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Snorkeling, or the sport that consists ofmarine observation with the naked eye, is growing in popularity not only in Italy, but all over the world. It is an easily practicable activity that does not require great physical preparation or particular equipment, if not fins, mask and snorkel: in short, it takes very little to admire the splendor that populates our seabed. Let's find out the ranking of 20 places to snorkel.

20 - Plaza Sur, Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands hide truly incredible wonders, including the Sea lions. To see them, we start from the city of Puerto Ayora (on the main island, Santa Cruz) and take a boat to Plaza Sur: once there, we dive into the splendid crystal clear waters and, surrounded by these cute animals, we start snorkeling.

19 - Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands

This is one of the few places where you can swim with one of the ocean's most unusual inhabitants: the Nautilus pompilius, famous for the shell much sought after by collectors. Snorkeling is the perfect activity to admire it.

18 - Big Island, Hawaii

Why not snorkel with the sea ​​turtles? Have you never thought about it? This Hawaiian island lends itself well to emotions of this type: it is in fact one of the best places to see green sea turtles, attracted by the movement of the water which stimulates the growth of algae.

17 - Bimini, Bahamas

The more you dive freely, the more you have the chance to encounter the wild dolphin typical of these areas. The best time to organize snorkeling is the summer, as the waters are shallow and the sea is calmer.

16 - Norman Reef, Australia

This great barrier reef represents one of the most sought-after snorkeling destinations worldwide: full of some of the most beautiful species of tropical fish e giant clams, Norman Reef is the most spectacular part of the entire reef.

15 - Seychelles Islands

Archipelago consisting of over 100 islands and located off the coast of Kenya, offers some of the most beautiful places in the world for snorkeling. The best way to explore the marine life of the Seychelles islands is to book a boat trip with a guide who can take you to the best snorkeling spots.

14 - Safaga, Egypt

There are many places recommended for it snorkeling in the Red Sea, and Safaga is perhaps the most spectacular of these: among the less crowded tourist areas, it is possible to admire magnificent specimens of marine fauna and flora. A short distance away are the famous pyramids of Egypt.

13 - Bonaire, Caribbean

Bonaire is a must when visiting the Caribbean, and it also offers great opportunities from a snorkeling point of view: the waters are very healthy and there is awide range of tropical fish deserving to be observed.

12 - San Blas, Panama

The San Blas Islands are an archipelago made up of almost 380 between islands and atolls (but only about fifty are inhabited). In San Blas there is also a small airport: once you arrive there, you can choose an accommodation near the crystal clear sea and start snorkeling!

11 - Aigua Xelida, Spain

Not an easy place to find, but really worth a visit for anyone who is keen on snorkeling: just ask the local population and you will be directed to the right place for sure. Located near Palafrugell (Catalonia), this cove is a reserved and intimate place, with crystal clear water and a beach that tends to be crowded in the morning and fairly quiet in the afternoon.

10 - Ao Sane Beach, Thailand

Ao Sane Beach is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Phuket, in the southwestern coast of Thailand. After parking on the hill and descending towards the sea, you can start snorkeling in crystal clear water and with a abundant marine fauna. Attention: for snorkelinkg there are no rental facilities, so you must bring your own equipment.

9 - Bay Island, Honduras

Here you can find one of the most beautiful and particular coral reefs of the whole Caribbean sea: this makes these islands an ideal place for those who love snorkeling. OceanicSociety.org offers expeditions and tours to show the most suggestive places.

8 - Ustica Island, Italy

Main location for Italian snorkeling, the island of Ustica combines the splendor of the sea with history: the waters contain ancient finds, dating back to different eras, which make the sea of ​​Ustica a real underwater museum.

7 - Cane Bay, Virgin Islands

Cane Bay is located in a very windy area in the northern part of St. Croix. Snorkeling is possible to admire large tropical fish, acropora palmata and other wonderful types of marine flora and fauna.

6 - Jervis Bay, Australia

Maritime area of ​​over 39 square miles, located on the southern shore of New South Wales, Australia. According to statistics this area has the whitest beach on the planet: ideal for snorkeling, offers many accommodation options and various related sports activities.

5 - La Barraca Cove, Spain

Located in the south east coast, this is the ideal place for have fun with the family and practice intense snorkeling. Access to the beaches is very easy and there are several tourist attractions around.

4 - Manus, Papua New Guinea

Manus is the smallest province of Papua New Guinea, both in terms of territory and population, and is endowed with a sea full of life and with splendid coral reefs. The province is made up of a group of islands, known as the Admiralty Islands, and from some mostly abandoned atolls.

3 - Montego Bay, Jamaica

One of Montego Bay's most popular beaches for snorkelers is Doctor's Cave Beach. The waters are warm and there are small ones near the coast coral bottoms where the fish love to stroll amicably.

2 - Stingray City, Grand Cayman

This location is very well equipped for snorkeling: there are several companies that offer rental material e guided tours. Particularly nice to observe the seabed when the waters are not crowded with tourists: you will discover some truly wonderful places ...

1 - Sun Flower Reef, Fiji

Accessible by boat, this one coral barrirera is the size of three football fields. The water is absolutely clear, to the point that the photos taken during the snorkeling phase seem to have been taken in the open air.

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