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    Runyon Canyon: how to see Los Angeles from above surrounded by nature

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    Did you know that Los Angeles can be seen from above doing a short trek? A stone's throw from the city opens the Runyon Canyon Park, a naturalistic area very popular with locals for day trips, being easy to reach and perfect for escaping a few hours from the chaos of the city. Also, if you envy the Hollywood villas a little, what's better than looking down on them?


    • How to reach us
    • How to visit Runyon Canyon Park
      • Access times and conditions
      • Paths and viewpoints
      • Four recommended rings
    • Interactive map of the park
    • Where to sleep nearby

    How to reach us

    Il Runyon Canyon Park is located near Los Angeles, just 15 minutes by car from the city center. Depending on the area of ​​the city from which you will leave, you will travel along different roads, but you just need to enter one of the three park entrances on the navigator to easily reach your destination.

    This little park has indeed three access doors: one at the north end and two facing the south side. If you have enough time to walk around the park, you can indifferently choose one of the three entrances, but if your time is limited then it is good to decide which side of the park to give priority to and go to the right entrance.

    • Mulholland Entrance: is the entrance at the north end, located at the intersection of Mulholland Dr and Pyramid Pl. It is the ideal access to access the East Trail and to reach the viewpoint that branches off from the northern section of the West Trail. The paved road that crosses the central part of the park and arrives at Vista Entrance also starts from here (it cannot be used by private vehicles).
    • Entrance view: it is the southwest entrance, located at the intersection of N Vista St and Runyon Canyon Rd. Start here if you intend to travel the entire West Trail, but also if you intend to do a loop of the park.
    • Fuller Entrance: This is the southeast entrance, located at the end of N Fuller Ave. Use this access if you are short on time and want to go directly to Inspiration Point.

    How to visit Runyon Canyon Park

    Runyon Canyon Park is a park of 65 hectares, therefore very small compared to the standards of the large American parks that we are used to driving around. Here you can enter only on foot and you can walk on different paths, almost all of them very simple and also suitable for those who are not used to hiking. The park has a narrow and elongated shape from north to south, because it is made up of the canyon that gives it its name and the two mountain ridges that run along its sides.

    The main reason why this park is worth visiting is that sits high above the city of Los Angeles and therefore offers excellent panoramic views over the city of angels. But being a stone's throw from Hollywood, it's not uncommon to find some celebrities taking a walk in the park behind their house, so those looking for well-known faces might have some great surprises.

    Access times and conditions

    The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset e access is free. However, some trails may be closed at certain times of the year. For safety, always check the information section on the official website.

    Paths and viewpoints

    Inspiration Point

    At the center of the park it winds an asphalted road (mainly used for fires and emergencies), which connects the two entrances of Mulholl (to the north) and Vista (to the southwest). Along the entire west side of the park is spread of West Trail, a path that starts at Mulholl Entrance and connects to the paved road not far from Vista Entrance. On the eastern side of the park, however, we have theEast Trail which starts from the center of the park (about halfway up the paved road) and develops in the south-east area until it reaches Fuller Entrance and, with a small branch, also Vista Entrance.

    The West Trail offers some scenic spots, especially the one where the Runyon Canyon Flag, about halfway along the route, and that of the Indian Rock Peak located in the northern part, reachable via a short detour. Being on the western side, these are ideal vantage points for sunsets. On the East Trail instead we find the Cloud Rest and the Inspiration Point. Both are vantage points from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Los Angeles.

    Four recommended rings

    If you don't have time problems, you can enter the park and tour it at your leisure, but if your schedule is tight, the stop at Runyon Canyon Park could be a hit and run. For this we suggest four possible itineraries of different lengths within the park.

    • Northern zone loop (1,3km). This ring is ideal for a hit and run: it will allow you to reach a panoramic point with a very short walk, without taking a long time.
      Starting from Mulholland Entrance, take the West Trail (entering you will find the entrance on your right) and follow it for approximately 250 meters until you reach an intersection. Turn right to arrive at Indian Rock Peak. Go back to the intersection and turn right to resume the West Trail, following it to the next intersection. Here turn left: in this way you will reach the asphalted road and taking it to the left you will close the ring returning to the starting point.
    • Anello zona sud (3km). This loop is not demanding and at the same time allows you to reach two of the most beautiful viewpoints in the park. If you have no way of doing a longer circuit, but enough to walk 3km, this is the best choice.
      Entering the park from Fuller Entrance, follow the path that winds in front of you, which at some point will turn right and in about 700 meters will lead you to the Inspiration Point. From here take the East Trail to get to the Cloud Rest. Continue and, once you reach the paved road, turn left to return to the starting point and close the ring. Just before arriving at Vista Entrance, you will need to turn left onto the path which will take you back to Fuller Entrance.
    • Wide south zone loop (4,2km). This ring runs along both crests and therefore allows you to enjoy the views of the previous one, but also adds the whole western area of ​​the park.
      Follow the directions of the previous ring up to the Cloud Rest. Once you reach the paved road, turn right to continue north. At the junction with the West Trail, turn left and travel the entire ridge. When the trail ends on the paved road, turn right and then left onto the next trail to be able to return to Fuller Entrance.
    • Complete loop of the park (5,3km). For those not in a hurry, this is the ideal route, which allows you to explore the park in its entirety.
      Follow the previous ring signs to the intersection with the West Trail. Here, turn right to continue north and you will arrive at Mulholland Entrance. At this point, keep left to start heading back south. Take the small detour to the viewpoint, then travel the entire West Trail to the paved road near Vista Entrance and return to Fuller Entrance as described above.

    Interactive map of the park


    Where to sleep nearby

    Los Angeles is one of the largest American cities and offers numerous accommodation options. In our article on where to sleep in Los Angeles, we give you some tips for choose the best place to spend the night. Tip: If you want to have Runyon Canyon Park within walking distance, look specifically in the West Hollywood area.

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