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This one-day itinerary is part of an on the road trip departing from Lugano in Switzerland, which led us to visit Lubljiana and Lake Bled in Slovenia, Innsbruck and precisely Salzburg in Austria.

1 day

It is 8 in the morning and we leave the magical Bled lake behind us heading towards Austria; our next stop will be? Salzburg, famous city? Mozart's birth.

ATTENTION: although we had planned to pay the motorway vignette here for 8 days (8,20?), We had to pay two more tolls!

The first concerns the tunnel that enters Austria from Slovenia, 7,40? ? the second toll I honestly don't know yet what it meant: after about an hour of travel, still far from Salzburg, we paid 11,50? at a toll booth.

Nothing serious, but always better to know :)

Not much time passes and we find ourselves in Salzburg, ready to spend our day in the streets of this famous city.
Having our little dog Romeo we opted for a "do it yourself tour" characterized by walks, in search of the most beautiful corners. characteristic. For obvious reasons we have given up on museums (about which I am going to give you some advice anyway) and we have granted ourselves a panorama from above that I will soon tell you about.

Map in hand, our itinerary follows the stages of a paper map of the city:

Impossible not to notice the? Fortress of Hohensalzburg, which, located 120 meters high, surrounds and dominates this city ?. Getting there ? very simple, just take the funicular or venture into a scenic route on foot, in this case comfortable shoes and a good workout will help you overcome very steep passages.

Inside the fortress an audio guide will accompany you? for about 40 minutes, during which the views of the Austrian Alps and the interiors of this structure will capture the attention of your cameras!

Continuing in the center we admire the great Duomo, with the square that joins the area of ​​the famous markets which, at Christmas, reach their maximum charm.
Here we are at? Residenz Platz and we take the opportunity to buy some souvenirs and tease something typical.

In addition to the market pi? big city, here c '? also the famous Residenz, the seat of the archbishops-princes, consisting of several rooms furnished and frescoed with techniques of the time. For us just a visit to the outside, but if you don't have furry dogs in tow, drop by and tell me your experience!

We continue walking along the historic center and opt for a typical street food lunch of the place where w? Rstel, sauerkraut and pretzel are the protagonists.

One bite after the other, we enter the famous? Getreidegasse, a well-preserved historic street, adorned with cute wrought iron signs, a sign that despite the times change traditions remain and even the famous Mc Donald has had to adapt.

This area ? perhaps the pi? famous for hosting the house where Mozart was born in 1756; obviously everything? visitable even if, reading some reviews, it seems that the visit is a bit disappointing.

Not being able to visit the Salzburg museum, we head towards the Mirabell garden which is absolutely worth the visit for the care of the plants and flowers, the creativity and the creativity of the garden of the gnomes, the story of the Pegasus fountain and the peace that reigns in the midst of nature.

I show you some photos! The day was gloomy, yet this place stole my heart. The surprising thing? that from an exact point of the garden you can admire the glimpse that encloses the garden precisely, the cathedral and above the famous? fortress of Hohensalzburg. Salzburg: here it is.

Earlier I told you that we would see a panorama from above, do you remember?

This is the panoramic lift, which offers a magnificent view of the city? Austrian.

The ticket costs 3,60 euros and four-legged friends can enter!

For dinner I recommend DREI HASEN, a famous inn in the city, where you can taste local food and a real craft beer.

For vegetarians like me, baked potatoes with butter, soups, veggies, omelettes are some of the veggy choices this place offers, isn't it? a lot but worth it for the beer and the location!

Some advice:

- Get ready to walk, Salzburg is called a small favor, but perhaps the term small does not suit it properly, since there are many things to see and the distances are not always short.

- Taste "Mozart's balls"? And don't worry, they are delicious chocolate balls!

- If your dog gets tired as quickly as mine, remember your bag or carrier ... the day? long!

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