Top 15 Ranking of the Richest Cities in Italy (2022)

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Which is the richest city in Italy?

Have you ever wondered which Italian cities are home to the highest income earners in Italy? We have also asked ourselves this question and, analyzing some statistical data on the net, we have compiled a ranking of the richest cities in Italy. Italy has always been divided in terms of wealth.
In terms of earnings, the city of Milan is the richest city in Italy has always been in first place, followed by Monza Brianza, Bologna, Lecco, Parma and Bolzano. As for the South, the most important tax returns are filed in Naples, which, however, ranks 48th in the national ranking (it was 42nd in 2010).
To compile this ranking we based our analysis on the average per capita income declared by citizens living in more than eight thousand Italian municipalities.
Let's discover together which are the richest cities in Italy according to the latest available data.

15 - Pieve Ligure (GE), Average income: 36.100 €.

The ranking is opened by a Ligurian municipality that, based on the analysis of the Regional Observatory of Crafts, is also the "richest" city in the province of Genoa, but not only. Pieve Ligure remains in the first position also with respect to the entire Liguria region. The average income tax recorded is 36,100 €.

14 - Baldissero Torinese (TO), Average income: 36.233 €.

This is the first Piedmontese municipality and of the province present in this ranking, others appear a little higher. The income declared in the province is higher than that of the regional capital. In fact, in Turin, the average income per capita is 23,000 euros.

13 - Arese (MI), Average income: 36,918 €.

Arese is one of the 25 Milanese municipalities in the ranking of the 100 richest in Italy. Just 13 kilometers from the Lombard capital, it is a thriving city that has its own territory. the largest shopping center in Europe, recently inaugurated.

12 - Luvinate (VA), Average income: 36.935 €.

The ranking shows how, for the province of Varese, the "paperoni" reside in the Varese Lake and around the capital, those who declare the least are the citizens of the extreme north of the province.

11 - Milan, Average income 37.309 €.

Milan is the first and only regional capital to appear in the top 15 richest municipalities in Italy. The country's hardest-working city, which has always been synonymous with work and turnover, does not seem to have suffered the effects of the crisis in recent years.

10 - Pecetto Torinese (TO), Average income: 37.453 €.

Another municipality in the province of Turin opens the top ten of the ranking. Well 29 Piedmontese municipalities, more precisely in the province of Turin, appear in the top 50 positions, eight are in the province of Novara, six others are in the province of Biella, three in the province of Cuneo, two in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola and one each for Vercelli and Alessandria . No municipality of Asti is included in the ranking.

9 - Vedano al Lambro (MB), Average income: 37.540 €.

It is the only town in the province of Monza Brianza to appear in the top 15, although Lesmo is in 24th place and Monza in 29th.

8 - Campione d'Italia (CO), Average income: 37.687 €.

Campione d'Italia is located in Swiss territory but is a small Italian town. Located just 7 km from Lugano, it has just over 3000 inhabitants. It is known for the presence of the famous Casino but also for some important tax exemptions, many consider it in fact a tax haven. The inhabitants of this municipality in the province of Como can take advantage of the positive effects of the Swiss customs regime and currency. Even if the residents of Campione have to pay Italian taxes (among the highest in Europe!), they can count on some concessions such as the reduction of the IRPEF, regulated by a special provision in the Italian law.

7 - Segrate (MI), Average income: 38.055 €.

This town in the Milanese province reconfirms itself in the top ten, most of its taxpaying citizens (about 12 thousand people, out of a total of 20,619) have between 10 thousand and 33,500 euros of income. There are not few citizens who can be considered more than rich, in fact, 1,178 earn more than 100 thousand euros.

6 - Lajatico (PI), Average income: 38.132 €.

Lajatico, in the province of Pisa, is the richest town in Tuscany. The reason? Perhaps it is the income of its most famous citizen, the tenor Andrea Bocelli, which raises the average.

5 - Torre d'Isola (PV), Average income: 38,487 €.

The average income of this town, which has just over 2,300 inhabitants, is one of the highest in the province of Pavia. The curious thing is that, on average, each inhabitant of Torre d'Isola declares 38,000 € per person, almost the same as the average per capita income of the United Arab Emirates!

4 - Pino Torinese (TO), Average income: 41,041 €.

No one would think that in Pino Torinese, in the province of Piedmont, the presence of villas with swimming pool and luxury cars can be so high. Instead, in this town of 8,500 inhabitants, well 351 declared an income over 100,000 €.

3 - Cusago (MI), Average income: 43.213 €.

Cusago is a small town in the province of Milan, more precisely in the western area in the hinterland of the Lombard capital. It has almost 4,000 inhabitants and, together with the other municipalities of the province, contributes to make Lombardy the richest region in Italy, with an average of almost 23 euros.

2 - Badia Pavese (PV), Average income: 44.400 €.

Badia Pavese is the second richest municipality in Italy and the first in the province of Pavia. It is located between Chignolo Po and Pieve Porto Morone and has 421 inhabitants.

1 - Basiglio (MI), Average income: 52.279 €.

Although it is little more than a fraction, on the outskirts of Milan, Basiglio is confirmed in the first place in terms of average income per capita. How to explain the primacy of this municipality? The real estate project called Milano 3, developed between the seventies and the eighties by Silvio Berlusconi's company Edilnord, gave the town the opportunity to be populated by wealthy families.

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