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Inequality, obesity, immigration, unemployment: these are just some of the hottest "plagues" in society and spread all over the world. But how much does the population know about these topics? Or at least, how interested is he?
A recent survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, one of the most authoritative research centers for the UK and Ireland, shows how culturally developed nations such as the Belgium fall within the top 10 positions of the special ranking of the most ignorant countries in the world since the population does not know the basic factors or is not at all informed about these very important issues.
But let's scroll down the ranking: you will have more than one surprise ...

10 - Italy

Our beautiful country is also part of this ranking: one thing we can't exactly boast about, but it is undoubtedly little knowledge of the truth regarding the issues of immigration, obesity, religion, etc.
In Italy, respondents believe that:

  • in their country there are 26% of immigrants, while the reality is 9%;
  • 35% of people do not recognize themselves in any religious faith, while atheism is widespread only at 12%.

9 - Argentina

Even in Argentina there is great confusion on the subject ofreligious affiliation: the same values ​​of Italy, the same wrong perception. The Argentines are also very wrong on percentage of immigrants. Here's the answers:

  • they think the level of atheism is 35%, while in reality it is 12%;
  • they think that in their country 30% are immigrants, while the real percentage is 5%.

8 - South Africa

South Africans think that the average age of people in their country is 43, but do you know what the real number is? 27 years on average! Incredible, right? Yet just look around and observe your compatriots ...

7 - Belgium

Belgium is a country that tends to underestimate the problem of obesity: the population believes that this disease afflicts a much lower percentage than the real one ...
Also to the question "out of 100 people between 25 - 34 years, in your opinion how many still live with their parents?"they didn't go very well ... Here are the answers:

  • The population thinks that only "36% of people are obese, while the numbers show that 53% of Belgians are;
  • the sample interviewed thinks that only 34% of people between 25 and 34 years old live with their parents, the real answer is 17%.

6 - Colombia

Colombians don't have much knowledge of theirs political representatives, especially on the percentage of women in power ... Poor knowledge even ofaverage age of their compatriots!
Respondents believe that:

  • 37% of political representatives in Colombia are women, but only 20% are female;
  • the average age of Colombians is 41 years of age, while the real value is 29.

5 - New Zealand

On obesity theme, the New Zealanders do worse than the Belgians. Instead, they overestimate the presence of people aged 14 and under!

Here's what they replied:

  • they think that the problem of obesity affects 47% of the population, while the national figure is 66%;
  • they think the country is populated by 33% of under 14s, while the correct answer is 20%.

4 - Peru

The Perà has one very low percentage of immigrants, but what does the population think? There is also little knowledge on the subject of life in rural areas... Here are the results!

  • The percentage of immigration in Peru is only 0,3%, the interviewees think it is 21%;
  • Peruvians think that 47% of their compatriots live in the countryside, but the correct answer is 22%.

3 - Brazil

Even the Brazilians apparently they know little about their politicians, and here too the problem is the pink odds. Brazil wins the ranking with regards to perception of under 14s: that's what they think!

  • they think that 18% of their political class is made up of women, while the pink shares are only 10%;
  • The under 14s, according to the interviewees, represent 39% of the population against the real figure of 24%.

2 - India

India ranks first for the estimate of number of women of working age actually employed. But the Indians are also wrong about the number of how many out of 100 people have internet connection: here's the answers:

  • Out of a sample of 100 respondents, Indians think that 41% of women of working age are actually employed, while only 25% are;
  • Indians think that 60% of the population has an internet connection, but unfortunately only 19% have one.

1 - Mexico

And here we are at the top of the ranking of the most ignorant country, Mexico: Mexican respondents are confused about how many are atheists and how many are immigrants ... let's see!

  • The Mexicans they think 35% of the population is atheist or agnostic, but the truth is that only 5% are;
  • compared to a real figure of 1%, they believe that as much as 22% of the population is made up of immigrants. Who goes to explain that they have one of the lowest immigration rates in the world?

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