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When we are in our city and we move to go to work, to university, to school or to any other place, we are used to walking on paved roads, secured, checked and with all the necessary signs to avoid problems and accidents to the minimum. But not everywhere it is like this: there are very dangerous roads in the world, where too many people lose their lives every year. The factors are different: road conditions, where they are, carelessness of drivers, complete lack of rules or weather conditions.

Are you ready to discover them with us? Here's one ranking of the most dangerous roads in the world!

20 - Passo Stelvio, Italy

Let's start this ranking from a road in Italy: it is a stretch of the SS38, the road of the Stelvio Pass. We are located in Northern Italy, on the border between Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy, within the Stelvio National Park in the Ortler Alps.

This surely is one of the most winding roads in the world: its 2,7 km are characterized by many very narrow and tortuous hairpin bends, the highest point of which reaches 2.757 meters.

19 - A44, United Kingdom

We are now moving to the UK. Here is the A44, a road linking Oxford, England, with Aberystwyth, Wales, on the English east coast.

In itself it is not a dangerous road like the others you will find later or like the Stelvio Pass, but unfortunately it is scenario of many car accidents, especially frontal. There are so many incidents that the British government has had to intervene to find a solution.

18 - A683, England

We always stay in the UK. Here is another dangerous road, the A683, which runs through the north of England through the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Even this street is apparently very quiet, nothing to do with the others in the ranking. But, like the A44, it is a road that has every year too many road accidents, with hundreds of deaths.

17 - Arica to Iquique Road, Chile

We are now traveling overseas to fly to Chile, in the northern part of the country. Here we find the Arica to Iquique Road, a scenic road that connects the two Chilean towns and is about 300 km long.

Again, the road is not the most difficult and offers wonderful views, with landscapes that are constantly changing. But this is precisely the problem: motorists take the road under their breath, get distracted, admire the views, have an excessive sense of safety and all that. leads to terrible accidents, mainly caused by speed and distraction.

16 - Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China

Let's jump back to another continent, the Asian one, which we will meet several times in this ranking. We are located in China, in the southern part of the country, in correspondence with Tibet. Here is the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a dangerous road that runs for 2.142 km at the foot of the various Himalayan peaks.

This is a road with a high number of hairpin bends and requires a lot of attention from the drivers. But what is more a risk factor are the meteorological events, which cause landslides and avalanches.

15 - Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

We return to Europe, but this time we move to the center of Greece. Here is a road as beautiful as it is dangerous! We are talking about the Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, which connects the two small Greek towns of, in fact, Patiopoulo and Perdikaki.

Does Costa make this road one of the most dangerous in the world? Without a shadow of doubt its precarious condition: it is a dirt road, in some places very narrow, without guardrails. On rainy days, as there is no asphalt or safety devices, the ground becomes really slippery and dangerous.

14 - A726, Scotland

Let's go back to the UK, but in this case to Scotland, in the northern part. Here, not far from Glasgow, is the A726, a seemingly normal road, like the others in the UK.

So what is it that makes it so dangerous? L'high number of accidents that happen every year, especially frontal accidents. The reasons are various, such as the distraction of the driver captured by the beauty of the landscape or the high speed.

13 - Highway to Hell, Alabama (USA)

A name is a guarantee and from this point of the ranking we will meet several names that are reassuring to say the least. In Alabama, in the United States, there is the Highway to Hell, in Italian the highway to hell. Exactly, it corresponds to the section of US Route 431 that runs through the state.

In this section, more than from the road itself, the real danger is represented by many road intersections, where priority is often not given and there are terrible accidents. All along the way you will notice photos and flowers left in memory of here he lost his life. Therefore, maximum attention, especially to how they lead others.

12 - Luxor-Al-Hurganda Road, Egypt

We arrive with the first, and only, road of the ranking which is in Africa. We are in Egypt, in the western part of the country. Here is the Luxor-Al-Hurganda Road, that is the stretch that connects the town of Luxor to Hurghada, a well-known seaside resort on the Red Sea.

Here the danger is not represented by natural and climatic reasons or carelessness of the drivers as on other roads, but by little security when traveling at night. Here, in fact, when it is dark, people travel with their lights off for fear of attacks by bandits.

11 - Fairy Meadows Way, Pakistan

We fly to Pakistan, where the th most dangerous road in the world is located. Be careful though, the name can be misleading! We are talking about the Fairy Meadows Way, where fairy in Italian is translated as fairy and meadow as meadow, but this stretch is anything but a fairy meadow!

It is a very narrow street and dangerous, without barriers or safety tools. About 10 km long, it leads to Killer Mountain, the name by which the Nanga Parbat mountain is usually called.

