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The sunrise show is truly one of the most evocative that Mother Nature can offer us. The first rays of the sun that flood the earth, emerging from the sea or between two mountain peaks, among the ice as in semi-unknown lands, always manage to surprise us, to fascinate us, to capture us.
What, however, are the most beautiful "greetings from the sun"? Here is ours ranking of the most beautiful sunrises in the world!

20 - Black Sea, Romania

Le Romanian shores of the Black Sea can offer not only the opportunity to spend low-cost holidays, but also to immortalize in your mind (and with your camera!) one of the most breathtaking sunrises that the whole world can offer. Soft colors, lively and absolutely warm, ranging from pink to slightly accentuated red and orange shades illuminate the shore, the waters and the entire beach.

19 - Svalbard Islands, Norway

In the mysterious Svalbard Islands, pearls of Norway, sunrise and sunset almost merge. There are no clear boundaries between daytime and nighttime hours, because the locality is considered, among those inhabited, the northernmost in the world. This allows you to witness a more unique than rare moment, with a riot of warm colors that blend with the whiteness of the Scandinavian glaciers.

18 - New York, USA

The city that has become the ideal set for internationally successful films and TV series boasts the presence of acinematic dawn to say the least. Americans call it Manhattanhange, paraphrasing the famous Stonehenge, to highlight the peculiarity of a phenomenon that occurs especially in late May and mid-July: in these particular dates the sun, rising, rises in the middle of the roadway, illuminating the streets of Manhattan with its rays, giving the lucky spectator an Oscar show.

17 - Haleakala, Hawaii

Il Hawaiian volcano Haleakala allows the visitor to experience, once in the vicinity of its crater, a paradox that alone is worth the entire visit to the area. Although its name literally means "house of the sun", to witness a sunrise surrounded by large and white clouds near the volcano, it is necessary to wear waterproof equipment very similar to that of astronauts, since on Haleakala there are really cold temperatures, often below zero.

16 - Tulum, Mexico

In Tulum the sun is seen almost as a deity. The natives usually get up before sunrise, to reach the beach and welcome, together with the "loyal" of this mother star, to the first rays that color the shore, the suggestive ruins of the Maya of Zama and the ocean of a very hot orange. A special event that, every year, attracts thousands of believers and simply curious.

15 - Punta Palascìa (Otranto), Italy

It could not be missing in this exclusive top 20 the first dawn of Italy, visible from the famous Punta Palascìa lighthouse, in Otranto, that is the easternmost point of the Bel Paese.
A true spectacle of nature, the rising of the sun on the sea waters offers a riot of lights, shades and colors truly unparalleled. The inhabitants of Otranto have even dedicated an event to the town and its extraordinary naturalistic show, which takes place on December 31st, called "Alba dei Popoli".

14 - Ganges River, India

It seems to be immersed in gold on the banks of the Indian river Ganges, where the sunrise radiates in all its power over this immense stream. A moment to be immortalized, which offers moments of amazement, but which also pushes us to contemplate with open mouth the wonders that our land offers us, without pretensions.

13 - Great Wall, China

Having the opportunity, once in your life, to visit the Great Wall of China it already represents a privilege. But witnessing the first rays of the sun that, softly, kiss one of the most important attractions of the "yellow continent" is to be considered a real fortune.
It is a show to be immortalized and to do so the advice is to reach the Wall a few hours earlier and carefully select the best point from which to take the photo of one of the most beautiful and indelible moments in the world.

12 - Taveuni Island, Fiji

The Fiji archipelago is known for offering tourists not only crystal clear sea and pristine beaches for a dream vacation, but also breathtaking sunrises, for those who have the patience to get up early in the morning.
The early rising will surely pay off, especially if you opt to say good morning to the world on the banks of theunspoiled island of Taveuni, also known under the pseudonym of garden island. For diving lovers, the advice is to admire the sunrise underwater and let yourself be carried away by the chromatic mix created by the red and orange corals that meet the golden rays of the sun, after having "broken" in the water.

