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    Ranking of the 14 largest domes in the world

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    The dome is a form and architectural element widely used since ancient times: it is estimated that the first domes appeared even in the Mesopotamian era. Over the centuries domes have been built in different materials and for the most varied purposes: housing, defensive, embellishment. In past centuries, the dome was widely used in palaces or spa sites for affirm its superiority in terms of beauty and importance, while as regards the religious buildings the dome has played a essentially symbolic function, in reference to the rush towards the sky. In modern times, domes are used for different types of buildings and constructions, including sports facilities, museums, gardens, airports.
    Let's see together updated ranking of the 15 largest domes in the world.

    14 - Treasury of Atreus, Mycenae - Greece

    Also known as Tomb of Agamemnon, this amazing false vaulted domed tomb is one of best known funerary monuments of antiquity, and is located near the Fortress of Mycenae.

    • Height: M 13
    • Diameter: M 14,5
    • Features: built in masonry

    13 - St. Peter's Basilica - Vatican City

    St. Peter's Basilica is the largest of the papal basilicas of Rome, as well as the symbol par excellence of Catholicism and the Vatican City.

    Fu designed by Michelangelo and completed by Giacomo dalla Porta.

    • Height: M 133
    • Diameter: M 41,47
    • Features: built in masonry

    12 - Pantheon, Rome - Italy

    Temple dedicated to the deities, it is a circular building with a portico formed by Corinthian columns in front. In the course of the th century the Pantheon was converted into a Christian basilica, which allowed it to remain unharmed by the looting carried out by the Popes on the buildings of classical Rome.

    • Height: M 21,7
    • Diameter: M 43,4
    • Features: built in concrete, it is decorated with five rows of twenty-eight coffers.

    11 - Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence - Italy

    In the Duomo of Florence there is the famous Brunelleschi's dome, still the largest masonry dome ever built.
    Inside the dome are the frescoes of the Last Judgment by Vasari whose death was succeeded by Federico Zuccari.

    • Height: M 34
    • Diameter: M 45,5
    • Features: built in masonry

    10 - Devonshire Royal Hospital, Buxton - England

    Building also known as "Devonshire Dome", it is a building dating back to the th century signed by the architect John Carr. The dome was later added by another famous architect, Robert Rippon Duke. Currently it is home to the campus of the University of Derby.

    • Height: M 34
    • Diameter: M 46,9
    • Features: built in steel and covered with tiles

    9 - Hall of the Centenary, Wroclaw - Poland

    Historic building built in the early 1900s, it was erected to celebrate the 100 years of the anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. It is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is used for various sporting and musical events.

    • Height: M 43
    • Diameter: M 65
    • Features: built in reinforced concrete

    8 - Bojangles' Coliseum, North Carlolina - United States

    Nearly 9.000-seat arena construction began in 1953. When the building opened in 1955, it had the largest unsupported dome in the world.

    • Height: M 34
    • Diameter: M 101,5
    • Features: built in structural steel

    7 - Belgrade Fair, Belgrade - Serbia

    The Belgrade Fair, Pavilion 1 to be exact, was opened in 1957 and boasted the primacy of the largest dome from 1957 to 1965.

    • Height: M 30,78
    • Diameter: M 109
    • Features: built in prestressed reinforced concrete

    6 - Astrodome, Huston - United States

    Texas Sports Hall which can accommodate up to over 67.000 people. It is used for different types of events, not only sports but also musical.

    • Height: M 63
    • Diameter: M 195,5
    • Features: built in concrete

    5 - Mercedes-Benz Superdrome, New Orleans - United States

    New name of Louisiana Superdrome, it is a famous stadium inaugurated in 1975 after 4 years of construction.

    • Height: M 77
    • Diameter: M 207
    • Features: built in lamellar

    4 - Georgia Dome, Atlanta - United States

    Stadium with an imposing dome: when it opened in 1992 it was the largest domed structure in the world. The cost for its construction exceeded i 214 million dollars.

    • Height: M 82,50
    • Diameter: M 256
    • Features: made of Teflon and glass

    3 - Ōita Stadium, Ōita - Japan

    Also known as "The Big Eye", this stadium was built on the occasion of the 2002 world football championships in South Korea and Japan.

    Its capacity is about 40.000 seats.

    • Height: M 57,46
    • Diameter: M 274
    • Features: made of Teflon and titanium panel

    2 - AT&T Stadium, Arlington - United States

    This stage, formerly called Cowboys stadium, has a capacity of about 101 and an incredible dome-shaped sunroof.

    • Height: M 70
    • Diameter: M 275
    • Features: made of Teflon

    1 - Singapore National Stadium, Tanjong Rhu - Singapore

    And here we are at the building that currently holds the record for the largest dome in the world: this is the national stadium of Singapore, inaugurated in June 2014 with the aim of hosting different types of sports, as well as concerts and various events. The domed roof can be opened and closed in about 25 minutes.

    • Height: M 80
    • Diameter: M 310
    • Features: made of ETFE (ethylene teatrafluoroethylene), a polymer resistant to water and able to block the sun's rays.
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