Rodeo Drive Los Angeles: the luxury shopping street in Beverly Hills

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We travelers are driven by the need to discover wonders of nature, suggestive places, cities, museums, theme parks, mountains, seas and much more. Our destination today is in California, a great state with a thousand faces, and more precisely in Los Angeles. We take you to Beverly Hills and in particular a Rodeo Drive that, with his shops luxury, is the "flagship" of the neighborhood.

Whatever the reason that leads to this "corner of the beautiful world" - simple desire for knowledge, curiosity about the places frequented by the jet-set, interest in high fashion, luxury and aesthetic trends - Rodeo Drive will show itself in all its strong identity. Beverly Hills is a municipality belonging to the long list of boroughs that make up the city. The climate of Los Angeles, warm in summer and mild in winter, invites us to stroll along the streets and avenues, looking up at the palm trees that stand out against the blue.


  • Where it is, how to get there and where to park
    • Where to park?
    • How to get there by public transport
  • Why visit Rodeo Drive
  • Rodeo Drive Walk of Style
  • The shops of Rodeo Drive
  • Where to eat
  • Where to sleep near Rodeo Drive
  • Rodeo Drive events
  • Tours including Rodeo Drive

Where it is, how to get there and where to park

Let's get acquainted with Rodeo Drive which in all its extension is just over 3 kilometers long, but the beating heart of this road known throughout the world for luxury shopping of the most famous brands stretches for three blocks bordered by Wilshire Boulevard and South Santa Monica Boulevard, in an evocative setting of palm trees that line manicured sidewalks and flower beds along the center line. We realize we are in the right area when we see two refined black wrought iron signs bearing the golden writing Via Rodeo e N. Rodeo Drive.

Where to park?

A Beverly Hills there are well-marked public garages in downtown which, however, tend to fill up quickly. However, there is the possibility to park the car in various points not far from Rodeo Drive with characteristics such as: "first two hours free", "payment at the exit" or "three hours with parking meter" (mainly Santa Monica crossings Blvd. and Crescent Dr.).

We suggest consulting a useful online resource to get all the details. However, we must always keep in mind that observance of the rules regarding the parking spaces allowed is very strict and so are the fines for infringements. In this regard, don't be fooled by some cars parked along Rodeo Drive… they have a permit!

How to get there by public transport

There are various options regarding the means of transport. The All Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (also abbreviated Metro, Mta, Lacmta) serves the LA metropolitan area by trains and buses (Beverly Hills: line 704 or 720).

You can also opt for the taxi of Independence Cab Co. (700 N. Virgil Ave - Los Angeles), or, for a "touch of class", a limousine service is available American Luxury Limo (2550 Willow Lane Thousand Oaks, CA 91361).

For further information, also consult our guide on how to get around Los Angeles.

Why visit Rodeo Drive

It often happens that this road makes the imagination work; you can imagine "cinema effect" moments when in some scenes the protagonists of the films enter the boutiques, go out with bags and packages, continue for a cocktail during which they show off their precious purchases and then return to a hotel suite for 5 or more stars. The reference to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman it is the most recurrent, if one thinks of the scene of his “substantial” shopping. But in the end we are happy to limit ourselves to taking a look because we are just curious visitors to know another corner of America, certainly with its marked uniqueness that it wants to maintain, with its pros and cons.

We are doing window-shopping and continue to stroll by detouring to the highlight area called Two Rodeo, the most architecturally spectacular part. The setting of the buildings is inspired by old Europe, with cobblestone pavements, gas lamps, porches, benches, balconies and flowers. A truly enjoyable and classy walk regardless of your passion for shopping or the chance to shop here. This street, not straight and slightly uphill, then descends with a beautiful staircase that overlooks Wilshire Boulevard where the Beverly Wilshire Hotel stands out. But with a few steps to the right, Rodeo Drive takes you back.

Rodeo Drive Walk of Style

In 2003 the committee for Rodeo Drive founded the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style to honor “style legends who have made an important contribution to the world of fashion, costume and design”. Normally, one character per year is selected for this honor. Each plaque shows the name and signature of the recipient together with the reason for recognition. On 9 September 2003 the first plaque was presented, dedicated to Giorgio Armani.

