Ranking of the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Italy

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Which are the most dangerous and unsafe cities in Italy?

National security is one of the pillars of a well-functioning country. In Italy, unfortunately, criminal episodes occur somewhat throughout Italy, and in this regard a ranking of Italian Cities considered most dangerous.
The ranking is based on data provided by the Department of Public Safety of the Ministry of the Interior, which analyzes the number of crimes reported during the year.

At the top of the ranking are large cities, where not only a large number of inhabitants reside, but also where tourism is increasingly flourishing, thus clearly showing the connection between crime and the intense presence of tourists.
Considering the criterion of reported crimes, it should be assumed that cities in which crimes occur, even on a constant basis, without being reported to the authorities could be excluded from the ranking.
So let's seewhich are the 10 most dangerous cities in Italy, together with the relative number of registered complaints (per 100 thousand inhabitants).

10 - Genoa, 4.732 reports

Here the complaints reported refer mainly to episodes linked to thefts, such as burglary, up to 279 complaints, robbery with dexterity, reaching 4,504 complaints, theft from homes, 2,384, theft in commercial establishments, 1,682, and car thefts, 447 complaints.

Robberies are quite widespread, the number of drug-related crimes and computer fraud is very high, and the data on sexual violence are also worrying, with almost a hundred complaints. Usury and extortion are not common crimes.

9 - Imperia, 4,799 complaints

Complaints of attempted murder and arson move the Ligurian city of Imperia up the ranking. Another large number concerns computer fraud crimes, which are constantly increasing. Complaints of sexual violence amount to 24. Then follow those of robberies, 118, muggings, theft in apartments, 932 complaints and in stores, 356. The issue linked to usury is marginal, which recorded only one complaint, but unfortunately in this case it is necessary to consider a whole series of submerged situations, linked to the fear that prevents victims from reporting.

8 - Livorno, 4,924 reports

Significant number of complaints for drug-related crimes and 215 complaints per 100 inhabitants for shoplifting crimes. In Livorno there is also no lack of complaints for criminal associations and sexual violence, which explain the eighth position in the ranking of the Tuscan city, while attempted murder and usury activities are lower.

7 - Prato, 5,176 complaints

The highest number of complaints in Prato is related to drugs, 109 per 100 inhabitants. Complaints for robbery with dexterity, theft by tearing, burglary and shoplifting and theft from stores and homes follow steadily. Less worrying figures refer to complaints of voluntary manslaughter and money laundering and use of money.

6 - Rome, 5,201 reports

The capital is undoubtedly the city with the highest number of reports related to drug production, trafficking and trafficking, with 117.6 reports per 100 inhabitants. High figures also for theft with skill, burglary, car theft and shoplifting. Other alarming data refer to reports of sexual violence, robberies, but also mafia activities, from usury to money laundering, from extortion to criminal associations.

5 - Turin, 5,339 reports

It seems to be the favorite city of thieves, many reports have been made for crimes of various types of theft, damage to homes, stores, even cars. High figures also for theft, 79.6 reports per 100,000 inhabitants and 418.5 reports for fraud and computer fraud, one of the highest figures in Italy. Then follow the crimes related to drugs and sexual violence.

4 - Bologna, 6,233 reports

There were 14.9 reports of sexual violence per 100 inhabitants, a figure that is constantly increasing. The city is also the one with the most robberies with skill, thefts from homes and stores, 67.8 reports for robberies and 411.9 reports for computer fraud and swindles. Other crimes commonly committed in the Emilian capital are related to drugs, extortion and criminal associations.

3 - Florence, 6,252 reports

On the podium is the Florentine capital, which is also the city with the highest number of complaints for money laundering and money laundering, with 22 complaints per 100,000 inhabitants.

Florence is also home to crimes related to theft with skill, like many tourist cities, up to 817.3 complaints per 100 thousand inhabitants, there are also robberies in homes and stores. In addition, reports of sexual violence are 14.4, a figure that is considered to be on the rise.

2 - Rimini, 6,430 denunciations

In second place for Rimini, which is approaching several records, between complaints of sexual violence on the rise, and complaints for theft with tearing, so that in both cases it is among the first cities in Italy. Then, several denunciations refer to crimes such as theft by tearing, home and business burglaries, car thefts and robberies. There are few reports for criminal associations, but high for extortion, 25.7 per 100 thousand inhabitants and for drug-related activities, 88.2 reports.

1 - Milan, 7,013 reports

Milan is the most dangerous Italian city in Italy, with 7,017 reports per 100,000 inhabitants. In particular, it is the city with the highest number of reports for theft by skill and shoplifting, the second highest for theft by snatching, robbery and swindling, and computer fraud.

It ranks third for reported crimes of infanticide and extortion and fourth for sexual violence. It also ranks high for reports of car theft and arson, and reports of mafia-type associations are on the rise.

Curiosities about the most dangerous cities in Italy

  • City with the most reports of voluntary killings: Vibo Valentia
  • City with the most reports of sexual violence: Trieste
  • City with the most reports of robbery and theft: Naples
  • City with the most complaints about computer scams and fraud: Trieste
  • City with most reports of infanticide: Salerno
  • City with the highest number of complaints for robbery with skill: Milan
  • City with the most complaints about drug production and trafficking: Rome
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