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Surprising your sweetheart with a plane ticket for an overseas trip is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful surprises when you want to give a gift. If then the chosen destination is Chicago, here is that a couple's holiday is tinged with pink in a damn romantic and unforgettable setting: feeling free, among the streets of the metropolis and its most sought-after corners, is easy and pleasant, and there will be no need for crazy expenses to make the proclamation of an extraordinary feeling like the one that binds 2 people together.

This is how, hand in hand, it will be nice to look at yourself on the shores of Lake Michigan, or dive into the futuristic playground Navy Pier, lighting the fire of fun between ferris wheels and lots of sweet cotton candy.

During this romantic getaway for 2, you certainly can't miss a good candlelit dinner to look into each other's eyes and say "I love you": a magical place is the Geja Coffee, in Lincoln Park, probably the most chic and sentimental restaurant in all of Illinois. The delicate and suffused light and the music, strictly live, every evening, make the atmosphere full of emotion.

Not only that: the nearby seats and the white curtains to maintain privacy from other diners, will allow you to experience a unique tête-à-tête, away from prying eyes. Aphrodisiac and delicious for the palate, a must try, the chocolate fondue to be combined, as desired, with lots of fresh fruit, for a sweet and passionate end to the evening.

Chicago also offers important answers to those who prefer to live their complicity more eventful, perhaps in one of the many clubs in the city where it is located Jazz music to be the master. And then she gives the green light to dance and fun on the soft and elegant notes of a timeless genre and which finds in the Windy City one of the most flourishing homelands.

On a trip like this, you can't go wrong with the location to stay. Chicago is full of luxury and exclusive hotels, where you can let yourself be pampered with relaxing couple massages and regenerating and invigorating wellness treatments, to give a touch of pleasure to the body and soul. Among the hotels they can count on SPA centers avant-garde, the Trump International Hotel & Tower stands out: all couples who wish to can enjoy the pleasure of giant whirlpools in which to taste delicious oysters, accompanied by a good local wine.

Chicago it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting destinations for those who want to celebrate love with taste and style, also being careful not to exceed the sometimes limited budget, especially in young couples. A place suitable for all ages, perfect for consolidating love, and which will forever conquer the hearts of those who visit it. And so, looking at it skyline of the city, perhaps at night, going to the airport to go home, a tear of joy, for the emotions experienced, and a tear of sadness, for the charm left behind, can fall from your eyes.

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