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Every person in the world belongs to two categories: there are those who have a tenacious and optimistic character and those who have a negative vision of life. It happens to everyone to face delicate situations but it is the solution approach that changes depending on whether you are part of one or the other "faction". All this is well known, but how many of you know that it is possible to find out in which cities and places the incurable chronic pessimists are concentrated?
Since 2012, analyzes have been periodically conducted on the degree of happiness of Italian users active on Twitter. There is in fact a real coefficient called iHappy, that measure the happiness of tweets published by the people. Through this index it was possible to draw up one ranking of places with the highest concentration of disgruntled users, melancholy and distressed. The results gathered from these studies have provided interesting indications.
In fact, it seems that the big cities were on average more unhappy than the smaller ones. Genoa and Cagliari between the cities, Puglia and Emilia-Romagna if we consider the regions: these are the happiest places in Italy.
If you are an optimist by nature you will certainly not be impressed by these data, but if happiness for you is a utopian dream, we advise you to keep away from these cities: here are the 5 saddest provinces of ItalyEtc.

5 - Venice

Degree of happiness: 48,2%
In fifth place the most beautiful city in Italy with a percentage of positive tweets of 48,0%.
Evidently the romantic city atmosphere is not enough to make the life of the inhabitants happy.

4 - Imperia

Degree of happiness: 48,0%
A higher position we find the Ligurian town of Imperia. Here, too, the iHappy coefficient did not exceed the threshold of 48 percentage points. Surely the disheartening data does not help to lift morale ...

3 - Padua

Degree of happiness: 45,9%
With a percentage of just 45,9 happy twitts, the beautiful city of Padua takes the third step of the podium. It doesn't matter if the inhabitants can benefit from the marvelous Prato della Valle, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. To underline the fact that two of the saddest cities of the "beautiful country" are located in the Veneto, will it be a coincidence?

2 - Nuoro

Degree of happiness: 45,8%
Are you still convinced that good weather determines people's happiness? Try asking the inhabitants of Nuoro, a sunny city in central-eastern Sardinia that ranks second.

1 - Aosta: the saddest city in Italy

Degree of happiness: 44,2%
According to the iHappy degree of the tweets published and analyzed, the saddest city in the nation is Aosta. So avoid moving to the capital of the Aosta Valley if you are particularly melancholy and unhappy types.

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