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    Rocky Mountains and Real America

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    La Rocky Mountain region (mountain range that extends over 8 states between the USA and Canada) usually includes the states of Colorado (where the highest peak is) Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, while the region commonly identified as Real America includes North Dakota and South Dakota (where the famous Mount Rushmore is located) in addition to the aforementioned Montana and Wyoming. By extension, not infrequently, those who travel to discover these areas also cross north-eastern Utah, not surprisingly also touched by the Rockies. This section is addressed to this immense and majestic territory.

    Al Colorado a special subsection is dedicated, while all the other states of the region converge in the subcategory of Real America.

    This is the land of the cowboy and of the great hills, where nature expresses its beauty with unlikely colors and the western towns still proudly preserve their past heritage. In these immense spaces dotted with ranches and framed by snow-capped peaks, some of the most precious gems of all the United States are hidden (for example Yellowstone) and many historical testimonies for those who love the epic of the Old West.


    For convenience, all the itineraries are divided into 2 sub-categories: in the Real America section you will find the recommended routes and attractions for the states of Wyoming, Montana, North and South Dakota and Idaho; for Colorado, on the other hand, there is an entirely dedicated subsection.

    Real America



    Here are the main attractions of the Rocky Mountains area displayed on an interactive map

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