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    Roswell New Mexico: we visit the city famous for the 1947 UFO crash

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    "Greetings from Roswell”This is the message stamped on the postcard we just purchased. We are in south-central New Mexico ready to gather all possible information to answer the question: why has a seemingly normal and little-known town like this one attracted international attention and become world famous?

    Apparently someone found it really interesting, but that "someone", who came from afar and with their own means, was not a group of tourists like many others; more than visitors, they were "visitors". For a whole series of vicissitudes from that moment an aura of mystery has been created that has brought Roswell to be a destination for interested tourism or simply for curiosity. His name is also known outside the national borders, to some it makes you shiver and to someone it makes you smile.


    • History of the Roswell Incident
    • "Alien" themed attractions and events
      • Is it possible to visit the accident site?
    • Roswell's other attractions
    • Where sleeping in Roswell
    • How to reach Roswell

    History of the Roswell Incident

    In the night between 2 and 3 July 1947 in a desert area about fifty kilometers from the town, in an area not too far from the town of Corona, an unidentified flying object crashed to the ground. It was discovered four days later and made known within the next twenty-four hours via a press release from Roswell Air Base stating that it was a "flying saucer", An important statement shortly thereafter categorically denied by an official intervention which instead confirmed the fall of a sounding balloon on board which mannequins had also been loaded

    It is not surprising that the ambiguous management of the incident has aroused restlessness and suspicions on the population. In fact, that second statement from the base did not produce the effect of turning off the spotlight on the incident but fueled even more the general belief and of the UFO enthusiasts that the government had something sensational, really great to hide. Since then, nothing else has been talked about in Roswell and life has never been the same. And yes, because how can you not work in fantasy with such an event, especially when there are witnesses supporting the version of the first air base communiqué?

    Farmer Mac Brazel, on whose ranch the fall and explosion had occurred, could not understand what the fragments found might belong to and then had heard of bodies found in an area beyond his property. He decided to contact the sheriff who in turn took the remains of the unidentified aircraft to the military base for analysis. The judgment was that they could not belong to a missile or other type of aircraft but that they could be parts of a spaceship.

    Many still ask themselves: why was it all denied? Where is the truth? And because the discovery of alien bodies transferred in complete secrecy in the now famous is denied Nevada Area 51? It must also be said that the ufologists had noticed other strange activities of flying objects in the days preceding the event and subsequently fought, to the sound of books and inquiries, for what they believed was the truth about the Roswell affair.

    The case has been reopened several times over the years but what is most disturbing is the testimony of Walter Haut, the one who had issued the first press release from the military base in Roswell. The text, made public after his death, affirms that the first communiqué was completely true, and goes on to tell how the lieutenant was obliged not to reveal any information on the fact and to deny that he was a witness; practically the same thing that happened to an airbase policeman, forced into strict confidentiality with the threat of hitting his family otherwise.

    After having hypothesized secret projects, programs to monitor the activities of theSoviet Union and, on the other hand, Russia's spying on the US has not yet shed any light on what happened and perhaps the truth will never come to light. At this point probably the people of Roswell they are happy that the mystery remains so and that the spotlights never go out. So let's go into the town where typically western human-sized sculptures go hand in hand with the constant presence of green beings, flying saucers sprouting on street corners, aliens drawn on vehicles, found in parking lots, on signs, in lampposts, on shop windows or in front of doors, but also in restaurants as if to remind us that we might happen to find one of them as a dinner guest.

    "Alien" themed attractions and events

    The long main street where shops, restaurants and hotels are located is the Main Street. Here, too, we cannot ignore aliens: signs, souvenirs and images remind us of this. We are faced with signs such as: Alien Zone, Outlaw Alien Bike Shop, Galaxy Entertainment and there is even a McDonald’s Flying Disc. The comments of visitors are the most diverse: there are those who appreciate the UFO style and those who remain indifferent and are only here to take note of the extravagance. Whatever you think, in Roswell they just managed to create a great business.

    But the icing on the cake is theInternational UFO Museum & Research Center (114 N Main St). Inside the feeling is serious but not too much, in the sense that the facts are well highlighted with remains, photos and reports of the time, but there are also corners where the fact is considered sympathetically. The aliens are represented according to the version of who would have seen them before their transfer to Area 51. Ufologists or simply those interested in the accident will find it interesting. The museum is open daily from 9am to 17pm. Admission costs $ 5 for adults, $ 3 for over 65s and $ 2 for 5 to 15 year olds.   

    Roswell could not miss theUfo Festival which takes place on the 4th of July weekend (I-285 & 4th St.). The theme, as the name suggests, is very clear. The thousands of people who converge in the area ofspecial event they show all their imagination to pay homage to the aliens and during this day's typical parade, “friends who have come from afar” parade. The days are full of activities, live entertainment, games, parades and costume competitions for everyone, even for pets.

    Is it possible to visit the accident site?

    Unfortunately not. This is because it is said that there are three different places that are believed to be connected to the accident. The most famous one, known as Debris Field, by the way it is closer to the city of Corona than to Roswell and to reach it you have to go through a private ranch. The "impact" place where the alleged UFO landed on the ground is also on private property.

    Roswell's other attractions

    It must be said that in the city there are other valid attractions that are not related to the world of UFOs, even if extraterrestrials represent the number one topic. The Bitter Brine National Wildlife Refuge (4200 E. Pine Lodge Rd.) Is a wetland area ideal for observing migratory birds and mammals. About 19 kilometers to the south-east we report the Bottomless Lakes State Park (545 Bottomless Lakes Rd.) With green-blue waters from 5 to 27 meters deep where you can practice kayaking, canoeing, diving, swimming, fishing and having pleasant picnics.

    Il J.Kenneth Smith Bird Sanctuary (401 N. Sycamore Ave.) is home to bird species that alternate with the seasons: American robins, great blue herons, black eagles, snow geese, and white-winged doves. At the Spring-River Park & Zoo (1306 E. College Blvd.), an area of ​​nearly 14 hectares, you can meet bison, prairie dogs, lynxes, lemurs and longhorns. There is also an ancient carousel with horses, a train that goes around the park, a small lake, a play area for children and a picnic area.

    Where sleeping in Roswell

    If you want to spend a night in Roswell scanning the sky, waiting to see an unidentified flying object whiz by, you can consider a hotel among the many that the city offers by clicking on the link below.

    Search all the hotels in Roswell

    How to reach Roswell

    To reach Roswell with direct flights from Europe we recommend theDallas-Fort Worth International Airport (2400 Aviation Dr. N.) in Texas at about 7 hours, while two other closest airports (in a radius of just over 3 hours), but with another stop to be made in the States, are at St. Fe (121 Aviation Dr.) in New Mexico e a Step in Texas (6701 Convair Rd.). For the record, there is a small airport at Roswell (1 Jerry Smith Cir.).

    Whatever the truth, the "Roswell incident"(As it has been defined) is a burning fact, which poses many questions that are still unanswered today. The aura of mystery that has been created around this event is understandable and justified. Let the work of the ufologists and scientists continue and let the local community continue to skillfully keep the attention on what happened and consequently the successful collective business. Let's go and visit Roswell! If we are over there in New Mexico, let's go visit Roswell.


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