Hop-on Hop-off Trolley. The tourist bus that allows you to get on and off at will is a good way to move quickly between the many attractions of the city.


The first column is dedicated to adults and the second to children (3-12 years). We remind you that prices are subject to change and always check on the official website.

  • 1 day $ 96 $ 89
  • 2 days $ 149 $ 129
  • 3 days $ 239 $ 214
  • 5 days $ 309 $ 269
  • 7 days $ 359 $ 319

The price includes a set of discounts for shops and restaurants, and a city guide with all the necessary info. You can receive the ticket by e-mail or physically by post. The savings are high: if the pass is used to its full potential, it can get you to save up to 50% on the total price of the attractions. Usually the most purchased Go San Diego Card is the 5 day one.

How to buy it

You can buy the pass directly on the official website by clicking on the link below:

Purchase the San Diego All-Inclusive Pass

Build Your Own San Diego Pass

This pass allows you to save less than the previous one, but perhaps more flexibility. We talk about 20% if you choose to include at least two attractions among a list of 43 (which you can view here). Depending on which and how many attractions you choose, the price, and therefore the savings, will change significantly.

Opting for this choice requires a thorough study of San Diego attractions and more planning of your itinerary. On the other hand, it will allow you to go and save where you need it most avoiding unnecessary waste. That's why I recommend you read our article on what to see in San Diego before making your choice.

You can build and buy the pass directly on Official site.

Go California Explorer Pass: The best attractions in San Diego and all of California

If, as is likely, your California trip isn't limited to San Diego, this pass may be for you. Do you plan to visit more than one theme park, such as SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios Los Angeles, or one of the San Francisco Bay attractions? Consider this cumulative pass, which may allow you to save up to 34% on tickets if your California tour goes beyond the gates of many parks.

there two types of passes: for 4 or 5 parks, to be chosen from the following list.

San Diego County:

  • SeaWorld (multi-day pass)
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Zoo Safari (1 day pass)
  • Belmont Park (combo access)
  • Legoland (2 day Hopper Resort)

Orange County:

  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Knott’s Soak City

Los Angeles County:

  • Universal Studios Hollywood (with one premium attraction)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountains
  • Big Bus Los Angeles Hop-on Hop-off standard one day ticket
  • Warner Bros. Studios Tour

San Francisco Bay:

  • California's Great America
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The price is €262,42 for the 4-entry pass and €308,62 for the one with 5 inputs. In both cases, the pass lasts 30 days starting from the first entrance.

Purchase the Go California Explorer Pass


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