Riviera del Conero: the holiday you don't expect!

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Do you want to organize your holidays along the Conero Riviera in the Marche?
Well these, for us, were the 4 most? beautiful!

1 day

Arrival in Numana first stage:

IS? a beautiful cove under the cliffs and the pine forest of Sirolo, the beach? all of fine gravel, very wide and particularly sheltered from the cliff. Continuing further you arrive at the beach of San Michele.
Towards the south, after the cliff, the large Urbani cave opens up, a natural cave dug into the cliff by the sea. If you climb over the cliff (being VERY careful) you can reach the? Lavi? that is a very smooth stretch of coast (rocks).
How do you reach this beach?

During the summer season? Is there a bus service that will take you from the parking lot in front of the Municipality of Sirolo? directly to the Urbani Beach and the runs are about every 30 minutes and the cost of the ticket? 1 euro each way (you can buy it in the center of Sirolo or in tobacconists / newsstands).

2 day

The second day, the destination? was the beach of SAN MICHELE.

Also this ? a pebble beach and extends for about 300 meters until you reach the Sassi Neri beach.

How can it be reached?

The way more? simple (so to speak, why? yes, downhill? .. watermelons also go)? pass through the Parco della Repubblica, along the Sirolo course. Follow the main avenue up to a panoramic balcony and then the fence that goes down through a pine forest and the path (about 20 minutes) that will take you there. directly to the beach of San Michele. In summer ? It is strongly not recommended to reach the beach by car given the large turnout, the advice we give you? to take the bus always in front of the Municipality of Sirolo at a cost of 1 euro (NB. the service is interrupted from 12.55 to 15,30 !!)

3 day

The third day we decided to take a boat trip: beach destination of the "TWO SISTERS".

For us, this? was the beach more? beautiful of the whole Conero Riviera.
A wonderful show of water and rock, of stacks and gravel.

How can it be reached?

This beach? reachable only by sea. iThe ferries depart from the Port of Numana and? reservation required a few days in advance. The price ? 25 euros per person a / r. First ride at 8.30 and last return at 15.00. Nb In the beach of the? Due sorelle? not ? present any type of service, so remember to bring all the useful things with you: water, lunch, umbrella and sunscreen.

4 day

Last day of vacation, we decide to reach PORTONOVO beach

Once you arrive here, you will find 2 beautiful beaches, easy to reach and suitable for everyone.

How can it be reached?

You will have to take the Conero provincial road that connects Sirolo to Ancona. About half? road you will find a roundabout from which begins the road that goes down to the bay. Arriving at the square, the asphalted road continues towards the church and the tower, both towards the Napoleonic fort and the pier. Once you reach the path you can go south towards? La Vela? a rock from which many people dive and has the shape of a sail. If, on the other hand, you go north you will arrive at the Tower just below the eighteenth-century fortification.

If you want to treat yourself to a lunch with a? Window on the sea? do not miss the restaurant? Il clandestino? what will I know? definitely give you an incredible view of the sea. (suitable for super romantics like us!)

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