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The race towards the future continue, perhaps by train. It has been a long time since Robert Stephenson launched the first passenger train in history from Stockton, England in 1825. Almost 200 years of innovations and discoveries that have made the train one of the preferred means of transport travelers from all over the world.

The longest railway in the world. Yixinoù (or Yixin'ou) is the first train on the direct line China-Spain, arrived in December 2014 at Madrid's Abronigal station. It is a freight train that travels 13.000 kilometers, for a total of 21 days of travel. It is the longest rail link in the world passing through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and Spain.

The tallest train in the world. The line passes through the mountains ofHimalaya in Tibet, giving its passengers a unique and suggestive landscape. Before boarding, a liability discharge document is signed to relieve the company of any accidents and at an altitude of 4000 meters, an oxygen mask is worn.

The most powerful train in the world. Il QNS&L (Quebec North Shore and Labrador railway) in Canada, is the most powerful freight train in the world. Thanks to its more than 4000 horsepower locomotive, it can pull more than 250 wagons at over 110 km / h. The only small drawback, perhaps not a small one, seems to be the noise.

The train of legend. The Trans-Siberian it is a historical line. Due to its length, the number of stations and the time of construction it is a record-breaking train. It required considerable technical skills to build because for the first time the phenomenon of permafrost was discovered, where the ground is perpetually frozen.

The "high magnetism" train. It was built in Germany for the Chinese railways, the Maglev connects the city of Shanghai with the airport. The vehicle has reached a speed of 501 km / h, but the average cruising speed is 250 km / h.

The fastest train in the world. It is Chinese and reaches almost 500 km in an hour: it is the CRH380A, a jewel of high-speed rail. It is one of four train models designed to travel at 380km / h on the newly built Chinese lines.

The train of the future. It's called Hyperloop will be the train of the future. This is the project of a new super-fast transport system that can travel at speeds twice that of a Concorde: 1200 kilometers per hour.

The most beautiful train in the world. It is the Bernina Express panoramic train: in four hours it takes travelers from Tirano, through Sankt Moritz to Chur. The red train passes over 196 bridges and viaducts, 55 tunnels and galleries, with a total height difference of 1.824 m and slopes of up to 70 per thousand.

The most dangerous train in the world. The Chennai-Rameswaram Route in India is considered the most absurd train in the worldo , due to the strong wind it is a very slow and dangerous train, especially when it crosses the Pamban Bridge.

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