On this occasion the work of Robert Graham named Torso, a shining sculpture of a naked woman, without head and arms, made of aluminum and 4 meters high. This sculpture is located at the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way, the starting point of the Walk of Style, symbol of the "style walk" where you can see not only the names of stylists, jewelers and masters of fashion such as Ferragamo, Valentino , Missoni, Bulgari, Cartier and the Versace brothers who have joined Armani, but also characters that symbolize style and elegance, such as Princess Grace.

The shops of Rodeo Drive

In this “luxury paradise”, shops and salons range from clothes to shoes, from bags to suitcases, from jewelery to cars and from make-up to beauty treatments. Along the N. Rodeo Drive there are various world famous brands and well-known names related to design. The boutiques are decorated in styles ranging from classic to eccentric because, rightly, they reflect the brand they represent. We recognize the shop windows with red Valentino and those with the black of Armani, trendy shoes by Jimmy Choo, immortal satchel bags by Louis Vuitton, timeless creations by Madame Chanel, T-shirts Lacoste with the famous crocodile, bags of Fendi with the iconic “F”, timeless jewels by Tiffany e Cartier.

And there is also a showcase that exhibits machines Porsche! For the Ferrari instead you have to walk a little further (9372 Wilshire Blvd.), but the lounge is not very far. Along this road something could tempt us and if that were the case there would be nothing wrong because after all we are in Rodeo Drive and its function is to fascinate, seduce.

We personally went here out of pure and simple curiosity, knowledge, and we like to find out what's around us. We pass in front of well-known Italian and international brands that present trendy collections, on certain occasions even with the support of handsome models that are "placed" outside the shops in order to attract attention and entice people to enter. It is not surprising then to see jet set characters getting out of a limousine in front of the entrance of a boutique where the staff has already been alerted for the visit and it is not surprising even to meet "paparazzi".

Most of the shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 18 and Sunday from 12 to 17, but not all are open on the classic day of rest. Even if your style doesn't reflect these canons, Rodeo Drive is an icon of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area. However, it deserves a walk because undoubtedly the environment is very pleasant and not overly snobbish even if the luxury is there and the prices displayed have many zeros ... too many!

Where to eat

After a nice walk and maybe a little five-star shopping why not treat yourself to a stop at as many stars at 208 Via Rodeo Drive at the ristorante 208 Rodeo? The venue has a contemporary bistro look in a moderately casual-elegant atmosphere. The restaurant offers Californian cuisine served both indoors and outdoors. The wide staircase (Spanish Steps) that flanks the building with its “old European” charm faces the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

For those who like oriental cuisine we recommend Urasawa (218 N. Rodeo Dr.), serving Japanese cuisine with art and craftsmanship. It will be a pleasure for the palate but also for the eyes because the aesthetics are not left to chance. The place has high prices but let's not forget where we are. Various choices of sake, the classic Japanese drink: for us they have prices that are nothing short of high (from 70 to 400 $) but even if our salaries are not fabulous, it may be worth testing something in the restaurant or simply entering and giving a ' look around.

We report a good presence of restaurants and cafes along the parallel streets of Rodeo Drive and along South Santa Monica Boulevard.

Where to sleep near Rodeo Drive

Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel

There are many hotels in the area but only one is located along Rodeo Drive. And the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel (360 N.Rodeo Dr.), among the Rolex and Michael Kors boutiques that are also found inside together with that of Patex Philippe. The rooms and suites, in a welcoming and modern setting, are furnished balancing casual elegance and affordable luxury. From the rooms you have a view of Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Hills and downtown Los Angeles. The hotel guarantees its guests the attentions of the concierge, free wi-fi, gym, spa and conference center.

Here are 4 accommodations near Rodeo Drive (for other structures in the area take a look at our selection of accommodations in Beverly Hills) which must be reported as they are icons of this reality. It is evident that in the Beverly Hills area i prices are not cheap at all, but if you are not staying here it is still worth visiting these havens of luxury, elegance and refinement, perhaps entering only to ask for a brochure. In this way you visit the lobby and get an idea of ​​the style of the structure, this in view of having come to Rodeo Drive to get to know this reality regardless of how much this world attracts us or how much we want to invest to stay overnight.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

The exteriors of the movie Pretty Woman were shot at Beverly Wilshire Hotel (9500 Wilshire Blvd.) and therefore the facade looks familiar to us. The property, just steps from Two Rodeo, opened in 1928 and has been a favorite spot for many Hollywood celebrities and the international elite for years. The luxurious rooms and suites are spread across two buildings, one overlooking Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive and the other overlooking the Beverly Hills residential area.

