Ranking of the best countries to be born and live in 2021

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Do you think Italy is the worst country in the world? Or do you think that the Bel Pese is a great place to live and raise children? Whatever your point of view ... know that places in the world where you are better and others where you are much worse! Which? Let's find out together: here the best countries in the world to be born and live in!

Best countries to be born in

The English weekly The Economist, has developed two surveys in order to classify the best countries to be born in. The first was carried out in 1988, the second (most recent) in 2013. This latest analysis included data from 80 different countries. Each nation has a total score (on a decimal basis) calculated by taking into account factors such as the cultural backwardness index, GDP, growth prospects, inflation, cost of living, population literacy level and expectations of life, and others. The analysis allowed the creation of a ranking (with relative world map) that determines the best countries to be born in in the 21st century. Below is the top 30.

Ranking of the countries where you live best in 2021

But what is the best country to be born and live in today? American company every year US News & World Report tries to answer this question through the important publication "Overall Best Countries Ranking". This is a survey that collects the responses of over 20.000 entrepreneurs and citizens (from over 30 different countries) called to evaluate 80 nations based on 75 parameters such as quality of life, economic influence, political / economic power, level of education, eco-compatibility and others. Below is the latest updated ranking.

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