11 - Rome, Italy

The capital lives moments of rejoicing and fall, gripped by numerous problems (as, sadly, the national news testifies every day), but capable of offering tourists and inhabitants real dream views.
Try, for example, to observe thesunrise over Rome, the sun kissing legendary monuments such as the Coliseum or Janiculum; pause for a moment on the Lungotevere, to observe how the rays color the water, reflecting on it: is there perhaps a similar spectacle in other cities?

10 - Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

They call it the "roof of Africa" ​​and climbing it has always been the dream of every expert hiker. Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, offers a glimpse of the aurora that cannot be compared to other aurora seen so far. If you have the opportunity, one day, to climb the summit, you will have the most unique honor, at the first light of dawn, to admire the "repainted" mountain of shades of pink and purple, the same shades that the sky and the surrounding clouds take on at sunrise: a moment of contemplation, where man comes into contact with nature in the most intimate and, in some respects, transcendental way.

9 - Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

In the famous Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, visitors can witness a double show: the rising of dawn and, in the background, the evocative silhouettes of the local fauna, very rich and varied, ranging from elephants, giraffes and fearsome felines.
This is, in fact, the ideal time for the animals of the savannah to find their own food.

8 - Antarctica

L'sunrise in Antarctica it is not such a predictable phenomenon, indeed. Precisely for this reason the show proposed before the eyes of the entranced visitor (and, it must be said, very reckless, given the severe temperatures raging in the Antarctic Polar Circle!) is to be considered a unique phenomenon of its kind. When the first light of dawn peeps timidly among the white glaciers, the whole sky is tinged with warm, very warm pastel colors; the shades are those of red and pink and are capable of giving warmth even in one of the coldest areas of the entire planet.

7 - Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge is already a legendary place in itself, which seems straight out of Tolkien-worthy fantasy books. If we add the spectacle of dawn to this almost mystical scenario, then the result can only be cinematic.
The sunrise in the extraordinary English location offers the best of itself especially in the solstice period, when the entry on the scene of the sun lines up with the stone trilith that made the area so famous.

6 - Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

You know the movie "The tea in the desert"? The atmosphere given by the dawn in Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum it's really similar. Red sand, yellow sun, clear sky, silhouette of camels in the background: you can't help but be delighted by the "good morning" offered by this "other universe" present on the globe, which was set for a recent film dedicated to Mars.

5 - Galàpagos Islands, Ecuador

If your dream is to witness a sunrise that you will hardly be able to forget (maybe hugging your sweetheart!), Then you can only give in to the charm ofarchipelago of the Galàpagos islands. This grouping of volcanic islands in Ecuador it reveals all its splendor when the first rays of the sun "kiss" it, bringing out the bright colors of the sea and the local flora.

4 - Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

The sun that kisses Egypt paints the wonderful Pyramid of Giza with its warm shades, with shades ranging from yellow to orange. A moment, suspended in time, to be lived in total contemplation.

3 - Grand Canyon, Arizona

The sunrise over the majestic Grand Canyon offers a noteworthy range of colors. The sun's rays, touching the rocks of the natural location, give them an enviable variety of colors; this spectacle can be admired from different points of the canyon, including the very famous one Bryce Canyon's Sunrise Point.

2 - Cappadocia, Turkey

How to turn a pleasant habit into an authentic show. It happens in Cappadocia, a town in Turkey known for offering its visitors a truly unique and unrepeatable opportunity: admire the sunrise from above, aboard one of the colorful hot air balloons overlooking the area, for an unprecedented experience.

1 - Palawan, Philippines

It is universally believed the most beautiful island in the world the "wild" Palawan, in the Philippines, which now holds another very important title: that ofmost beautiful sunrise in the world (enjoyable off El Nido Miniloc Island). Varied and luxuriant vegetation, clear sea, almost unexplored beaches, rocky mountains have made this "jewel" one of the most popular destinations for tourism; the suggestive dawn proposed, filmed and immortalized by tourists and natives with this short but intense game of warm colors that involves the sea, the sky and the earth, can only contribute to the popularity of Palawan, with the hope that this corner of paradise on earth remains uncontaminated, despite the passage of "civilized" man.

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