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This article we dedicate it to all those who think that go to museums it is a highly informative experience, but definitely little fun. Think again! The world is beautiful because it is varied and so we discover that everywhere there are truly unique museums with absurd collections which often turn out to be fun and rich in knowledge. If you are a curious traveler, read on to discover the oddities preserved in the 20 strangest museums in the world. Remember these museums, if in one of your next trips you find yourself passing through the cities indicated, because there are not only Guggenheim, British Museum or other well-known ones; it will be the right opportunity to experience the journey a little off the screens, discovering how far creativity and human madness (in a good way) can go.

20 - Sex Museum Amsterdam, Holland

Let's start our journey from what for many is considered one of the most transgressive destinations in Europe, which has made eroticism (and not only!) A real art. We are in Amsterdam where we find the Sex Museum, a few steps from the central Dam Square.

Once inside you will be overwhelmed by a hurricane of mixed sensations: euphoria, excitement, curiosity but also fear and fascination. From the collection of pornographic and erotic literature and art of all kinds and origins, to the part dedicated to sculptures, fetishes, comics and of course the Kamasutra. If all this is not enough, you should know that there are also small and discreet booths that offer visitors ... the privacy they need to watch films broadcast in loop.

19 - Mob Museum, Las Vegas, USA

If you think that certain things can only be seen in action movies, you are wrong!
In this museum in the sparkling American town, which was the birthplace of the TV series CSI, you can relive the long fight against organized crime carried out by the American law enforcement agencies with 3D projections, plays and life-sized sculptures and lovers of souvenirs they will be able to take their mugshot.
You will also know "vita", death and crimes of the greatest gang stars in history and of the American policemen who gave their lives to win the battle against corruption and the underworld.

18 - Museum of Medieval Tortures, Prague, Czech Republic

For those who love the splatter genre, horror or something similar this wonderful and romantic European capital allows you to take a tour in history thanks to Medieval Torture Museum.

Here you can relive the era when heretics, witches and subversives guilty of crimes were subjected to atrocious torture. The more than sixty torture instruments visible inside the museum testify to this.

17 - Cabinet Museum, New Delhi, India

Yes, you read that correctly! There is a Museum entirely dedicated to the toilet founded by Dr. Pathak, President of an organization very active in the field of hygiene and health education (who better than him?).

The Museum preserves toilets from all over the world and from all eras to better understand how progress and human evolution also pass ... from the bathroom.

16 - Museum of Useless Things and Misconceptions, Herrnbaumgarten, Austria

We are not kidding, there are those who thought and (better yet) realized it. It is located in a village 70 km from Vienna and was born from the mind of two friends who, one evening when beer was the master, thought that there are so many useless and meaningless things in the world, some they are so much to deserve a place in a museum! And here in 1984 the temple of nonsense opens, a museum where it is impossible to get bored.

15 - Mustard Museum, Middleton, USA

We are in the United States and this particular Museum is aimed primarily at being foodies dedicated exclusively to mustard: over 5.000 types preserved in jars, tubes and jars from over 60 countries around the world, complete with storyboards and images to tell the story and use of this product. In addition, the internal bar offers a free tasting of mustards.

14 - Museum of Questionable Medical Instruments, Minnesota, USA

It is actually a section of the Minnesota State Science Museum and inside are preserved unlikely medical tools used for the most unique healing techniques that will allow you to look at medicine and doctors with a slightly different eye.

13 - Katten Kabinet, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Literally the "Cat Museum". Let's go back to Amsterdam again where this time we find a museum entirely dedicated to the furry pets of the house: cats. Wanted by William Meijer in 1990 to honor the memory of his late feline, Tom. A place dedicated to cats, with pictures and 4 specimens in flesh and hair!

12 - Museum of ice cream, Bologna, Italy

And finally we arrive at home! Italy, land of saints, poets, navigators and good food .. including dessert! Could not therefore miss the Bologna museum dedicated to fresh and sweet ice cream and considered among the 7 coolest museums in the world. In addition to discovering the preparation techniques, at the end of the path you can enjoy a tasting with very original varieties of ice cream, including the favorite flavor of the lover of the pharaoh Tutankamon! You will come out delighted!

11 - Museum of the hearse, Barcelona, ​​Spain

There is little to add, the hearse in Spain it has earned a museum. Perhaps the idea is a bit macabre but certainly unique and interesting. The preserved chariots are in fact from periods between the end of the nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century and equipped with an information sign that explains their function, because each type of chariot had a different function according to the type of burial.

10 - MOBA Museum Of Bad Art, Somersville, USA

"Art too ugly to be ignored", this is the payoff of the logo of the museum in question, which collects the fake authors recreated by artists ... or aspiring artists since the results on display are far from the original.

9 - Ramen Museum, Shin-Yokohama, Japan

The museum dedicated to the famous (and very good) soup, the Windows. Here you can learn the ancient art of Japanese cuisine and in particular of this dish that with various names and variants is present throughout Asia. In reality, more than a museum it is a perfect mix between shop, restaurant and playground with the shop and its 300 packs of ramen hanging on the walls, a screen that rotates themed commercials and the utensils that were used in the 50s. for the preparation of this delicacy.

8 - Museum of Finite Relations, Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb's Museum is always in constant evolution, suitable for the broken-hearted romantics. The Finite Relations Museum collects objects symbolic of past loves, from weapons to soft toys! If you have something left that still reminds you of your ex and you want to get rid of it, consider a visit to this place that is always ready to accept new memorabilia.

7 - Beer Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

We go back to Prague because we like it! For lovers of blondes or reds with foam and bubbles, a visit to the beer museum. Here you will take a journey through the history of malt nectar produced in the Czech Republic and enjoy a tasting of beers in the extraordinary historic cellars of the th century.

6 - The Twine Ball Museum, Minnesota, USA

And then in Minnesota there is the museum that houses the most big ball of twine made by one man: Francis Johnson, which has become so popular that every year the city hosts the Twine Ball Day.

5 - Museum of dog collars, Maidstone, Kent - United Kingdom

Resides within one of the most beautiful castles in the world, Leeds Castle, this unique museum which preserves aancient collection of dog collars, about 5 centuries of history: from medieval to Victorian times. Animal lovers, however, will be disappointed since ... animals cannot enter.

4 - Hair Museum, Avanos, Turkey

Fetish stuff! In this museum, in Turkey, I am keep thousands of locks of hair which completely cover the walls of the rooms, some are even accompanied by annotations and photos. Could it be a way to entice visitors to leave a mark of their passage by further implementing the trichological collection?

3 - Bread Museum, Ulm, Germany

You want to know more about the history of the most famous carbohydrate ever? In this museum you will discover how bread has become a fundamental part of our diet.

2 - UFO Museum, Roswell, USA

We could not fail to mention it among the most bizarre museums in the world! The museum about aliens and where if not really in Roswell? Between Martians and flying saucers ... are you really sure that we are alone in the universe? Fox Molder Docet!

1 - Museum of the Sewers, Paris, France

You say Paris and you think of the Louvre. But no! because the romantic and beautiful French capital is also famous for its underground rich in mysteries and history, so much so that it can boast a unique museum of its kind entirely dedicated to the historic sewer system. Get some air and take a ride!

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