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There is something more romantico of a sunset? Some are unforgettable, especially when admired as a couple. It is a splendid natural phenomenon, beautiful to observe anywhere on the planet, especially near ponds or particular reflective surfaces. But have you ever thought about taking a trip to get lost in the colors of the sky at dusk? We offer you a top 20 where you can capture fairytale views immersed in a particular magical light.

20 - Paris, France

A kiss in Paris in front of a magnificent sunset? Pure romance! The places to admire it are many and all wonderful.

19 - Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

It is a city park on the border with the historic center. Much of it is made up of a forest with an estimated half a million trees. Some of them reach 70 meters in height. It is almost entirely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and includes numerous rivers and lakes. An unforgettable sight.

18 - Santa Monica, California, USA

Immortalized in countless films and TV series, it is now a familiar panorama to anyone.

17 - Ailsa Craig, Uk

The undulation of the waves prolongs the beauty of the natural phenomenon on this uninhabited Scottish island.

16 - Svalbard Islands, Norway

A magical panorama awaits you in this Norwegian region. In fact, thanks to the phenomenon of the midnight sun, it never falls from April 19th to August 23rd. Svalbard is an archipelago of the Arctic Ocean and is the northernmost inhabited land on the planet.

15 - Willis Tower, Chicago, USA

The sunset on the 110th floor of this skyscraper is amazing! A must to photograph thanks to the Skydeck balconies, cubic windows built entirely of glass. Don't miss taking an image of your feet or deceiving those who view the photo: you will seem suspended in the sky while the city lights up with the typical colors of dusk.

14 - Ventimiglia, Italy

The magic of the sunsets of the whole city area that reaches the famous Balzi Rossi, on the French border and candidate to be among the new Unesco Heritage, is considered among the most beautiful in the world. Would you have ever imagined it?

13 - Sahara Desert, North Africa

Climb to the top of a dune and contemplate the sun bathing the immense expanse of sand in red light.

12 - Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, Uk

A sort of return to the dawn of humanity. This Unesco World Heritage Site with its magical and mysterious charm has resided in the County of Wiltshire since time immemorial.

11 - Key West, Florida, USA

A unique experience in Key West! Every day Mallory Square, the main square, attracts thousands of visitors: stalls, street performers and people of all kinds enjoy the show.

10 - Zanzibar, Tanzania

An unforgettable moment, with the light that slowly colors the sea with new shades while the fishermen's feluccas slowly sail.

9 - Rome, Italy

In the Eternal City it is literally unmissable! It can be admired from different points, but the most loved place is certainly the Janiculum. From its large terrace it is possible to enjoy a beautiful panorama.

8 - Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Who said that to admire a spectacular sunset it is necessary to be in an exotic location or in the middle of nature? The Grand Place of the Belgian capital, with its richly decorated gilded palaces and the Gothic Town Hall is one of the most sumptuous in Europe. A fairytale show.

7 - Ayers Rock, Australia

One of the most famous rocks in the world, endowed with a unique magnetism! Uluru, as the aborigines call it, is the huge red monolith of Kata Tjuta National Park. Lost in the middle of the bush, it is visible from tens of kilometers away.

Its intense red color changes spectacularly during the natural phenomenon, taking on shades of purple.

6 - Venice, Italy

Could romantic Venice be missing from this ranking? The setting of the sun on the Serenissima is a particularly magical moment.

5 - Phang Nga Bay, Phuket, Thailand

Phang Nga Bay, about 60 kilometers from Phuket Airport, is one of the pearls of Thailand. Waiting on the beach to see how orange turns blue and finally blue is an enchanting sight.

4 - Maasai Mara, Kenya

It is a nature reserve, famous above all for its splendid safaris. The most magical moment is certainly when the sun sets, setting the savannah on fire and making it an almost unreal place.

3 - Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

The appointment is on the hill of Shirley Heights. On the terrace of the ancient fort, from which the British lookouts signaled the approaching ships, watching the sun set over the bay is something enchanting.

2 - Angkor Wat, Cambodia

An incredible vision, suggestive to say the least! Angkor Wat is a Khmer temple, part of the larger Angkor archaeological site. Wonderful!

1 - Santorini, Greece

Here the sunset is so beautiful that it is experienced as a real ritual that is repeated every day. The island is one of the small Greek paradises and here the light at dusk is something exceptional. To be able to grasp it until the last minute, tourists and locals gather around the church of San Nikolaos of Oia, on the edge of an impressive crescent moon cliff.
When the last ray of sunshine arrives to illuminate the sky, there is a long applause. The sea, after slowly turning pink, sinks into the blue of the night and the island lights up with small lights and candles. A fascinating atmosphere, where the orange solar sphere plunges into the Aegean Sea, reflecting its magnificent colors on the white houses. Enchanting!

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