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Aquariums have always been one of the main destinations for visitors. The reason is simple. Who is not fascinated by huge pools of water blue and various marine species to be admired? The experience of visiting an aquarium is unforgettable: in these places it is possible to enrich one's knowledge without giving up the charm of the spectacular! In fact, aquariums like the ones we are about to show you are not seen every day. There size of the tanks and the number of liters let us imagine the beauty of these aquariums. But be careful, the water volume measurement system changes depending on the country, so we have calculated ours top 15 based on liters (and not the gallons) contained by each aquarium. For a breathtaking visit, here is our ranking of the 15 largest aquariums in the world!

15 - Acquadom, 1 million liters

  • Location: Atrium of the Radisson Hotel, Berlin, Germany
  • Number of animals: 5.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 2.600

É one of the tallest aquariums existing, in fact it extends in the shape of a cylinder. Inside, a latest generation lift will make you 'navigate' inside the tub. A very special and suggestive tour!

14 - 'Le Navi' aquarium, 2.5 million liters

  • Where is it: Cattolica, Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • Number of animals: more than 3.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 400

This Italian pride includes 4 thematic itineraries: blue, green, yellow and purple. It is also possible attend meals of penguins, otters and prefino sharks!

13 - Acquarium of Western Australia, more than 3 million liters

  • Location: Perth, Western Australia
  • Number of animals: more than 4.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 400

If you are in the area, a visit to Australia's largest aquarium is a must! Inside, you can walk along a 98 meters long tunnel, which, being made of transparent material, allows you to live the experience of really feeling immersed in sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles and many other species! For the more courageous, it is possible, for a supplement, to make close dives.

12 - Ushaka Marine World, 4 million liters

  • Location: Durban, South Africa
  • Number of animals: 10.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 300

It is a real one water park which, in addition to the fun associated with swimming pools and dizzying slides, hosts the largest aquarium on the African continent. The shape of the building resumes that of an ancient wreck and makes the experience even more suggestive. Among the many activities, you can do snorkeling in a lagoon with 1500 fish. For shark enthusiasts, this aquarium has the largest variety of species in the world!

11 - Ocean Aquarium, almost 5 million liters

  • Location: Shanghai, Pudong District, China
  • Number of animals: 33.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 450

The aquarium has a pumping system that circulates ocean water, taken from Monterey Bay, inside the tanks. The research activity goes hand in hand with that of the aquarium, which, in fact, is located within a marine protected area. An area thus placed under protection, where, until 1984, there was a sardine canning plant.

10 - Monteray Bay Aquarium, 5.7 million liters

  • Location: Monteray, California
  • Number of animals: 35.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 623

This aquarium has 9 thematic zones. The main attraction is the transparent tunnel of 155 meters, which you can take to observe the specimens closely. An opportunity, too, to get to know many species endangered, whose care is one of the most important mission of the structure.

9 - Aquarium of Genoa, 6 million liters

  • Where it is located: Genoa, Italy
  • Number of animals: 15.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 400

Il third largest aquarium in Europe it is located right in Italy! With its 70 tanks, the structure reproduces marine environments of exceptional importance, such as those of the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean. The project bears the authoritative signature of Renzo Piano, which, in 1992, presented its idea of ​​a 'marine house' at the Expo.

8 - TurkuaZoo Aquarium, 6.8 million liters

  • Where is it: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Number of animals: 10.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 1.000

An 80 meter long conveyor belt will take you through the longest underwater tunnel in Europe. The special 270 degree angle guarantees a dream panoramic view, immersed in the most fascinating sea creatures. This wonderful public aquarium is located inside one of the largest shopping centers in Europe, the Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall. Hosts among the largest tiger shark specimens to the world, along with many other smaller and more fascinating species.

7 - The Blue Planet, 7 million liters

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Number of animals: 20.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 450

For those located further north, we recommend visiting the Danish public aquarium. One of the oldest aquariums in Europe, already present in 1939, in a suburban area of ​​the capital. In 2012 the specimens were moved to the new headquarters in Kastrup, a suburb of Copenhagen. The facility is divided into 5 thematic areas: rainforest, African lakes, evolution and adaptation, cold water and warm ocean.

6 - National Aquarium, 8 million liters

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Number of animals: + 17.000
  • Number of animal species: + 750

A spectacular exhibition of very important marine species for our ecosystem. An avant-garde project also allows you to visit a terraio of rain forest, placed on the roof of the building. For all-round nature lovers then!

5 - Dubai Mall Aquarium, 10 million liters

  • Where is it located: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Number of animals: 33.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: over 140

This aquarium is not only among the largest in existence, but is located inside the largest shopping mall on the planet! It holds the guinness world record for owning the largest acrylic glass panel in the world: a size of 33 x 8.3 meters guarantees a spectacular immersive view!

4 - Georgia Acquarium, nearly 38 million liters

  • Where it is: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Number of animals: + 100.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 500

We are close to the podium. And here could not miss this extraordinary aquarium which, being very large, houses more than one hundred thousand specimens! This is the only facility outside Asia where you can see specimens of whale shark, only taken when a study found they would be victims of Taiwan's irregular fishing. The aquarium is located in the center of Atlanta and precisely on a land granted, even, by the Coca-Cola Company. Hosts the largest vascha in the world, with 24 million liters!

3 - Oceanografic, 42 million liters

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Number of animals: 45.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 500

This is the aquarium largest in Europe! We are approaching the top: the numbers are rising and are truly record-breaking. 26 million liters occupy overtime dolphinarium 11 meters deep. The 'Ocean' section is made up of two pools joined by a 70-meter transparent tunnel. It is located within the City of Arts and Sciences and has an innovative system of communicating tanks, in which many marine habitats are reproduced. From record for the number of specimens. There is also a restaurant that will give you the feeling of have lunch at the bottom of the ocean.

2 - SEA Aquarium, 45 million liters

  • Location: Sentosa, Republic of Singapore
  • Number of animals: 100.000 specimens
  • Number of animal species: 800

We rise significantly by moving to an island in the city-state of Singapore. Here the liters contained are mind-boggling: 45 million liters of water in fact, they host 100.000 creatures. In short, those who intend to dedicate their next trip to the marine world will know where to land. Training programs on the subject are also offered to users and there is also the possibility of interact with some species. It houses the world's largest collection of mante, including a unique specimen of Manta Birostris. The gigantic dimensions of this structure allow to give accommodation to rare species, impossible to see elsewhere!

1 - Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, almost 49 million liters

  • Location: Hengqin, Zhuhai, People's Republic of China
  • Number of animals: + 15.000 rare fish and thousands of other species
  • Number of animal species: indicatively more than 500

With the inauguration in March 2014, the Chinese giant snatches the title of largest aquarium in the world! Here the concept of the aquarium has gone further: we don't just observe from transparent panels, but the activities vary. The park offers seven different themed water areas, and each symbolizes a different part of the sea. A rare polar 'water coaster' will amaze you, together with record-breaking transparent panels! It boasts the largest 5D theater of the world. In 2015 alone, 7,5 million visitors were registered. Not bad for a project costing nearly $ 5 billion!

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