10 - Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

We completely change landscape and territory and arrive in New Zealand, where the Skipper Canyon Road is located. More precisely, we are located in the southern part of the country, near the town of Queenstown, where the Skippers Canyon is located.

This road is so dangerous and twisted that you have to walk along it you will need a real permit! It is in fact absolutely forbidden to go here without having obtained this certification. It is a very narrow road, without guardrail, with the rocky wall on one side and the overhang on the other. And if you get permission to drive here, pray that someone doesn't come from the other side!

9 - Halsema Highway, Philippines

Let's go back to Asia, this time to the Philippines. In the northernmost part of the country, rich in rice terraces and spectacular landscapes, is the Halsema Highway, a dangerous road that leads to Sagada, a famous tourist resort for its terraces and for the particular vertical cemetery.

This road is dangerous for the very precarious conditions where it is located: at an altitude of 2.000 meters above sea level, it "climbs" on the mountain ranges, where there are numerous landslides and rock subsidence mainly due to meteorological events.

8 - Pasubio, Italy

And after the Stelvio Pass we return to Italy, again in Trentino, for what is defined as the ninth most dangerous road in the world. We are talking about the Pasubio, a mountain massif in the province of Trento, on the border with the province of Vicenza.

Here the road, also called the road of the 52 tunnels, crosses the southern slope of the Pasubio and, due to the conditions and the danger, some sections have limited access to vehicles! For this reason, here you will mainly find cyclists taking the risk to admire some of the most beautiful views that Italy has to offer!

7 - Taroko George Raod, Taiwan

It's time to go back to Asia again, to the small island nation of Taiwan. In the northern part of the country, within the Taroko National Park, is the Taroko George Road.

The Taroko National Park develops around the homonymous gorge, it follows that the road built here is the most dangerous in Taiwan, as well as the seventh in the world. It is in fact characterized by a very narrow road, with many blind and sharp curves.

6 - Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Let's go back to China for another dangerous, but very spectacular, road. We are talking about the Guoliang Tunnel Road, in the eastern part of the country, about 200 km from Zhengzhou.

From the name you can already understand the main feature of this road: the presence of continuous tunnels carved into the rock to create the road and connect the town of Gouliang with the rest of the world (the village was previously completely isolated). The view is wonderful, but the paths have been carved into the mountains, creating very narrow and very dangerous roads.

5 - Himalayan Road Network, Himalaya

The top 5 opens with the Himalayan, a very famous mountain range in South Asia, on the border between Nepal and Tibet. Here is the highest mountain in the world, Everest (8.848m). Here there is no real road to indicate, the whole road system is really dangerous.

The danger of the place is due to the precariousness of the roads and, in most cases, of the poor quality of construction work. Forget asphalted and safe roads: here you will find dirt roads, no guardrails, very narrow sections with many blind spots. This is one of the reasons why you should always visit the Himalayas with a guide and never alone.

4 - The Highway of Death, Brazil

And even in this case, as they say, a name is a guarantee! We are in Brazil, where the BR-116 is located, the second longest road in the country, which runs vertically, from north to south, in its eastern part.

Here every year very many people die and the reasons are different: first of all the accidents are due to one bad road maintenance, secondly, on this long stretch there are frequent attacks by bandits, both at night and during the day. Absolutely to be avoided.

3 - James Dalton Highway, Alaska

And here we are at the top 3. We move to Alaska, one of the most remote places on earth. And here, in its central part, is the road that won the third most dangerous road in the world: the James Dalton Highway, also called Alaska Route 11. 666 km long, it reaches the northern coast of the country.

Its danger is given above all by the remote location where it is located: here for hundreds of km you will find nothing, only unspoiled nature and, at times, even dangerous! The road is full of potholes and disconnected sections and the strong wind raises debris and dirt making it almost impossible to drive.

2 - Killer Highway, Philippines

For the second place in the ranking we go back to the Philippines is the killer highway. Its real name is Commonwealth Ave and it's a 12,7km highway. Contrary to all the other streets in the ranking, this one is not in the middle of mountains or in desolate places, but in the heart of the Philippine city of Quezon City.

What makes it the second most dangerous road in the world is thehigh number of accidents that occur in this section. Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, no difference. This is due to the total lack of rules and no intervention by the police to control the situation and perhaps direct traffic.

1 - Road of Death, Bolivia

And finally here we are in the first position, occupied by the road of death. We are located in Bolivia, in the western part of the country about 60 km from La Paz, and the real name of this road is North Yungas Road. About 56 km long, it connects the territory of La Paz to Coroico.

Most of this street is characterized by narrow road, without any kind of security, with the rocky wall on one side and the overhang on the other. Often trucks and buses overturn and fall on the open side, either through inattention or senseless overtaking! From La Paz there are several bike tours to explore this road, our advice is to think twice!

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