Ranking of the 10 Best Cities in the World to have Sex Easily

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There are those looking for the most evocative sunsets in the world, those on the road adventures riding a motorcycle, those who travel to discover new cultures, history and art, those looking for places in the sun and pristine sea. There are those who simply seek low cost destinations, who scream nightclubs or pristine places ... the levers that move the tourism market are so many, and there are many reasons to travel, a lifetime would not be enough to list them all.
But among the many "levers", precisely ... there are those looking for, quite simply ... easy sex! Well yes, it's not surprising; after all, just think that, according to some studies, on average man thinks about sex every 54 seconds... not bad, huh?
It goes without saying, therefore, that the search for cities in the world where it is easier to pick up is not such a small niche. So, single (well, even not single), come forward and take a look at this standings: maybe, you can already find the next destination for your holidays!

10 position: Buenos Aires - Argentina

A little surprising for someone, who thought they would find her in more noble positions, in reality Buenos Aires is not all this babe paradiseEtc.
Of course, every world is a country, so you can find more or less beautiful girls everywhere, but let's say that here the percentage is not very high. In fact, girls tend to be quite chubby, but maybe that's why cooking at the bottom is not that difficult... you just need to lower your demands for a moment or ... be blessed with luck. Of course, as long as you are not a real Latin lover ... then every city is good!

The best time is from late September and early December.

9 location: New York - United States

Maybe it is called "The Big Apple", and sorry if it is little ... but how do you want to exclude the Big Apple from the ranking? If only out of respect for the first divine dating, New York enters our ranking by right.
In truth, the metropolis is really full of women, and also quite beautiful, only you have to be careful with the rules of engagement, or even before, of dating.
In fact, if you want to pick up, you should put your hand to your wallet. Yes why in New York man has to pay for everything: taxi, dinner, possible entry to a club, theater or disco, drink, and you must absolutely bring it home, always at your own expense. But that's not enough; because it is not enough for you, male, to pay for everything: if you do not choose a restaurant or even an expensive place, you are immediately branded as "cheap", and goodbye hopes of cooking!
What's good about it? If the date doesn't go through as you expect ... you can ask for a refund is... dump it from taxes! Too far ahead...

8 position: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Come on, we are not hypocrites ... if one thinks of the b-side (apparently we do it every 54 seconds ...), one cannot help but think of that of the Brazilians, right ...? If we add to this that Brazilian girls have been elected in a recent poll "the happiest in the world"then it is natural to expect them to have some happiness to pass on to us!
In general, however, the city of Rio is truly exceptional: the people are friendly like nowhere else in the world, the places and landscapes are spectacular, and the women ... so many! The beauty is that there are Brazilians for all tastes: white, mulatto and black, all linked by an extraordinary characteristic: if reading this part 54 seconds have passed, you have already understood.
Certainly, however, if you are looking for "skinny girls", slim girls with less than generous shapes, you are in the wrong place. Otherwise, you've found your paradise: Brazilian girls create this for themselves lower back eating a lot and then spending whole days in the gym for firming everything up, without however renouncing their proverbial roundness. Moreover they generally speak English very well, so the approach shouldn't be that complicated. I'm very expansive and open to dialogue, but they also know how to give up good slaps if you address yourself too boldly. South of Rio, things are even better ... seeing is believing!

The best time is from May to October or February.

7 position: Rome - Italy

Our beautiful country is represented in this special ranking by its capital, the Eternal City which, as someone sang, "gives a hand to faje di de si".
Rome offers both ideas for the romantic dating, walking through the streets of the center framed by unparalleled beauties ("but the most beautiful monument in Rome ... it's you", for good or bad it always works ...!), both for wild evenings in the many clubs and discos. Here, among local girls and tourists from all over the world, you are spoiled for choice!
The only note, which for some might be positive, for others less, is that the nightlife areas, as well as clubs and discos, are mostly frequented by very young girls, just of age or even minors surprisingly developed! In fact, be careful, because you would never believe it before ... hearing them speak!

6 position: Timisoara - Romania

Obviously, the land could not be missing, which is seen by many as the ideal destination for a tourism, let's call it, towing ...
Le Romanian girls in the collective imagination they are beautiful, with very fair skin and a naturally seductive expression. Reinforcing Timisoara's position are some impressive numbers:

  • the male / female ratio is 1 to 5;
  • Many girls know how to speak Italian;
  • Timisoara is a university city, with over 100.000 students of which 75% are women.

Ok, I've already convinced you. The best time is from July to September.

