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According to statistics, many people go to hotels to sleep or to stay there, but they leave with a few more items in their suitcase. Well yes: for some mysterious reason, even the most honest people often suffer from Arsenium Lupine syndrome when they reside in the hotel… Here you go Top 10 most stolen objects of desire in hotels.

10 - Towels and linen

The theft in the hotel par excellence! Easy to understand why: soft, fragrant, clean and even well folded. Towels and sheets seem to be very popular with hotel kleptomaniac guests. But someone also takes home pillows, pillowcases and blankets!

9 - Batteries and bulbs

Seriously?! It seems so… Many visitors take away with them the batteries of the remote controls and the lamps of the bedside lamps as a "souvenir".

8 - Books

Many hotels have a small library to delight their customers. Just like the real ones, they borrow books to spend some time immersed in reading without having to carry additional weight in their luggage. Too bad that many volumes are literally sold out ...

7 - Electric kettle

Not much used by us Italians, this object is instead often present in the kitchens of many foreigners. Who knows how many of these come from hotels ...

6 - Food and drinks from the mini bar

What a joy the mini bar in the room! A little happiness that lasts just the infinitesimal time to realize that its contents are not included in the price of the stay. Many prefer to ignore it and continue to be happy ...

5 - Curtains

Yes, they also take away the curtains from the windows ...

4 - Frames

But how are frames ?! Someone appreciates so much what frames images and photographs that they think of putting it in their own home.

3 - Crockery

On holiday, a knife can always be used: peel an apple, cut a sandwich, open a particularly well-sealed package… Yes, it's a pity that some people create a real service by making forks, spoons, steak knives and spoons disappear.

2 - Works of art

Pretty paintings, bizarre sculptures, interesting prints: "Honey, wouldn't they look good in our living room too? - I'd hang the landscape in our bedroom." Evidently similar dialogues take place in earnest in hotel rooms, as various art objects are literally stolen.

1 - The Bible

In the first place there is the best-selling book in the world. You can find it in many drawers of bedside tables in hotel rooms. Or maybe not, given that "only" 69% of English people admit to having packed one ... But wasn't one of the 10 Commandments really "Do not steal" ?!

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