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Il Rockefeller Center it is a real city within the city.

It is located between 5th and 6th avenue and 48th and 51st st.

The complex was built between 1932 and 1939, and initially consisted of 14 Art Deco structures. Now it is made up of 19 buildings even if the last ones cannot boast the beauty of the original structures.

Rockefeller Center is in heart of Midtown Manhattan and teems with people both day and night.

Besides the buildings, it is made up of gardens, restaurants and shops.

Next to the Tower Plaza (5th Ave between 49th and 50th), is the famous golden statue of Prometheus, surrounded by water-jet fountains that frame his flaming hand. During the spring and summer the Plaza hosts an elegant outdoor café, while during the winter it turns into an ice rink, also famous for having appeared in many films.

Among the things to see we find:

  • Top of the Rock: the observatory on the 70th floor offers views of Manhattan like no other skyscraper can. Unlike the Empire Observatory, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Central Park plus you can admire the Empire itself. Tickets for the Top of the Rock are included in the CityPASS and the New York Pass, or can be purchased individually.It may be slightly less famous than the Empire State Building, but the fact remains that the Top of the Rock offers an equally (if not better) view of the New York panorama: there are 3 observation levels, on the 67th, 69th and 70th floors (the latter has a height of 253 meters from the ground) for a total area of 5110 square meters. To make the observation from the Top of the Rock even more exciting is certainly its location, very central, and incorporated into the famous Rockefeller Center: it was precisely by the iron will of the oil magnate John D. Rockefeller Jr. that the complex and the skyscraper was built in the 1931s, despite the other business partner (the Metropolitan Opera) having withdrawn from the project. immortalized the photograph that we have all seen at least once in their lives: the eleven workers sitting on a beam suspended in space eating their sandwich (Lunch atop a Skyscraper, taken by Charles C. Ebbets in 1932). gurated in 1933, the Top of the Rock hosted the headquarters of the Radio Corporation of America and is now home to NBC television.The style chosen was art deco and, among the austere and simple lines, the frieze depicting the Sapienza stands out. , the GE brand (which stands for General Eletric, the company that controlled the Radio Corporation of America); Unlike other contemporary buildings, the Top of the Rock does not have a spire (or flagpole).

    The Top of the Rock, with its 259,1 meters, is the 14th tallest building in New York, has 60 Schindler elevators inside; on the 65th floor it houses the Rainbow Room restaurant, the first to be housed in a skyscraper, back in 1934. After being closed due to the economic crisis after 2007, it reopened in October 2014 in a renewed guise, with a ballroom and for cocktails.

    On the 67th and 69th floors, the terraces have transparent protective glass, while on the 70th floor there is a 360-degree view of the city, completely outdoors. The latter has a shape inspired by the great decks of transatlantic liners very much in vogue at the time of the inauguration and, in fact, initially housed deckchairs and sunbeds in order to better admire the panorama, on which the Empire State Building stands out clearly.

    The skyscraper that houses the Top of the Rock, is called GE Building and is also known by the names of The Slab and 30 Rock and is located in Midtown Manhattan, the main entrance is on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.

  • Christmas tree and ice rink: during the winter, and in particular during the Christmas period, in front of the central building, Ge Bulding, a skating ring and raised the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.
  • Radio City Music Hall: escaped demolition in '79, the now completely refurbished Radio City Music Hall is one of the most famous entertainment centers in the Big Apple, and with its 5.874 seats it remains one of the largest theaters / cinemas to this day of the world.
  • Nbc Studios: Nbc is one of the most famous national TV stations and also here in Spain programs produced by this TV are broadcast, such as the Jay Leno Show. It is located at number 30 of the Rockefeller Plaza. Admission is included with the New York Pass.
  • Today Show Studio: This popular live TV show can be watched every morning from the sidewalk in front of the studio. A camera captures the public on the street.

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