Renting a boat in Formentera: with whom, when and where

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Rent a boat in Formentera

There are those who love it for its peaceful atmosphere, those who appreciate it for nature walks and those who, tempted by the emerald color of the sea, do not fail to explore its incredible underwater world far and wide.

There are those who fall madly in love with it, who choose it to spend holidays in peace, and those who hope to meet some VIPs.

The reasons why Formentera is among the most popular islands in the Mediterranean are many, but what is certain is that the wild nature and its sea are the real protagonists of the area!

Protagonist of many summer holidays, how can you best avoid the crowds of tourists if not aboard a boat?

What once seemed unattainable is now a concrete and accessible reality: that's right, renting a boat has become simple and fast!

An example is the boat rental of Click & Boat, a company that provides boats throughout the Balearic archipelago. Holidays, events or celebrations, everything you want, you can have it in the time of a click!

  1. What is the best time to rent a boat?
  2. Where to rent a boat and which routes to follow

What is the best time to rent a boat?

Located just 3 nautical miles from its sister Ibiza and framed by the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, Formentera certainly needs no introduction.

Its pristine beaches, wild nature and the sea of ​​the most beautiful shades of turquoise shape its reputation, making it one of the most incredible natural paradises in the area.

It is no coincidence that in 1999 it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the importance of its terrestrial and marine habitats!

One of the positive aspects of the island is its long summer season, which runs roughly from April to October: so why go to Formentera in the height of summer when you can enjoy its charm even out of season?

Fewer tourists, a peaceful atmosphere and incredible landscapes: setting sail in May or September guarantees a trip in total tranquility!

For wind lovers, it is advisable to rent a boat in Formentera between November and December, when the arrival of the wind marks the beginning of the winter season.


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Where to rent a boat and which routes to follow

Dénia, Valencia, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca. When you are not sailing around the island but are leaning towards an adventure by sea, these are the most common and easily accessible destinations from Formentera.

The seaside towns of the Costa Blanca and the more than 200km of coastline dotted with fine sandy beaches never fail to strike the hearts of their visitors. Added to this are palm groves, orchards, majestic mountains and the warm colors of the rocks of the Serra Gelada Natural Park that plunge into the sea.

For those who decide to make the most of Formentera's incredible landscapes and its calm and relaxed soul, a boat tour in search of secluded bays will be the perfect choice!

From the wild Platja des Migjorn to Es Cap de Barbaria, located at the southernmost end of the island, from Cala Salona, ​​ideal for admiring breathtaking sunsets, to the inevitable Playa de Ses Illetes and Platja de Llevant, which although more chaotic and popular, they never fail to leave their visitors speechless.

In short, whatever type of traveler you are, Formentera will be able to fascinate and conquer you, becoming one of your favorite destinations.

If you can allow yourself a few more days of vacation, then we recommend that you rent a boat in the Balearics and sail along the archipelago: short distances will work to your advantage, allowing you to collect indelible memories!

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