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    I have been a long-time biker and this year in June I bought a new bike, to celebrate the event I thought of making a trip that would reach the most? beautiful european mountain road, the mythical trasfagarasan. I therefore built the stages so that, in the 7 days of the August bank holiday, from 12 to 19, I was able to fulfill this dream. The budget miles are about 4.000 of which many are not on highways but the desire for adventure pushes me to dare. For a motorcycle trip without surprises or rather with as few surprises as possible? preparation is important, deciding how to dress, what to wear to capture the unique moments, the path to take while avoiding the monotonous highways, the necessary documents to cross foreign countries, what to eat from the various foreign cuisines.

    1 day

    the departure of the first day, having to arrive from Umbria to Zagreb? was set for 4 in the night, actually? the adrenaline of the thought of travel did not let us sleep. At 4 the temperature was 24 degrees, a hot summer night, so we decided to wear our chilled vests through the internal water evaporation mechanism. We left at night and decided to take the E45 to Cesena to avoid some traffic, first coffee break? at the distributor of the Verghereto pass, then up to Cesena to take the motorway continuing to Bologna, Padua, Venice, Udine and finally around lunchtime at the border. Before entering Slovenia we had a snack and bought the weekly vignette until 18 and the one from 19 for the return. Attached the first on the front shock absorber stem we left for Zagreb where we arrived around 16:00. the hotel chosen by me, 5 stops of tram 12 from the center? been holtellux B&B Fijanova 6, Maksimir, Zagreb, 10000, Croatia, without breakfast we spent 45 euros. in the evening we went to dinner in a club in the center where we had already been? a few years ago, a luxury venue, a bit expensive.

    2 day

    On the morning of August 13 we got ready to face the road that would take us from Zagreb to Romania, the plan was to cross the border at Drobetra Turnu Severin on the bridge over the Danube and sleep in this town. The heat undermined our strength a bit, the last 200 km before the border were two-lane, one in each direction, along the Danube. When we arrived in Romania we wasted time finding the hotel, a quick shower and then walking around looking for a place to have dinner. In the pedestrian part of Drobeta we found a restaurant where to try the specialties? grilled meat, sausages, pork, and more. Back in the hotel exhausted, we fell into the arms of morpheus accomplices the three iced beers that I had drunk. We sleep at Pensiune Clipa spending 34 euros with breakfast.

    3 day

    on the morning of 14 breakfast at the hotel, brief check on the presence of the motorbike in front of the entrance of the same (I had also put the chain on the rear wheel) and departure for Pitesti. Along the way we cross the typical carts of Romania pulled by mules or horses, we also cross two accidents that occurred, most likely during the night, and we stop in Craiova where we have an appointment with Adrian, a Romanian who also speaks English. We arrive at the center of Craiova and stop in front of a pastry shop where we taste a tart with giant blackberries on top and a fabulous cheescake. Adrian arrives and proposes to add to the day's itinerary a jump on the transalpina, a road equal to the trasfagarasan as curves and mountains. He leads us and we follow us, the weather changes, after arriving at the top we go down towards a dam and nearby Adrian takes us to lunch in an exquisite and cheap place. After lunch we look for a way to return to Pitesti without making the transfagarasan because, in addition to having it scheduled for the next day, the weather is deteriorating and the same has two hours in a row. With the rain we manage, guided by Adrian, to cut through mountains and remote villages and return to Pitesti where Adrian greets us to return to Craiova. In your hotel? in the middle of the forest, very nice, comfortable room, cost with breakfast 40 euros, Hotel Cornul Vanatorului.

    4 day

    Mid-August, breakfast in Pitesti, then on the way to cartisoara at the other end of the 7C called Trasfagarasan. It starts to rain and so we wear rain gear. As the temperature rises, the asphalt drops? a bit slimy and invites us to a relaxed tourist pace. We have the pleasant surprise of meeting a bear on the roadside. Climbing before the summit, having passed the waterfall, an unimaginable line begins, we take courage and begin to overcome the stationary cars. We arrive at the entrance of the tunnel that leads to the top, not illuminated, with a wet and uneven surface, with people walking in the dark and a continuous line. Here too I have decided to overcome the line and emerge on the clearing that c '? at the top, markets, crowded parking lots, lots of people. we immediately begin the descent towards Cartisoara why? it's raining, it's cold and c '? even the fog. We arrive in cartisoara and discover that the only asphalted road? the main one, all the traverses are unpaved and therefore due to rain, mud tracks and puddles. We decide to go first to find a restaurant to have dinner and then return to Casa Mosului where we booked. We find a restaurant we have dinner starting with a Ciorba with legumes and pork and then continue with chicken and mushrooms and more. Final dessert with gianduia crepes and Romanian donuts with sour cream and blueberries. Return back 5 km to get to the pension, 250 meters of dirt with creepy mud and finally knock on the gate of the pension. The owner comes to open the door very courteously, we park the motorbike, unload the luggage, enter the pension and we are asked to leave our shoes at the entrance and wear red disposable slippers. We are assigned room number 2 with balcony, really nice. with 53 euros including breakfast? the accommodation more? expensive of our tour in Romania but worth the cost, a fairytale place.

    5 day

    We have arrived at August 16th, today's program? to move from Cartisoara and get to Bran, the site of Dracula's castle. The rain accompanies us from the morning, the dirt road to return to the asphalt from the pension is done without Lucia following me on foot to avoid a fall. It rained all night it's cold and the weather doesn't improve. We arrive in Bran passing through Brasov, we find the Pensiunea Casa Doina which for 44 euros also gives us breakfast, a short stop in the room and then for lunch at Vila Bran, an excellent place where we finally manage to find the sarmale. After lunch to digest a walk to the castle, in the rain, and visit it after an endless queue.

    6 day

    on August 17 the program? to go back home towards Timisoara, a beautiful stage that will see us? get to the Hotel Imperial Premium with a cost of 41 euros with breakfast, exhausted. In the evening we find a place to dine while still eating meat and then to bed. The daily stages are more and more? long and fatigue begins to be felt.

    7 day

    the 18 the half? to reach? Ljubljana, we pass through Budapest and take a tour in the center, a beautiful city? that we already had? visited on New Year's Eve 2017. We have lunch at a McDonald's in Budapest and then try to reach Ljubljana. The temperature ? ascent and do many kilometers in a row? more and more? difficult. They stop us about every 50 km to recover and rest our butt, knees and back. We arrive in Ljubljana at sunset. Fortunately, the Guesthouse KUBUS 64 euros per night more? 12 euros for breakfast, it also has a restaurant attached, we leave our luggage in the room, quick shower and then dinner with a pizza and a dessert. the next day the last leg of the journey home along the Romea.

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