Ranking of the most Polluted Cities in Europe in 2021

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It is now known how harmful pollution is for the well-being of people and for this reason in recent times control of the air, water and land has become essential for many countries.

Unfortunately, there are many people who every year develop cancer and respiratory diseases precisely because of the high levels of PM 10 (fine dust) and PM 2,5 (even finer dust, which manage to overcome the barrier of pulmonary alveoli and then enter the bloodstream).
Numbeo has compiled a list of the most polluted cities and among the criteria analyzed are air quality, access to drinking water, waste management, noise and light pollution and much more. Unfortunately, some of these places belong to our beautiful Italy and in 6th place is Naples, 11th Turin, 14th Milan and 15th Rome.
Here are the top 10 most polluted cities in Europe in 2021!

10 - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - pollution index 70.01

For some years now, the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina has been one of the most polluted cities in Europe, the values ​​for fine dust in the air are very high and smog is constant.
Unfortunately your position inside a basin between hills and mountains it does not help air circulation and when it is not raining and there is no wind the smog remains all in the city.
Furthermore, traffic and coal-fired heating worsen the situation and more and more people blame breathing problems, heart and blood diseases.

9 - Krakow, Poland - pollution index 71.11

In ninth place is the Polish capital.
The causes are to be found in industries, fueled by coal for years which is the same fuel that generates electricity and domestic heating.
It is then often placed side by side with plastic and waste and burned in antiquated boilers.
For some years it seems that the government of the nationalist right is taking note of the problems e it is shaping a more ecological conscience.

8 - Bucharest, Romania - pollution index 74.88

It is the capital and commercial hub of Romania, and has very high levels of pollution... just think that in recent months it has reached a level of 263 ug / m3, when the WHO guidelines say it should not exceed 25 ug / m3.
The blame is placed on the fires and the burning of waste, but its eighth position among the most polluted cities is also due to the high levels of dirty citizen, allair and water pollution and little availability of green areas.

7 - Ekaterinburg, Russia - pollution index 76.86

It is the main one industrial center of the Urals and it is the fourth most inhabited city in Russia.
A city with a high index of air pollution, where there is inaccessibility of drinking water, where there is dirt on the streets e absence of green areas.
In recent years, many citizens have taken to the streets protesting against the government that does not deal with environmental policies and is turning the country into a landfill.

6 - Naples, Italy - pollution index 78.43

The capital of Campania, known for its beauty, unfortunately also has a negative record: it is in 6th place of the most polluted cities in Europe and is in first place among the Italian ones.
In some districts, such as the historic center and the Port area, the air quality is very bad and dirt and clutter are also quite harmful.
Citizens also complain about the presence of few green spaces and non-drinking water.
The result is that every year premature deaths from pollution are on the rise and they are also causing economic damage to health care.

5 - Dnipro, Ukraine - pollution index 82.38

It is the third most populous city in Ukraine, and has been living for several years wrapped in a blanket of smog, the air is unbreathable yet the citizens seem little worried about the situation.
To the pollution of the air is added that of the soil, water and the problem of waste disposal which cause thousands of deaths and unfortunately underestimated ecological damage.
They also have a heavy role fire that release sulfur, lead and heavy metals, all substances that can cause very dangerous diseases and even be fatal

4 - Skopje, North Macedonia - pollution index 83.36

The Macedonian capital is in fourth place, however it seems that the problem is neglected for most of the year and only when winter arrives does the population realize how much smog suffocates cities and inhabitants.
Poor air quality it is primarily caused by the microparticles of PM10 and PM 2,5 which penetrate deeply into the body causing respiratory, heart, oncological problems.
Among the main sources of pollution are combustion processes, transport and waste collection.

3 - Tirana, Albania - pollution index 83.36

The capital of Albania ranks 3rd as citizens and governments have little sensitivity towards waste management and the most ecological forms of energy.
In addition to the air pollution caused by old cars, industries and the use of fossil fuels, thenoise pollution has reached very high levels.
The inaccessibility of drinking water and the availability of green areas worsen the situation even more and every year too many people are dead or sick from smog.

2 - Chelyabinsk, Russia - pollution index 88.42

Capital of the homonymous region, the city has about 1 million inhabitants and is famous for its many tank companies.
In this location you breathe acrid air that tastes of smog and chemicals, visibility is often reduced and you are shrouded in perennial fog.For years, environmentalist associations have been fighting to prevent the construction of a huge copper processing plant that would cause even more pollution for the deforestation that would ensue and for contamination of the Shershnev basin.

1 - Tetovo, North Macedonia - pollution index 97.33

E' the most polluted city in Europe, the Macedonian locality on the border with Kosovo where due to a PM 2,5 per cubic meter of 81 micrograms. People are advised against cycling more than two hours a day.

The cause of the pollution is to be found in one combination of elements, such as mold, dirt, diesel soot, wood smoke, coal and metal that come produced by industries, from transport still very old-fashioned and combustion processes.
Also adds to all this theabsence of green areas, the availability of drinking water and the dirt and disorder in the city.

Classification criteria

The ranking is based on the data collected by Numbeo on the Pollution Index. The value is the result of the following pollution indices:

  1. Air quality
  2. Access to drinking water
  3. Water pollution
  4. Waste management
  5. Public perception of cleanliness and order
  6. Sound and light pollution at night
  7. Presence of public green
  8. Degree of discomfort in experiencing the city due to pollution

The Pollution Index, however, attributes greater weight to the items concerning air and water pollution and less to other indices such as noise pollution and the degree of discomfort of the population.

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