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Traveling and admiring the wonderful places in the world is a passion for many and an opportunity to enrich our life with experiences.
What often allows us to choose the right destination, it is also the hotel where you stay, where we look for all the comforts we prefer. In the world, hotels have also been built which, in addition to offering us all the comforts we want, attract us for their wacky features, hotels built to be a tourist attraction themselves.
Here is the ranking of the 10 strangest hotels in the world!

10 - Earthship Biotecture, Taos - United States

Perfect for nature lovers, this hotel is made up of a set of all buildings built according to the most innovative eco-sustainable techniques, with gray water filtering systems, solar panels for energy production.
The houses are well maintained, furnished in zen style, full of flowers and colorful details, all immersed in the wild nature of South America.

9 - Seaventures Dive Resort, Pulau Sipadan - Malaysia

For those who love to dive and observe underwater landscapes, this is the ideal hotel. It is a diving station, built in the style of stilts on the water. It does not promise great comfort: what it offers is the possibility to get up in the morning, wear suit and oxygen cylinders and dive directly into the sea with a simple jump, to find yourself surrounded by a splendid barrier Reef led by professional instructors!

8 - Blu Cave Castle, Negril - Jamaica

This very special hotel reproduces an ancient fortress built overhanging the sea, complete with crenellated towers!
At the entrance a magnificent green lawn welcomes tourists, who have the opportunity to admire the landscape and the sea from splendid terraces and jump into the water directly from stone stairs, which descend from the rooms.

7 - Woodlyn Park, Otorohanga - New Zealand

Born in the last century as a farm, over the years it has been transformed into something incredible! In fact the owners have realized rooms and suites inside a US plane, a ship docked by the park and inside a structure called the Hobbit hotel which faithfully reproduces Frodo's house.
A perfect destination to go with the family and entertain the children.

6 - Train Station Inn, Tatamagouche - Canada

The peculiarity of this hotel is that it is a railway station!
The rooms are located between the station building and the train, whose carriages have been converted into suites including all comforts. There is also a dining car and the staff are dressed like real stationmasters, complete with hats and whistles. All around, lots of nature and the chance to admire it from the "terrace wagon"!

5 - Hang Nga GuestHouse, Dalat - Vietnam

This hotel is really weird! It is built in "fantasy" style, with cave rooms, tree houses and log houses.
It is a very fun place especially for children, as there are stairs and ladders, bridges and hidden rooms that greatly stimulate the curiosity of the little ones! Everything is intertwined with branches, leaves and lianas, an eye-catcher even for the older ones, who will be a bit disappointed however, as the hotel does not offer all the comforts.

4 - Treebones Resort, Big Sur - USA

Treebones Resort looks like an Indian village, with circular tents made of wood covered in fabric and tree houses, surrounded by nature with a splendid view of the sea.
There is also a bar-restaurant area with swimming pool, to offer not only the possibility of taking long walks in the surrounding woods, but also a swim in the pool for those who want to relax.

3 - The Five Hotel, Paris - France

The lowest step of the podium is in Europe, in Paris, and is a perfect hotel for couples, particularly for its imaginative design; the rooms are small but comfortable with a great view over the city. The beds are adorned with flowers, in the rooms there is a LED light system that creates a very romantic atmosphere, thanks also to the colored walls and a modern but very refined furniture.

2 - Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin - Germany

One step away from the gold medal, we stay in Europe if we want to stay in the second strangest hotel in the world. The peculiarity of this hotel is that each room is decorated in a different style: ranging from total white, to psychedelic with walls completely covered with mirrors, to rooms furnished with furniture hanging from the ceiling, rooms with beds inside coffins and rooms with beds inside cages. In short, there really is something for everyone!

1 - Costa Verde Hotel, Manuel Antonio National Park - Costa Rica

We take a plane and fly to Costa Rica to stay ... in a plane! Yes, at the top of this ranking there is a hotel built in and around an airplane, evidently put there and not rushed! But the feeling is that! Because wherever there are branches surrounding the rooms, animals live in symbiosis with visitors and the hotel is located in the jungle, but still close to the sea.

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