Rome, home of the seventh wonder of the world

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Italy? known and appreciated precisely why? owns one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. An honor and a responsibility. Italy and its extraordinary beauties do not go unnoticed so much so that both Italian and foreign readers want you to devote time and energy to write about it and its beautiful squares, views, monuments, its art and its open-air museums, just like enchanting Rome.

1 day

The first day for Rome I spent in the area of ​​the Colosseum and the wonderful imperial forums. Pi? that naming the Colosseum the seventh wonder of the world should give the city its name? From Rome; stroll down this street looking at the ruins? something indescribable ... After a 20-minute walk, alternating with a thousand photos, I ran to the Altare della Patria, also truly incredible for its size. I climbed to the top why? I had never done it and I wanted to see Rome from above! Once I got off I rested in the small park opposite where you can find some marble and tree benches to stay in the shade. After the stop and by now arriving at sunset I went to see the seventh wonder of the world at sunset like the other structures around. It is my favorite time of day. In the evening we took a bus and headed to the "Testaccio" neighborhood to dine in an excellent tavern recommended by one of the many guards of the Altare della Patria! One of the best places in Rome ... I was speechless and tasted the three main dishes of the capital: L'Amatriciana, Carbonara and of course Cacio Pepe. I came out rolling but? it was an epic moment for my palate. We arrived at the hostel exhausted and went to bed why? the next day another marathon for ancient Rome was waiting for us.

2 day

We woke up before dawn to face our second tour to Rome. We took the metro and headed to the Colosseum to take the whole area at dawn. A magical moment. Rome was empty ... there was just me running like a mad pigeon along the via dei Fori Imperiali intent on photographing everything with the splendid light of a newly rising sun ... all obviously with the reflex in one hand and the Go Pro on the other. Once this race was over, which also alarmed the carabinieri in front of the Altare della Patria, we headed into the Roman streets to get to Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and finally San Pietro. Most of the tourists who visit Rome arrive in the center thanks to the help of the underground: low cost, fast, comfortable and accessible at almost all times, it has all the essential characteristics that we would like from a transport. Given the main squares and San Pietro, the capital of the official Italian religion, I went by bus to the Trastevere district which I walked around before and after lunch. There are many tavernas and c '? really spoiled for choice on the place of the restaurant.
After having lunch again with a large portion of Cacio Pepe and a lot of pecorino romano, we headed to the hostel really exhausted. We were shooting from 4 in the morning and we needed to sleep and pack our bags to go back to the freezing North! What to say in conclusion ... Rome must be seen. Rome must be seen by everyone ... Italians and foreigners. At least once in your life you have to experience what it means to go around for whole days with your mouth open and your nose up?

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