Ranking of the 10 most Carnivals Beautiful and Famous in the World

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With its bright lights and colors, frenetic music and dancing, the euphoric collective vivacity and justified transgressions, the carnival is undoubtedly the maximum expression of the hidden human nature. But for those like us who think of nothing but the next destination, carnival is theideal opportunity for a trip to discover ancient traditions, for an experience to live full of fun ... Today we take you around the world to discover the most beautiful parties, important and famous here the 10 most beautiful and famous carnivals!

10 - Nice, France

Let's start from the tenth position where we find the beautiful French town. The celebrations of Nice Carnival are among the most spectacular on the planet.

  • When it starts: Approximately mid-February.
  • How long does it last: The celebrations take place over 15 days.
  • Because he is famous: During the days of celebration, parades are held with allegorical floats, street musicians and dancers. Particularly famous is the flower parade, during which thousands of colorful flowers are thrown onto the crowd.

9 - Panaji, India

Higher in the rankings are the celebrations in Panaji, the capital of the Goa district in India. This festival of lights and colors offers a unique show for everyone, young and old.

  • When it starts: Three days before Shrove Tuesday
  • How long does it last: Although the actual celebrations only last for three days, it takes several days to prepare for the holiday. All this allows the diffusion of a particular playful atmosphere that intensifies in a frenetic way until the eve of the carnival
  • Because he is famous: Dozens of floats and several hundred participants make the event a joy for locals and tourists. Every year a "King of Chaos" is elected, called "King Momo", who will have to preside over the celebrations.

8 - Notting Hill Carnival in London, UK

Notting Hill Carnival is an annual celebration that takes place on the streets of London's residential district. The tradition was imported from Trinidad in 1833, by black slaves who were forbidden from celebrating the carnival.

  • When it starts: The party starts on the last Sunday of August and continues the following Monday
  • How long does it last: Two days, the first dedicated to children, the second to adults
  • Because he is famous: It is one of the most popular street events, with about a million people who gather to dance dances and taste typical food of the Caribbean tradition

7 - Mardi Gras of New Orleans, USA

The USA also features in our ranking thanks to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

  • When it starts: Shrove Tuesday and the two weeks before it
  • How long does it last: The preparations for the party begin as early as January 6, and are hitting the top right at midnight on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday
  • Because he is famous: Over 750 people flock to the streets of the Louisiana city known as the home of jazz music. The season of parades and dances involves many people and on Shrove Tuesday the streets are invaded by purple, gold and green masks

6 - Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

The celebration of the carnival today takes place throughout the Caribbean, but originally it was the island of Trinidad & Tobago that started this tradition.

  • When it starts: The Monday before Ash Wednesday
  • How long does it last: Two days of fashion shows preceded by more than two weeks of celebrations and preliminary competitions
  • Because he is famous: The festival fills the streets with tourists and locals alike, who mingle with each other by taking part in incredible parades. All the people wear brightly colored costumes covered in sequins and feathers, and spend their days dancing to the percussive rhythm of the steel pan bands

5 - Quebec Winter Carnival, Canada

Quebec Winter Carnival is an explosion of fun, traditional food and sports.
In the beginning it was a stratagem devised by the inhabitants of the city to react to the harsh winter.

  • When it starts: It is celebrated in the first part of February precisely the two weeks before Shrove Tuesday
  • How long does it last: The celebrations last between 15 and 20 days overall
  • Because he is famous: With over 500.000 annual visitors it is one of the most popular winter events in the world. Night parades with allegorical floats, bands and many masks. Sporting events are particularly popular, including canoe competitions and dog sled races

4 - Cologne, Germany

Wooden medal for the Cologne Festival, symbol of German celebrations.

  • When it starts: The week leading up to Shrove Tuesday
  • How long does it last: About six days. On Thursday women go wild in parties dedicated to them, on Sunday there are a series of minor parades and on Monday the main parade takes place
  • Because he is famous: Attracts more than a million annual visitors interested in seeing the huge and irreverent allegorical floats with caricatures of national and international politicians

3 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Many believe that Tenerife is second only to Rio in the ranking of the most beautiful carnivals. We don't think so but we certainly recognize its importance by assigning it a very dignified third place.

  • When it starts: The week before Ash Wednesday
  • How long does it last: The demonstrations take place over two weeks, but the main events are concentrated in the second, the one immediately preceding Ash Wednesday. The main procession (Coso) is staged on Shrove Tuesday
  • Because he is famous: The celebrations are a riot of music and colors thanks to the spectacular murgas, forms of street theater that involve over 100 street groups made up of musicians, dancers, actors and extras. But the main events that made the celebrations extremely popular is the awarding of the "Queen of Carnival" crown.

2 - Venice, Italy

What makes the Venice carnival special? It's all a matter of traditions, secular social customs characterized by refined disguises and gala parties.

  • When it starts: Two weeks before Ash Wednesday
  • How long does it last: The events related to the carnival are distributed over a period of about 20 days. However, the actual celebrations take place in the last two weeks
  • Because he is famous: Of all it is the most fascinating festival, linked to ancient traditions, and involves millions of people every year who flock to participate in public and private events

1 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio Carnival is the most famous in the world. Probably every straight male has fantasized at least once in his life about the possibility of finding himself involved in tantalizing dances between beautiful Brazilian samba dancers ...

  • When it starts: 40 days before Easter
  • How long does it last: Four days, from Saturday to Tuesday. The two main parades take place on Sunday and Monday. The opening ceremony takes place on Friday instead
  • Because he is famous: It is estimated that around two million people a year flock to the streets of Rio to watch shows and parades. About 200 samba schools are involved and over 300 musical bands

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