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If it is true that there are rather welcoming prisons, where inmates can take advantage of comforts such as television, rooms to cultivate hobbies, ping pong tables, good food with large portions, it is also true that they still persist today. prison facilities called "Hell on earth": and pay attention to prejudices, because looking at the ranking of the worst prisons in the world you will find that many of them are located in undemocratic countries and in which the processes are known not to be totally fair.

15 - Stanley Prison, Hong Kong (China)

Built in 1937, this prison is one of six Hong Kong maximum security facilities. It was the site of numerous executions of the death penalty, before its abolition in 1990. During the Japanese occupation, Stanley Prison was also a place of torture and execution for over 600 Japanese inmates.

14 - Montelupich Prison, Krakow (Poland)

Among the worst Nazi prisons in Poland, was widely used by the Gestapo during the Second World War to house political prisoners, deserters and British and Soviet spies: it is estimated that from 1940 to 1944 over 50.000 prisoners passed through it, medieval torture methods were applied during interrogation. After the Second World War this place became a Soviet prison, with many Polish soldiers murdered and tortured.

13 - Central Prison, Vladimir (Russia)

Built in 1783, this prison has become famous for hosting numerous political prisoners during the Soviet Union period. Today the prison is super crowded and infested with disease; Furthermore, the guards practice sadistic abuse of inmates.

12 - Kamiti maximum security prison, Nairobi (Kenya)

Situated on over 1.200 acres, this maximum security prison has gained notoriety due to the squalor in which prisoners live: sodomy, malnutrition, cholera, ulcer unfortunately these are situations on the agenda.

11 - Butyrka Prison, Moscow (Russia)

The one of Butyrka it is the largest transit prison in Moscow, and it is known for its brutality: currently living a huge overcrowding problem, and in the summer it turns into an oven with the spread of diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis.

10 - Petak Island Prison, White Lake (Russia)

Russian version of the much better known Alcatraz, this prison facility guarantees isolation because of its location in the White Lake, and lends itself to host the most dangerous prisoners. The psychological deterioration here is devastating: the prisoners live in isolation cells without toilets or showers, and they are surrounded by freezing water and snow.

9 - San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima (Peru)

Known by many as the toughest prison in South America, was built to house 2.500 inmates albeit today almost 7.000 prisoners live there: they are not separated, but roam the facility, free to commit murder or other acts of violence.

8 - Rikers Island Prison, New York (USA)

Beatings, stabbings and brutal treatment they are the norm for this American prison: there are sad episodes of mutual violence between prisoners and guards. In particular, this prison is famous for its cruel treatment of inmates with mental problems, who are often driven to suicide.

7 - San Quentin Prison, California (USA)

This prison is the oldest in the Californian state; opened in 1852, it has hosted both males and females. In 1930 there were episodes of corruption, with inter-racial clashes even encouraged by the guards. It is currently the prison where it is performed the highest number of executions for men.

6 - La Sante prison, Paris (France)

The name says it all: "sante" in fact means "health", but this prison has very little to say hello: prisoners are forced to live in deplorable conditions, in overcrowded cells and in the company of mice and lice. In short, a place capable of making anyone lose their mental balance; not for nothing there are dozens of suicides every year.

5 - Alcatraz, San Francisco, California (USA)

Certainly could not miss in this special ranking the famous Alcatraz prison, also called "Devil's Island": built in 1920, it was designed to make escape quite impossible, with a total loss of contact with the outside world. Closed in 1963, Alcatraz is now open for tourist visits, but beware: it is said that the spirits of some inmates roam inside the huge structure ...

4 - Diyarbakır Prison (Turkey)

Prison among the most sadistic in the world, experienced numerous episodes of violation of human rights: this prison was notorious for its high frequency of physical and mental torture. Currently the prison is closed, and many are asking for it to be transformed into a museum, reflecting the numerous abuses.

3 - El Rodeo prison, Guatire (Venezuela)

During the presidency of Hugo Chavez they were accommodated up to 50.000 inmates inside this prison, two thirds of which before even receiving a judgment. In 2011 there was a bloodbath between rival gangs, which led to a siege that lasted about 1 month.

2 - Carandiru Prison (Brazil)

Place of sad 1992 Carandiru tragedy, where there were riots that led to amass execution of prisoners, this prison has become known for its very high number of deaths: 1.300 in 46 years of history. The prison was closed in 2002 thanks to the intervention of Amnesty International, the organization promoting numerous campaigns following the report of the serious violation of human rights.

1 - Camp 22 (North Korea)

And here we are at the top of our ranking of worst prisons in the world: the sad record belongs to Camp 22, concentration camp activated in 1965. The complex is huge, and houses about 50.00 inmates, mainly political prisoners, often locked up with their families. Although the information on this place of detention is not entirely verifiable, it seems there are many testimonies of brutality experienced by those who passed through here: many detainees would have been subjected to moments of extreme torture or even a episodes of human experimentation. However, there are also those who belittle the value of such testimonies, considering them exaggerations as the result of US anti-North Korean propaganda.

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