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It is no secret that there are places in the world where it is better not to go, but have you ever wondered what it is?

Obviously during a trip common sense must never be lacking and it is always necessary to have some precautions wherever you go, but certainly knowing right away which destinations to avoid helps to avoid at least part of the risk.
Personal safety and safety is always first, so we have prepared for you below, relying on the well-known Numbeo database whose theme is the quality of life (both in economic and safety terms), the ranking of the 15 most dangerous cities in the world.

NB: The following ranking is based on data collected by the well-known international site Numbeo, regarding the perceived level of crime. A crime index was calculated for each city: crime levels below 20 are considered as "very low", crime levels between 20 and 40 as "low", crime levels between 40 and 60 as "moderate" ", the crime levels between 60 and 80 as" high "and finally the crime levels above 80 as" very high ".

15 - Memphis, Tennessee, USA

There are many factors that make this city one of the most dangerous in the world, but most of all crime for profit. Unlike the luxury we are used to when it comes to US cities, Memphis is one very poor city, a factor that affects over a quarter of its population. This leads to robberies, thefts, muggings, kidnappings for extortion and anything that can bring money into the pockets of the locals, whether at the expense of other wealthy locals or poor tourists visiting the city.

14 - Trinidad and Tobago

They are wonderful Caribbean islands with paradisiacal beaches, but let's remember that not all that glitters is gold! In fact, the other side of the coin must also be revealed.
Port of Spain is the capital of the two islands, located in Trinidad, whose areas, especially peripheral, are very risky for tourists that after a day of sun and relaxation on the beach would like to have fun.
We are therefore talking specifically about the evening and night hours, with unlit or signposted streets that certainly do not help. The drug trafficking ranks first among the factors that make the city dangerous, but for what concerns the visitors we point out above all pickpockets, assaults, thefts, robberies and also a good part of financial fraud (in the case of stays for work or investment).
There is also the intrusion into apartments and villas rented to tourists. Hotels with a reception are therefore safer from this point of view! Unfortunately, there are also murders in the case of opposition to the episodes of violence listed above.

13 - Kabul, Afghanistan

It is the capital of Afghanistan, a state that has always been among the most dangerous places in the world due to notes wars and terrorist acts. In particular, in its main city it all began when the US invaded it. From then on, a succession of unpleasant events was unleashed for almost a decade from which an economic instability ensued that seems to see no way out, generating a high poverty rate which results in kidnappings, thefts, robberies and even murders in order to extort money.

12 - Porto Alegre, Brazil

It is only the first of the Brazilian cities on this list. Brazil is indeed known for its crime rate linked to thefts and pickpocketing that occur almost everywhere, but specifically in Porto Alegre, in the south of the country, attention must be paid higher than in other places.
Fortunately, all the police that you meet around make you perceive an atmosphere that is not exactly peaceful, but this mainly patrols the historic center and the main streets. The most frequent episodes are thefts, pickpockets and armed robberies, but especially in the peripheral areas. These they mostly take place near ATMs where a small booty is insured but also on public transport. Avoiding certain behaviors such as taking buses, walking around alone, being seen while picking up, and obviously not showing jewelry, cell phones and other valuables, can save the day and the vacation!

11 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It is located along the coast and is another place where you can be fascinated by beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, but unfortunately you must never let your guard down. Assault, armed robbery and home intrusion these episodes are growing year after year and always around the corner, especially at night. There are there to aggravate the situation corruption of the police and the judiciary which, in the specific case of tourists, certainly do not help, on the contrary, they tend a hand in favor of criminals.

10 - Salvador, Brazil

It is another destination that is not just beach, sun and relaxation. Here even having a carefree bath could turn into a problem, as they would leave their personal items unattended for a few minutes. The crime rate is in fact so high that even on the beach you have to stay always on the alert by street vendors and even children lurking in the hope of selling something.

Thefts and pickpockets are the most common episodes and for this reason it is advisable to avoid carrying valuables or too much cash. Sometimes the episodes also degenerate into murder, in the case of opposition by the tourist. There are to burden the situation drugs and a lot of prostitution, both factors that arise with insistence and arrogance.

9 - Recife, Brazil

Here, as in the two previous Brazilian cities already mentioned, thefts, pickpockets, assaults and robberies are the masters, but with an even higher rate. As in previous cases, street vendors, pushy children, prostitutes and drug dealers target tourists, resulting in unpleasant episodes of violence which often end with murder. The unfortunate thing is that the inhabitants themselves, especially the hotel receptionists, warn tourists by advising first never move on foot in the city and to always prefer taxis, an obviously inconvenient condition for a visitor who would simply like to enjoy their holiday, especially since such incidents occur equally both on the street and on the beach. Recife is still a city that is constantly patrolled by the police, but it is evident that this is not enough!

