Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred abroad

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Travel safe it is of fundamental importance to be able to enjoy a holiday or a stay in a country other than your own. When you go for work, vacation or study to one of the countries belonging to theUE, you are entitled to the same health care services enjoyed by the locals.
If these services are paid for, you are entitled to a reimbursement by the Italian state. A similar situation also occurs in states not belonging to the European Union but linked to Italy by bilateral agreements in the health sector. Here are all the information needed to initiate a refund request.


  1. Preventive Information
  2. Who is entitled to a refund:
  3. Forms required
  4. Procedure for romborso
  5. User questions and comments

Preventive Information

First of all it must be specified that it is essential to be equipped with the European Health Insurance Card, to be able to use health services beyond national borders. This document is valid in the countries that are stipulated international health conventions with Italy, but it does not cover the costs of repatriation, theft or extreme rescue operations.
Before the trip it is necessary to report the absence from the Italian territory to your ASL if more than 30 days, under penalty of loss of the right to compensation.

Please note:: There is no refund if the host country has not entered into any agreement with the Italian state. So if you are on vacation in a non-EU country you will be forced to have an insurance policy.

Who is entitled to a refund:

  • state employees;
  • military personnel;
  • off-site students holding scholarships;
  • employees with a regular contract recognized by law;
  • family members of an Italian worker temporarily residing abroad;
  • freelancers and self-employed workers whose work is regulated by the Italian social security and tax system.

Forms required

The forms are composed ofself-certification, from compensation model for workers or employers and finally from the document "Congruity opinion".
These can be downloaded from the modules section of the Ministry of Health website.

Procedure for romborso

Once the medical expenses have been made, the off-site citizen must submit your application by post within three months at the Embassy or Consulate.
Il compensation will be paid within 90 days.

The worker who personally incurred the expense must present the following documentation:

  1. ASE-RSANC-RPL reimbursement application (model for worker or employer depending on who incurred the expenses);
  2. self-certification or certificate;
  3. opinion of appropriateness of expenses issued by the Italian consular office abroad;
  4. medical certificate with accurate health report;
  5. eventual declaration by the hospital in case of hospitalization, with a report of the costs of ordinary hospitalization;
  6. expense documentation showing the individual costs of the services received and any translation into Italian of the same;
  7. registration in the Chamber of Commerce for private or self-employed workers, release of the employee and registration in the Register of Companies in the event that the employer requests the reimbursement;
  8. registration in the professional registers for freelancers.

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