Romantic Prague: useful tips for an unforgettable holiday

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La capital of the Czech Republic it is a small jewel, a city of indisputable charm, characterized by a unique Central European atmosphere. The nickname, the Paris of the East, immediately tells us something about the romantic soul of Prague, Unesco Heritage city and among the most enchanting and seductive in the world, able to keep its beauty intact over time, despite the vicissitudes that affected it in the recent past. All this has made it even more special and unique in its kind. Let's see how to reach it, what see e what to eat, where to have fun e where to sleepEtc.


  1. What to see in the city of a hundred spiers
  2. Prague by night: 4 places not to be missed for night entertainment
  3. Where to eat: Great food at affordable prices
  4. Where to sleep: the most romantic hotels in the city
  5. How to reach us
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What to see in the city of a hundred spiers

Prague has a lot to offer under the architectural, historical and cultural aspect both in its most characteristic places such as Stand Mešto (the old Town), Malá Strana (Little Quarter), the Castle and Karluv Most (the Charles Bridge) and in the slightly more peripheral areas such as the one that houses the romantic architecture of the Dancing Houses or Jewish quarter.

These places, especially in the evening, offer a magical atmosphere, a play of lights and shadows created by the street lamps and the many statues, a feeling of suspension from time that make walks in the city unforgettable. Definitely the view of the lights of Prague is also impressive which are reflected in the city's river, the Vltava.

Prague by night: 4 places not to be missed for night entertainment

Prague offers its visitors an incredible selection of events for the evening. From cocktail bars to disco pubs, there are places suitable for every type of taste and preference. here are the 4 not to be missed:

  1. Tom's Bar: the suggestive location, characterized by high barrel vaults, gives the place a typically medieval atmosphere. Excellent cocktails and, of course, beer. During the summer it is possible to enjoy the beautiful terrace and listen to live music on Fridays and Saturdays.
  2. Cloud 9 Sky Bar: huge windows, from floor to ceiling, offer a magnificent and uninterrupted view of Prague from the rooftop bar of the Hilton hotel. The interior design is remarkable: black stones and glass contrast with the bright shades to create a very special atmosphere. High quality cocktails, often revisited in a creative way.
  3. M1 Lounge: one of the most popular places in Prague nightlife. Fashionable and trendy, it attracts not only young people from Prague, but also many foreigners and celebrities. The interior is characterized by a decoration of soft velvets, which welcome renowned DJs for evenings devoted to maximum fun. The bar serves high quality spirits.
  4. U Fleku: the oldest brewery in Prague, with its own brewery, serves customers a dark Ale, slightly sparkling, but particularly drinkable. The setting is beautiful and evocative, including arches, vaults and barrel vaults and large tables for unforgettable toasts. The food is also good.

Where to eat: Great food at affordable prices

Every self-respecting holiday cannot neglect, at least for us Italians, thegastronomic aspect. In fact, it would be a crime not to taste the tasty and tasty Czech cuisine, in all its nuances, with a visit even among the exotic cuisines. Here are some interesting solutions:

  • For a quick and inexpensive meal, the bistro Sisters serves the classic chlebicek crouton, garnished with different toppings. With cold cuts, cheeses, salmon or paté. It is a must try.
  • Nase Maso instead it is one of the best butchers in the city and is not limited to the sale of meat; equipped with a kitchen, it also prepares simple but excellent traditional Czech dishes, without making the customers spend a fortune.
  • Pho vietnam offers a taste of truly delicious Vietnamese cuisine; very popular among the inhabitants of Prague, it allows you to taste excellent beef soups, in typical Asian style, at very affordable prices (around 5 euros).
  • To taste the classic wild boar in rosehip sauce or the tasty goulash, the Kastrol restaurant is the ideal choice; located outside the center, it is still worth a visit, also for its traditional atmosphere, off the beaten track. Of course, the beer is also excellent. At lunch, many dishes cost around 3,5 euros.

Where to sleep: the most romantic hotels in the city

Flights to Prague are cheap, food, although good, is not an influential item of expenditure and beer costs almost as much as water: this means that a good part of the travel budget can be allocated to stay in typical, suggestive structures , romantic for those traveling as a couple. Here's one selection of some of the most intimate places to sleep in Prague.

  • Appia Residences: Located in a quiet corner, in the shadow of Prague Castle, this old-fashioned, refined yet pleasant property offers guests a unique touch of romance behind its austere appearance.
  • Aria Resort & Spa: its baroque garden looks like the setting of a Shakespeare play, while the cuisine from the contemporary menu and the refined bar make every breakfast a unique event.
  • Golden Well: a hotel devoted to luxury, certainly not to be mentioned among the cheapest in Prague, but certainly among those to try, even forcing the budget a little, to give added value to a romantic trip. The large rooms are furnished with refined taste, but there is no lack of the most modern amenities. Breakfast is a plus: served in a suggestive setting, it is abundant and refined.
  • Le Palais Art Hotel: housed in a nineteenth-century villa, which rises along a quiet cobbled alley, this structure blends the baroque with the modern. The mosaic terrace and vaulted ceilings are of considerable impact.

How to reach us

Couples who are planning one romantic getaway in Prague, especially the younger ones, will be happy to know that this city can be reached quickly and easily, thanks to a wide range of cheap flights to the Czech capital. If you are lucky you can come across low-cost that allow you to buy flights to Prague, round trip, at really affordable prices, starting from the major Italian airports: you can check the prices on momondo. Even the national airlines are used to offer advantageous offers for the capital of the Czech Republic.
Once you arrive at the airport it is not difficult to reach the center of romantic Prague and your place of stay, thanks to a rather cheap taxi service. Alternatively, there are express shuttle services and public buses that stop in the city center or at various Metro stops. Once you have visited this city it will be easy to fall into the temptation to define Paris as the Prague of the West and not the other way around.

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