8 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best known cities in Brazil, but also one of the most dangerous in the country and in the whole world. Crime has all kinds of criminals as protagonists: pickpockets, robbers, scammers, kidnappers, drug dealers, prostitutes. All this inevitably due to the poverty in which the population pours.
Giving directions to follow would be superfluous as there are no safer or less safe places or times of the day. Of course, the night hours are those in which we are most targeted, but we must consider that even an event like the famous Rio Carnival, which should be pleasant and festive, can turn into a misadventure. As for the places, there is no accommodation, restaurant, shop, bank and so on that is not exposed to danger to the detriment of tourists!

7 - San Pedro Sula, Honduras

It is constantly on the list of the worst places in the world from a safety point of view.
There is a particular crime rate that counts as many as 170 homicides per 100.000 inhabitants, a figure that is very high for a city that is not a war zone. The main problems are related to gang wars which result in continuous shootings, kidnappings and murders, in addition to illegal drug and arms trafficking that these carry on under the eyes of all. The police are corrupt and pretend not to see, first of all not protecting the safety of the citizens themselves, let alone that of tourists! In conclusion in San Pedro Sula there is political instability, poverty and corruption.

6 - Johannesburg, South Africa

One of the main cities of South Africa. IS' among the most dangerous cities in the world and among the poorest in the country, where poverty has had a significant surge since 1990 and is still increasing today, continuing to generate crime. The most frequent episodes are the assaults, armed robberies, thefts and even carjacking (being robbed while stationary in the car). They are also the masters police corruption and passive acceptance by the inhabitants.

5 - Durban, South Africa

We stay in South Africa by moving to the coast, in one of the main cities and even more dangerous than the previous one on the list. Even here since 1990 they have had a significant increase discontent, violence and crime with a consequent increase in homicides as well. Thefts, robberies, home intrusions and vandalism of various kinds are episodes on the agenda, to the detriment of both inhabitants and tourists. In addition there is also in Durban a high level of corruption law enforcement.

4 - Pretoria, South Africa

It is a very dangerous city in South Africa. Contrary to what one might think, the homicide rate is not particularly high, however what contributes to placing the city in fourth place in this ranking are all other types of crimes and their annual total around 12.700 cases.
It ranges from robberies to rapes, ending in some cases with murder. Among the major concerns of locals, tourists and hotels themselves is thebreak into the house to be robbed, as it is often accompanied by violent assaults. Even in the case of Pretoria, corruption and poor law enforcement dominate this situation.

3 - Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

We are still in South Africa, in a city that apparently does not fit quiet neither at night nor during the day. Here, too, crimes have significant numbers and range from minor crimes such as small pickpocketing in the street to more serious ones such as rape, armed robbery, home intrusions and assaults that end in murder. Of the latter, the statistics show that since 2015 the cases are constantly increasing!
In Pietermaritzburg, unlike the other South African cities listed so far, no corruption is reported but not even particular controls by the police.

2 - Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

It is the capital of Papua New Guinea, a city where the population is constantly increasing, but also unemployment and poverty which led to a significant increase in crime.

Crime bears the name of Raskol, criminal gangs whose purpose is obviously to have income at the expense of other people, whether they are inhabitants or tourists. In this case we are not talking about the gangs we are used to seeing in American films, but about real criminals who go around armed with guns and machetes whose main activity is not drug dealing but robberies, home intrusions, thefts of all kinds and anything else that can bring money into their pockets. Obviously there is no lack of clashes between gangs with shootings and deaths on the street.

1 - Caracas, Venezuela

The Venezuelan capital has been in first place for years. The criminal activities that "give" this primacy are essentially two, drugs and homicides, but there is no lack of thefts, rapes and robberies. To understand why this first place, however, we need to take a look at the general situation of the country. Venezuela has been stuck in a situation for years economic instability for which you never see a light at the end of the tunnel and this is enough to give rise to the formation of bands, the latter always increasing with consequent hostility between the various, and episodes of street violence of all kinds. The homicide rate is 134 per 100.000 inhabitants, a frightening figure for such a populated city! The most worrying issue is that many cases remain unsolved, others are simply closed because they are considered the norm, as if they were not important. In short, to safeguard itself, Caracas is just a city from which to stay away.

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