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In the contemporary world the boundary between beauty and horrid is often blurred. In fact, nowadays there is very little between the construction of a masterpiece and its opposite. It often happens that too the best architects, armed with noble intentions, produce opprobrium that not even the most cynical mind had been able to conceive. When this happens there is no way out, you end up right in the ranking of the ugliest buildings in the world.

10 - Private building, Beijing

  • Year of creation: 1998
  • Features and curiosities: this building is located on top of a 26-story building

The construction of this private villa, caused quite a stir. The residents of the palace were not happy with the villa, they feared that its weight could cause the structural collapse of the palace. But the owner, who had spent over six years building the house, was not of the same opinion.

9 - Epi Apartment, Seattle

  • Year of creation: 2013
  • Features and curiosities: it seems that the architect who conceived this construction developed the idea following the vision of his son who was playing with buildings of a well-known brand for children

If you are trying to guess the purpose of the metal shapes on the side of this building, I tell you right away that they were built for aesthetic purposes.
It is now up to you to decide whether the structure enhances or destroys the charm of the building.
Fremont is considered to be one of the busiest and most eclectic places to live in Seattle due to its funky shops, restaurants and markets.

8 - Royal National Theater, London

  • Year of creation: 1976/1976
  • Features and curiosities: the building consists of 3 rooms, with a total capacity of about 2500 seats.

E' one of the UK's premier theaters. It is located in the Lamberth neighborhood of the South Bank area. This concrete barracks, known in the city for the importance it holds from a cultural point of view, is talked about above all for its ugliness: a feature that makes it unique in its kind.

7 - Geisel Library, San Diego

  • Year of creation: 1970
  • Features and curiosities: unusual feature of the library is that the lower levels are numbered 1 and 2, and the upper floors numbered 4 to 8. This has given rise to several fanciful explanations why the third floor is apparently isolated

Can one library, place of culture par excellence, to be so ugly. It seems so. The Geisel is California's premier university library and is also the logo of the University of San Diego. Studied all over the world to be an excellent example of Brutalist architecture.

6 - Chang Building, Bangkok

  • Year of creation: 1991
  • Features and curiosities: it is also called the Elephant Tower, because the design resembles the silhouette of an elephant

La Chang Building is a mixed-use facility located in one of the most populous districts of Bangkok. Inside there are offices, residential apartments, suites and shops for shopping, a bank and a post office.

5 - Aoyama Technical College, Tokyo

  • Year of creation: 1997
  • Features and curiosities: It may seem absurd, but the creator of the project was awarded the first prize at the prestigious International Design Competition in Japan in 1988, for the construction of this building

What this construction really is and what the architect drank before its design no one can say exactly.
Designed by Watanabe Sei, the building Aoyama Technical College it is an example of post-modern Japanese architecture, even if objectively hideous and incomprehensible to most. This building is made up of sharp angles, contrasted by the red and silver color, and pointed shapes that make it look like a metallic insect.

4 - Sharp Center, Toronto

  • Year of creation: 2004
  • Features and curiosities: the black and white box at the top creates a link between the buildings below.

Lo Sharp Center for Design is part of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada's largest and oldest educational institution for art and design.
Located in a quiet side street between two main shopping streets this building has caused some debate for the style of construction.
While for some the design of this building has an innovative style, for others it is simply intolerable.

3 - Torre Velasca, Milan

  • Year of creation1956-1957
  • Features and Curiosities: 292 days were enough to build it. Relatively short time if we consider that the average duration of a construction site of these proportions is about double.

Someone said that if the Torre Velasca were in New York would certainly be more appreciated.
Even in Italy, however, this skyscraper is not so vilified. Subjected to cultural constraints in 2001, this tower represents Italy's symbol of the economic miracle. At first glance it might seem hideous, sterile and unproductive, but this brutal mass of concrete is home to major fashion stores.

2 - Antilia, Mumbai

  • Year of creation: 2000s
  • Features and Curiosities: the prestigious Forbes magazine has estimated the cost for this construction at 2 billion dollars

The house Antilia it cannot fail to be included in the list of the ugliest skyscrapers in the world. The architects Perkins & Will, creators of the project, received a lot of criticism following the construction of this construction. Those who criticize the high cost incurred for the construction are joined by those who describe Antilia as an offense to the poor Indians.

1 - Windowless skyscraper, New York

  • Year of creation: 1975
  • Features and Curiosities: apparently there are no windows in this skyscraper

This skyscraper and is located in New York, has always represented a dilemma for visitors to the city. All tourists are enchanted by the absence of windows in this building. Although in reality those who manage to visit it from the inside swear that it is possible to see the Brooklyn Bridge.

If for the windowless building its openings remain an amusing habit, nothing is objected instead as regards its objective ugliness.

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