Queensland, Australia: where it is, when to go and what to see

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The Australian state of Queensland occupies much of the east coast and is nicknamed the Sunshine State because the sun almost always shines here.
In addition to the beautiful barrier Reef which extends for over 2000 km, you can admire immense rainforests, some tropical islands, wonderful beaches deserted and you can enjoy some life in the bustling city of Brisbane.


  1. Travel informed: useful information
  2. Where it is
  3. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  4. Which city to stay in?
  5. 10 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  6. What to do in Queensland: excursions and tours
  7. How much does a Queensland holiday cost? Prices, offers and advice
  8. User questions and comments

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 5,071 million
  • Capital: Brisbane
  • Languages: English
  • Local currency: Australian dollar AUD (€ 1,00 = AUD 1,64)
  • Weather: it is subtropical, warm all the months of the year. The seasons are divided into a dry period (winter) from June to October with temperatures between 10 ° and 27 ° and a rainy period (from December to March), more humid and warm with temperatures between 23 ° and 32 °, and finally in a hot period (April, May, October, November) with little rain and high temperatures between 24 ° and 32 °. The water temperature is 23 ° in winter and 28 ° in summer
  • vaccinations: no vaccinations are required although tetanus and hepatitis can be useful
  • Entry requirements: you need a passport with a residual validity of 6 months and an entry visa for tourism which is 3 months. For more info: how to apply for a visa for Australia
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where it is

    It is the state that occupies the northeastern part of Australia; it is bordered to the north by the Northern Territories, to the south-west by South Australia and to the south by New South Wales.
    To the east, the coasts are lapped by the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
    The main locations are Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Hervey Bay and Airlie Beach.

    How to reach us

    • From Milan or Rome: there are no direct flights from Italy to Brisbane, however some companies operate routes with only one stop. Among these, Singapore Airlines connects Rome / Milan-Brisbane with a stopover in Singapore (21 hours), Emirates with a stopover in Dubai (23 hours) and Ethiad with a stopover in Abu Dhabi (22 hours and 35 minutes).
      Flights from Rome from € 640,00 - Flights from Milan from € 773,00
    • From the main European capitals: there are no direct flights, all have at least one stopover. China Southern (stopover in Canton Bayun), Ethiad with stop over in Abu Dhabi and Singapore Airlines (stopover in Singapore) fly from Paris, Amsterdam and London.
      Compare flights to Queensland - from € 687,00

    When to go? Info on climate and best time

    • Weather: it is of subtropical oceanic type with mild and dry winters and hot and rainy summers. Compared to Italy, the seasons are reversed, being a very vast state, temperatures vary by a few degrees between the northern and southern locations. During the autumn and winter months (December to May) the rains are abundant but the temperatures are high (20/29 ° in Brisbane, 22/31 ° in Cairns), while in spring and winter the climate is dry with 9/20 ° in Brisbane and 11 / 27th in Cairns.
    • Best time: having a good climate, it can be visited all year round, however to enjoy the beauties of this region more the best time is our summer, or their winter (June-September) because it does not rain and there is a lower risk of jellyfish in the sea.
    • Period to avoid: none in particular, even if it is necessary to know that from November to May the ocean is invaded by cubomedusas. Therefore, when swimming you should always wear anti-jellyfish wetsuits.
    • Advice: to bring swimwear, light and comfortable clothing, a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, a heavier jacket (for winter evenings), sunscreen with high protection factor, mask and snorkel.

    Which city to stay in?

    1. Brisbane: the capital, is ideal if you want to visit a cosmopolitan city, with several museums, the beautiful Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (where you can pick up Koalas) and you want to take a trip to the nearby Gold Coast.
    2. Hervey bay: this small town on the coast is nothing special but it is the ideal location if you want to go hiking on Fraser Island and spot numerous whales swimming a few miles from the coast.
    3. Townsville: it is the starting point for visiting Magnetic Island, an island of 56 sq km very green, rich in fauna where you can easily spot wallabies and koalas in freedom.
    4. Airlie beach: although it is nothing that this town is the gateway to embark on catamarans and sailing boats that will take you for a few days to discover the wonderful Whitsunday Islands
    5. Cairns: to the north, it is a lively coastal town, a base for snorkeling trips on the Great Barrier Reef and visiting Cape Tribulation.

    10 things to see: beaches and places of interest

    1. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, in Brisbane, where about 130 koalas, numerous kangaroos, flying foxes and many other species typical of Australia live.
    2. The great barrier reef extending all along the Queensland coast, it is the largest living organism in the world, also visible from space. We suggest you snorkel or dive between Cairns and Port Duglas (the best area) and fly over it aboard small scenic airplanes!
    3. Whitsundays Islands to be discovered during a few days by boat to admire the numerous deserted white beaches, the hiking trails and the tropical forests that characterize them, as well as the coral reef that surrounds them - more info on Whitsunday Island
    4. Fraser Island it is the largest sand island in the world that stretches for 120 km and is characterized by dense forests, high sand dunes, long beaches, crystal clear lakes and colorful cliffs - more info on Fraser Island
    5. Cape Tribulation part of the Daintree Rainforest north of Cairns, it's the perfect place to get in touch with the wilderness.
    6. Kuranda is the ideal destination for a day trip from Cairns; inserted into the forest, it can be reached by car, train or Australia's longest cable car: the Skyrail-rainforest Cableway.
    7. Noosa is a town on the Sunshine Coast where you can admire crystal clear and pristine beaches, rainforests and make excursions to admire the wonderful panoramic views.
    8. Mission Beach it is the most suitable place for skydiving on the reef and sighting the famous cassowaries, a species of ostrich that has found its favorite habitat here.
    9. Cape York it is the northernmost peninsula in Queensland and is one of the wildest regions on the planet characterized by wide savannas, long palm-fringed beaches, tropical eucalyptus and mangrove forests.
    10. Boodjamulla National Park away from the coast, in the innermost north of Queensland, it is the perfect place for those who want to venture out into the outback and admire deep sandstone gorges, streams and discover the Aboriginal land of the Waanyi.

    What to do in Queensland: excursions and tours

    How much does a Queensland holiday cost? Prices, offers and advice

    Queensland, like much of Australia, it is a rather expensive state and prices are stable more or less throughout the year, even if from June to September there is a 5% increase being the high season.
    The sleeping facilities are of different types and prices, you can choose large hotel chains, simple motels or share rooms in hostels.
    Even for eating there is a wide offer ranging from high-class restaurants to more modest fast-food restaurants.
    The average price to eat, however, is around 25,00 / 30,00 AUD (€ 15,00 / € 22,00).
    To get around independently, the best way is to rent a car (an international driving license is required) or you can take the night and day buses that connect the main towns.
    The suggestion is to spend at least 10 days in Queensland in order to fully enjoy the many beauties.

    • Hotel and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -
    • starting from € 640,00 -
    • Round trip flight + 12 days / 10 nights from € 1.300,00 -
    / 10

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