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Italy is a country full of domes. The Christian worship led to the creation of truly majestic churches, and especially in the Renaissance period, magnificence was also measured in aesthetic and structural grandeur. But not only that: also the spa they played an important role. Let's see the largest domes in our country, sorted by diameter.

11 - Dome of San Lorenzo, Turin

  • Height: M 50
  • Diameter: M 15
  • Features: intrados formed by 16 crossed bands

Built between 1668 and 1680, the dome of the Church of San Lorenzo rests on 4 arches hidden inside the structure. The building, designed by Guarino Guarini, was unique for the time.

10 - Temple of Mercury, Baia

  • Height: n / a
  • Diameter: M 21,5
  • Features: circular vault

The Temple of Mercury is part of the splendid Archaeological Complex of Baia, fraction of Bacoli, a municipality in the province of Naples. Today only the hilly part of the city remains. The Temple of Mercury was used for cold baths, and it seems it was composed of 6 niches, 4 of which were semicircular.

9 - Dome of San Gaudenzio, Novara

  • Height: M 121
  • Diameter: M 22
  • Features: built only with local materials

Designed by Alessandro Antonelli, the dome saw recent restoration works which allowed it to become accessible to the public again. The first project of the dome dates back to 1841; the works ended in 1887.

8 - Santa Maria della Casa, Loreto

  • Height: n / a
  • Diameter: M 22
  • Features: Renaissance style with octagonal drum

Main place of Marian worship e among the most important shrines dedicated to Mary in the world. The dome is visible from a large surrounding area, and is sharply inspired by that of Brunelleschi in Florence.

7 - Terme di Agrippa, Rome

  • Height: n / a
  • Diameter: M 25
  • Features: first thermal baths in Rome with a central dome

Baths built in the period of Augustus, between 25 and 19 BC, by Agrippa. The building measured 100m wide x 120m long. The various rooms were organized in an irregular way, as in the custom of the time, around a large circular hall with a domed roof. Today the building is totally disappeared.

6 - Sant'Andrea, Mantua

  • Height: M 80
  • Diameter: M 25
  • Features: Baroque style dome

The Basilica of Sant'Andrea is the largest church in Mantua and is located in the historic center. Built to a design by Leon Battista Alberti, there is a mix of styles: Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic. There majestic dome it is in Baroque style and was added in the mid-1700s by Filippo Juvara.

5 - Basilica of Humility, Pistoia

  • Height: M 59
  • Diameter: M 29
  • Features: decorated with three architectural orders in the tambour

Giorgio Vasari's Dome of the beautiful Basilica of Humility in Pistoia is the second largest dome in Tuscany thanks to its 29 meters of internal diameter. The construction is particularly impressive thanks to its approximately 59 meters high.

4 - Terme di Traiano, Rome

  • Height: n / a
  • Diameter: M 30
  • Features: built in cement

Baths of ancient Rome built around 100 AD. C. from Traiano. At the time they were the largest spa building in the world. Today only parts of the complex remain.

3 - Dome of St. Peter, Vatican

  • Height: M 130
  • Diameter: M 41,47
  • Features: structure supported by 4 colossal pillars

Among the most important symbols of Rome, the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican was designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti and completed by Giacomo dalla Porta and Domenico Fontana. The dome rises to theintersection of the main nave with the transept. The drum has a thickness of 3 meters.

2 - Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence

  • Height: M 34
  • Diameter: M 42,05
  • Features: octagonal drum

Also known as "Brunelleschi's Dome", it is still the largest masonry dome ever built. The dome is built on the basis of golden proportions, as was customary at that time.

1 - Pantheon, Rome

  • Height: M 21,7
  • Diameter: M 43,4
  • Features: hemispherical dome in concrete

Even today that of the Pantheon is one of the largest domes in the world. Decorated with 5 rows of 28 drawers, it has a weight of over 5 thousand tons. It was made in a single cast.

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