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What is the rudest country in the world?

If we look for the rudest country in the world according to Wikipedia, we will not find any official data, as they are subjective data.

According to the rae, Real Academia Española, the rudest country in the world is Colombia, however our survey differs quite a bit from that study.

If you are wondering which is the rudest country in Latin America, and in the world, then keep reading this post to find out. To know the scope of this ranking and top of the rudest countries in the world we must define the meaning of the word rude, here it goes.

Here we leave you with the top of the rudest countries in the world 2021:

Congratulations to all Colombian! In spite of what one might believe, Colombia is not the most rude nation in the world. Surprised huh? Well, generally when it comes to negative records, Italy always wins the podium, but not this time!

Anyway, there is little to celebrate, we are still present in the top 10. Today we present the top 10 rudest nations and countries in the world, not only to themselves but also rude to tourists!

NB: The following list is the result of a survey which actively involved Community travelers. Over 10.000 users were asked to express their preferences, choosing the rudest country they have been to from a selection of over 100 countries. Here's what came out ...

10 - Turkey with 2.15% of votes is the tenth rudest country in the world

At the tenth position we find the Turkey. The survey carried out by the flight comparison site received 1200 responses and 2,15% of these saw Turkey as an inhospitable country.

9 - Italy, with 2.24% of votes, is the ninth rudest country in the world

Indeed Italy and Poland (in eighth position) had the same percentage of negative votes, however for patriotic spirit and national pride we decided to reward our nation by placing it in ninth place. So, according to the logic of the rankings we are a little less rude than the Poles.

8 - Poland, with 2.24% of votes, is the eighth rudest country in the world

We don't want the Poles; as anticipated, they are in eighth place. Also there Poland it was cited among the nations with the least polite people. But mind you, this is not a good reason to give up visiting it!

7 - Spain, with 3.15% of votes, is the seventh rudest country in the world

As far as the Spanish, I'm sorry to see them in the rankings. They are a people with typical Mediterranean features, generally kind and sunny.
Spaniards are a bit like southern Italians: people are not exactly the best in education and they need to get to know each other a little before revealing their absolutely helpful character.

6 - The U.S., with 3.39% of votes, is the sixth rudest country in the world

- USA remain out of the top 5, and this in my opinion is a surprise. When they travel the world, Americans always manage to be recognized, for their excessive vivacity and for their generosity. When they receive tourists, however, they are not very tolerant and decidedly grumpy.

5 - China with 4.3% of votes is the fifth rudest country in the world

The fifth position belongs to China. It is a country rich in traditions, with over 5000 years of history behind it, but with abysmal cultural differences compared to Western countries. The Chinese are not very hospitable to foreigners and have a suspicious attitude towards those who speak their language in an approximate way!

4 - Germany, with 9.93% of votes, is the fourth rudest country in the world

Wooden medal to the Germany. It's amazing how historically the "Krauts" manage to attract the antipathies of the whole world ...
They are flawless travelers when visiting other countries, but not as polite in hosting foreign tourists.

3 - The United Kingdom with 10.43% of votes is the third rudest country in the world

english people, considered among the most rude tourists, they do not seem to have a royal attitude even when they host foreigners.
Not surprisingly, with about 10% of the votes, England is on the third step of the podium.

2 - Russia with 16.56% of votes is the second rudest country in the world

In second place the Russia, which received over 16% of negative opinions. Not to justify them, but it is possible that some attitudes may be perceived as rude due to cultural differences. For example, in the Russian language, friendly expressions are not often used, which is why when translating a sentence from Russian into English, it may sound unpolite to an English speaker.

1 - France, with 19.29% of votes, is the rudest country in the world

It will be a very bad French habit, it will be an absolutely anti-sporting behavior, but when you don't win you can't help but enjoy the defeats of others! This time the negative record goes to the cousins French. Rude and arrogant in the collective imagination, they actually seem to be towards tourists.
Pride is a characteristic of Parisians, and they often tend to be as rude to themselves as they are to foreigners.
Wanting to break a lance in their favor, it is said that outside of Paris (and the big cities in general) people tend to meet nicer people ...

What is the meaning of the word rude? What words are rude?

To determine which words are rude we must know what is the definition of this, and for this we will rely on the definition of R.A.E.

According to the R.A.E., Royal Academy of the Spanish language, grosero refers to a person lacking education or delicacy. We can define different uses of this word as we refer to rude customs, since it is characteristic of the rude person. Said of a thing, of ,to the taste, example rude images. Of poor quality or unrefined (coarse porcelain).

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the rudest country on the planet? France has the rudest inhabitants, according to a survey made by the specialized tourism site For Travel Advice Lovers, among ten users of the European Community.
28 may two thousand twenty-one

Colombia was the best South American country on the list, ahead of Chile, which fell one place to 31st place; Brazil, which rose three places to 32nd place; and Mexico, which advanced seven places to thirty-third and twenty-eighth place in September 2001.

The British have been voted third most rude people on the planet with ten percent of the votes.
The award comes just a few months after the British were also voted the worst tourists on the planet.
3 Apr two thousand twelve

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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