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    Record hotel: the oldest hotel in the world in Japan

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    On the slopes of Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, rises a very special hotel: Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan. This hotel is not only the oldest in Japan, but the oldest in the world, since it is open for 1310 years that is since 705 and has so far earned the Guiness of Records as the oldest hotel.

    Undoubtedly on the outside the Keiunkan is an example of the classical Japanese architecture, but inside the hotel is equipped with every comfort and marries the oriental tradition with modernity. The hotel's website, in both Japanese and English, shows what the qualities of this are very ancient structure.

    Without a doubt, the six thermal baths Keiunkan is equipped with represent a classic element to immerse yourself in the most ancient Japanese culture, given the beneficial effects that the waters have always had on the mind and body, and the structure has four outside and two inside. The rooms, on the other hand, are very modern and spacious, equipped with every comfort, from TV to air conditioning.

    Certainly what makes the property even more special is the place where it was built: Hayakawa, at the foot of the Mount Fuji. In this region, nature lovers can appreciate the beauty of lakes, caves e waterfalls that characterize the famous Five Lakes region. To observe the various lakes in the area more quickly, tours are organized upon reservation mini cruises lasting about thirty minutes: the peculiarity of the boats used is that the bottom is glass so that passengers can admire the depths of the lake's waters.

    Yet this region is not only famous for its natural beauty, but also because it represents the cradle of the oldest Japanese culture, which has always captured the attention of visitors with its timeless charm. In the area, and in particular in the city of Fuji-Yoshida, there are ancient museums and sanctuaries and the most famous, that of Kitaguchihongu-Fuji-Sengen-jinja, it was built precisely to ask the divinity for protection from the eruption of the volcano.

    Furthermore, for the more sporty, staying at the Keiunkan is a starting point for climbing the Mount Fuji, an experience as much loved and symbolic as it is arduous, despite the numerous paths that make the climb easier. In about six hours you should already reach the summit, but the harsh climate of the place makes the climb practicable only in late summer. In fact, the mountain is open from 1 July to 28 August.

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