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Visiting an aquarium is an experience that remains indelible within each of us, young and old. In Italy we have one of the most important aquariums in the world, theGenova's aquarium: but what other wonderful aquariums exist on our planet? Let's scroll through the ranking to see the 15 most beautiful aquariums in the world!

15 - Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan

  • Where it is: Okinawa, Japan
  • Dimensions: 10.000 cubic meters of water

Established in 2002, this aquarium has one of the largest tanks in the world: it is the Kurushio Sea, made up of 7 and a half million liters of water. In all, the aquarium consists of 77 tanks. Sharks and whales are kept together with other fish species.

14 - uShaka Marine World, South Africa

  • Location: Durban, South Africa
  • Dimensions: 17.500 cubic meters of water

Built with the appearance of a wreck of a ship, offers a unique atmosphere: it is possible to eat underwater and the seabed is rich in tanks. The aquarium hosts many different species of shark.

13 - Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China

  • Where is it located: Shanghai, China
  • Dimensions: 4.900 cubic meters of water

This aquarium features a underwater tunnel as long as 155 meters where visitors can walk to admire marine species. But what makes this aquarium unique is the presence of numerous endangered species originating from the Yangtze River, including the Yangtze crocodile and giant salamander.

12 - Monterey Bay Aquarium, USA

  • Location: Monterey, California
  • Dimensions: 8.000 cubic meters of water

Opened in 1984, it hosts more than 35.000 animals about 630 different species, making it one of the best equipped aquariums in the world. But what animals are there? Everything: whales, sharks, tuna, sea otters, jellyfish, sardines.

11 - Oceanografic, Spain

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Size: 42 million liters

We move to Europe, in particular to Valencia. In the center of the city of arts and sciences, in a decidedly impressive futuristic complex, is the Oceanografic, which houses marine creatures from 3 ecosystems: Arctic, Antarctica, Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the largest aquarium in Europe.

10 - Turkuazoo, Turkey

  • Where is it: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Dimensions: 7.000 cubic meters of water

Aquarium opened in 2009 and located inside the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall. It is divided into different zones: tropical seas, flooded forests, rainforests. They find home there 10.000 marine animalsi.

9 - Aquadom, Germany

  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Size: 1 million liters of water

The Aquadom is located inside the Radisson Hotel of Berlin, and it is decidedly particular: the aquarium has in fact one cylindrical shape, 25 meters high by 11 meters in diameter. They live around here 2.600 specimens. There is also a transparent elevator that slides to the right of the cylinder.

8 - Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

  • Where it is located: Genoa, Italy
  • Dimensions: 6 million liters of water

After the one in Valencia, the Genoa aquarium is the second largest aquarium in Europe. Located in the ancient port of Genoa, it was opened in 1992. In total they are hosted there 15.000 animals di 400 different species. Twice a day tourists can experience the thrill of dolphin meal.

7 - Georgia Aquarium, USA

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dimensions: 40 million liters of water

Opened in 2005 thanks to a large donation from a private individual, the Georgia aquarium is divided into several sections, including the splendid one Ocean Voyager largest tub in the world with 24 million liters.

6 - The Deep Aquarium, Great Britain

  • Location: Hull, England
  • Dimensions: 2,5 million liters of water

Smaller in size than the others listed so far, the Deep Aquarium is, however, one of the most impressive. Hosts 7 varieties of shark species and over 3.500 different types of marine animals.

5 - Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center, United Arab Emirates

  • Where is it located: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Dimensions: 10 million liters of water

Among the most beautiful aquariums in the world stands out that of Dubai, a city that has invested heavily in recent years to become an international tourist destination. The aquarium accommodates over 33 thousand marine animals belonging to 85 different species.

4 - Marine Life Park, Singapore

  • Where it is: Sentosa, Singapore
  • Dimensions: 45 million liters of water

Tourist attraction divided into two parts: on the one hand there is the SEA Aquarium, on the other the Adventure Cove Waterpark. The aquarium is enormous in size: with its 45 million liters, it was the largest in the world before the Chinese one arrived. You are accommodated over there 100.000 marine animals.

3 - Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji Islands

  • Location: Private Island of Fiji
  • Size: n / a

This aquarium goes beyond all classical canons: it is in fact a luxury hotel built in the waters of the Fiji Islands, with panoramic windows that allow you to admire marine creatures. The cost? $ 30.000 for a week.

2 - Oceanário, Portugal

  • Where is it: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Dimensions: 8 million liters of water

One of the most popular aquariums in Europe is the one in Lisbon, inaugurated in 1998. The large central tank hosts species that live in the open ocean. The building is located on the banks of the Darsena, in the Parque das Nações, the area that hosted Expo '98.

1 - Two Oceans Aquarium, South Africa

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Dimensions: 2 million liters of water

South Africa again in our ranking, even in first position: we are talking about the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, opened in 1995. The location is very special: the aquarium is in fact right where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean join. In the various didactic itineraries, young and old can admire species from the two different oceans.

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