5 position: Stockholm - Sweden

Girls in Stockholm are comparable only to Russian or Ukrainian girls in beauty; it is true, compared to colleagues from the east it is not difficult to find dyed blondes or girls with too much makeup, but in general they are just as we imagine them, or as we see them in the covers: super cool!
To increase the possibilities of a "profitable" approach with Swedish girls, there is the extreme shyness of Swedish boys: if you play your cards right, just be a little outgoing and nice (not too much, they get annoyed easily) and you will already be on the right track.
A point in your favor if you have Mediterranean traits: dark complexion, brown hair, perhaps curly, are traits that drive them crazy. Swedish clubs look like Playboy mansions: hundreds of beautiful girls, platinum blonde that almost gives to the head, really a challenge to find some ugly. So, don't be shy and go for it, the adventure of your life could be just around the corner!
The best time to avoid excessive cold is from late June to early September

4 location: Costa del Sol - Spain

The Costa del Sol in southern Spain, in Andalusia, it is truly one of the most magical places in the world. Kilometers of coastline behind which there are real tourist paradises, which they manage to maintain typical features of Spain and the Mediterranean.
From Malaga to Marbella, passing through Torremolinos, Buenalmadena, Fuengirola (a kind of Finnish colony), the beaches and streets are crowded with gorgeous spanish girls in costume on skates, by bicycle or on foot: be careful to cross their smile, you risk giving up everything in an instant and changing nationality.
Their fame for being "hot" is surpassed only by reality: Spanish girls are really nice, open to dialogue, extroverted, very pleasant companions and companies, fiery and passionate lovers, with bodies and features forged by the warm sun of Andalusia, somatic traits between the Moorish and the European that give them a beauty that is really difficult to resist. To this, it must be added that they do not disdain adventure and they love Italians, they love the nightlife and are amazing drinkers. And you know, alcohol is often our best ally ...!
As mentioned, if you choose the Costa del Sol as a destination, the only risk is to never want to return!

3 position: Kiev - Ukraine

Almost all lists of this kind count Kiev as the city with the sexiest girls in the world. Obviously, there will be a reason ...
Girls who even in our most daring dreams, who brave the freezing cold by parading through the streets in very small shorts, highlighting catwalk bottom, as well as their bearing. Not used to laughter, to be honest, but you know, the climate hardens the spirit and character ... but as long as they remain so beautiful, everything is legitimate!
The beauty, however, is seen in the evening inside the clubs and nightclubs: you will hardly see in your life such a concentration of blondes and dressed in the most provocative way possible and throw themselves into sexy dances, focusing their gaze on you and making you be stunned ... everything!
Do not be afraid to launch into gaming, they love the enterprising man, not cheeky, and even they, despite the cold, are among the hottest lovers.
The best time to avoid excessive cold is from May to September.

2 location: Odessa - Ukraine

Odessa is somewhat of the Russian and Ukrainian summer resort: you can therefore already imagine what awaits you in such a place.
Unlike Kiev, where the streets of the center are not so full of girls, who usually pour into clubs in the evening, in Odessa at any time of the day, anywhere, angels from blond hair and light eyes, no lower than 1,70 and practically with a percentage of overweight that borders on zero, they are there waiting for an Italian adonis to tow them. Be careful though, because even here you have to put a heavy hand on your wallet... clubs, restaurants and various entertainment here cost an arm and a leg, but if you can afford it, rest assured that the game is absolutely worth the candle!
Last warning: don't be too pressing, get noticed but don't insist too much. Odessa indeed is packed with Italian tourists (maddai!), and the girls, who are not stupid, know very well the reason for such a massive presence. And above all, they know they have the knife on the side of the handle! And they won't hesitate to use it ...
The best time to avoid excessive cold is from May to September.

1 location: Moscow - Russia

Single and not from all over the world, welcome toEden. If what you are looking for are extraordinarily beautiful girls, willing, willing not to try too hard and who know how to make a man happy in one night, Moscow is your city.
You will have the sensation of living a dream, one of those recurring dreams in which you are surrounded by stunning models and blondes, blackberries with glacial and red eyes come on physicists sculpted like an ice sculpture, who look at you and smile at you, who respond to the invitation to have a drink, and maybe after the drink they agree to go out in the evening with you ... But the beauty comes after the evening (or during, if we want), when the sensations you feel make you understand unequivocally that it is not a dream ... that it is all true, that she is real and hides nothing unpleasant (to the good connoisseur ...).
Muscovites are pretty outspoken and sincere girls, they may not deign to look at you if they don't like you, but they don't have much scruples if you are their type. They love the man who dresses well, not scruffy; beard is fine, but not too long, long hair is fine as long as it is always in place, a little bacon is fine (and thank goodness for us Italians!) as long as you are not obese.
Most of them speak English well, but just in case ... nothing is precluded! Here too, the cost of living is certainly not low, but certain pleasures, dear friends, are paid for ... and the quality is absolutely number 1!
The best time to avoid excessive cold is summer.

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