Guests staying at this hotel can enjoy the spa, swimming pool, concierge attentions, fitness center, and convention center. Inside, the Cut was defined by readers of the newspaper Usa Today the best restaurant in hotel of the United States. The meat and fish dishes are creative and are served in a spacious room with modern furnishings. In the evening, the large windows allow the light of the moon to amplify the effect of the panorama.

Il Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills (9850 Wilshire Blvd.) is a fine hotel with a white color cast in its interior. It has luxurious rooms and sumptuous suites with balconies with a wide view, a lobby with a bar and a spa. The restaurant Jean-George Beverly Hills offers refined dinners under the direction of the award-winning chef of the same name. The dishes of this established chef range from those of European cuisine to those of South and North America. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner indoors or outdoors. The Rooftop Lounge, on the 12th floor, serving California cuisine in a palm-fringed outdoor setting with panoramic views of Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

However, in the immediate vicinity there are a couple of viable alternatives in terms of cost. In the hotels that we recommend below, your stay will certainly be very pleasant even if their reputation is not high-sounding.

Il Sirtaj 120 South Reeves Dr. restaurant. The luxurious rooms at Sirtaj Hotel have 800-inch flat-screen cable TVs, minibars and coffeemakers. Sirtaj Hotel's restaurant serves fresh, locally sourced ingredients and contemporary Indian cuisine. The bar offers special cocktails, craft beers and wines. Guests receive a welcome drink upon check-in and can use the concierge services, 42-hour front desk and parking space for $ 24 per day.

Il Sixty (9360 Wilshire Blvd.) is located in downtown Beverly Hills next to the Ferrari shop, a "pilgrimage" destination for many visitors. “Red” aside, the rooms in this hotel are elegant and equipped with wooden floors, decor in warm tones and a walkable French balcony. This 4-star hotel features an outdoor rooftop pool, a lounge with panoramic city views and a 55-inch LCD screen in every room.

The restaurant Caulfields serves contemporary American cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while the rooftop bar, theAbove Sixty, offers drinks, snacks and entertainment. Guests have free access to the modern gym, the business center and benefit from the 24-hour concierge service who can arrange various activities as well as car rental. The property also has on-site parking at a cost of $ 24 per day.

Rodeo Drive events

Three are held during the year events in the Rodeo Drive area that deserve to be reported and that turn the spotlight on this destination even more.

  • In June, on Father's day the Concours d'Elegance, an event that showcases some of the most expensive cars in the world. It dates back to the 17th century when the French aristocracy paraded with carriages in the parks of Paris on summer weekends and holidays.
  • During the Fashion Night out shops extend their opening hours in September and champagne is served to guests and shoppers. It also takes place in thirty other locations around the world. Created in 2009 in New York to revive the economy and stimulate consumer interest, this event continues over the years. A Ferris wheel and other attractions grab the attention of those on the three main blocks of Rodeo Drive.
  • The approach of the Christmas holidays begins to be felt already in November with theHoliday Lighting Celebration. Lights, live music and theatrical performances typical of the Christmas period create the right atmosphere. Giant-sized decorative gift packages are scattered around the flower beds and at the entrance to Two Rodeo. This is also a time for charity; donations of winter clothing for the Los Angeles Salvation Army are accepted.

Tours including Rodeo Drive

If you don't want to visit Rodeo Drive on your own but to include it in a tour that shows you the best of the surrounding areas you can consider some options:

Supported by the favorable climate, it would not be a bad idea to use "two wheels" for getting around Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills area. In this regard, you can opt for either a simple bicycle rental, even hybrid, or take advantage of a real tour with a tour guide.

Info on bike tours in and around Rodeo Drive

If, on the other hand, you want to rely on a more unique (and less tiring) vehicle like the segway, which in recent years has been gaining more and more success, you can find all the information by clicking on the link below.

Info su Tour in Segway di Beverly Hills e Rodeo Drive

Today we have added a “golden” piece to our knowledge of California, but many other destinations await us in this great state that never ceases to surprise. We keep the suitcase ready!

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