Punta Prosciutto, Puglia: how to get there, useful information and images

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The Punta Prosciutto beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Salento.
Famous for its fine white sand and transparent waters, this beach it is part of the Palude del Conte Regional Natural Park, together with the Vecchia Salina di Torre Colimena.
It is a unspoiled area, perfect for lovers of the sea and relaxation. If you haven't visited it yet, here are some tips on everything about the Punta Prosciutto Beach.


  1. How to reach us
  2. Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments
  3. Where to sleep in the surrounding area: hotels, campsites and villages
  4. What to do in the evening
  5. What to do and what to see in the surroundings
  6. Info and useful tips
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How to reach us

Getting to Punta Prosciutto Beach is relatively simple. The beach is part of porto cesareo, therefore it is reachable thanks to the public transports that connect the area with Lecce and Gallipoli, or thanks to the provincial roads (coastal and not) that you can travel with your car.

Con i mezzi pubblici

  • From Lecce: take bus 104 for 7 stops and change to 110. Continue for 13 stops and then continue on foot for 1,4 km - Get directions
  • From Gallipoli: take bus 104 for 13 stops. Change to 110 and continue for another 13. Then continue on foot for the remaining route (1,4 km) - Get directions

By car

  • From Lecce: continue on the SP4 or the SP 359 towards Porto Cesareo - Get directions
  • From Gallipoli: take the SP122 and SP359 towards Porto Cesareo - Get directions

Where to park

There are several parking lots along the coast, both free and guarded and paid (approximately € 5,00 per day). To be sure of finding a place, just arrive early in the morning (no later than 9:00, especially on weekends). Near the beaches there are car parks reserved for customers.

Free beach, lidos and bathing establishments

The Punta Prosciutto Beach is famous for the bathing establishments present, which will allow you to enjoy the sea without worrying too much about umbrellas, chairs, etc., with prices starting from € 15,00 (2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella). The beach thanks to its shallow and sandy bottom is ideal for families with children looking for relaxation and breathtaking views. There is also a free stretch for those who love independence, but the space is smaller than what you would have using the bathing establishments present. In the free beach sections it is generally dogs allowed.

  • Samanà Beach: website - Get directions
  • Teranga Bay: Facebook page - Get directions
  • Conte beach: Facebook page - Get directions
  • Punta Prosciutto beach: Facebook page - Get directions
  • Lido Degli Angeli: website - Get directions

Where to sleep in the surrounding area: hotels, campsites and villages

To sleep in the area there are several options: from hotels to residences, the beach offers several options. At Punta Prosciutto most of the accommodation concerns bed & breakfast and residence, as well as the possibility of renting holiday homes. For hotels you have to go a few kilometers away, but you don't have to go too far (about 6 km). Prices for recommended accommodation start at € 55,00 per night per room,

What to do in the evening

In all honesty, the locality of Punta Prosciutto does not offer much in the evening, but fortunately the surroundings are full of activities: nightlife spots for the youngest, parks and markets for families and couples.

  • Coastline: on the road that connects Punta Prosciutto and torre lapillo, on the sea side, there is a riding school for excursions and horseback riding and, not far from Togo Bay, a beach disco that organizes aperitifs and events from 17 pm onwards.
  • Lapillo Tower (12,5 km): in the center, every evening there are stalls, bars, pubs with music and discos. In addition, you can also rent rickshaws to get around the country and, for families with children, there are also areas with rides and inflatables.
  • Porto Cesareo (18 km): even here every evening there are stalls and markets, but above all the waterfront is a succession of clubs and beaches that organize events and music in the evening. The center is also very crowded and popular, with bars and pubs open until late at night.
  • Gallipoli (50 km): certainly more distant, but it is the hub of the summer Salento nightlife. Here, both on the seafront and in the center, there are clubs and discos, and concerts and events follow one another all summer. Do not miss the Samsara, Zen and Praja discos and the Liquor Store, Buena Vista and Blanc cocktail bars. At 8 km, on the provincial road Lido Conchiglie - Sannicola, one of the most famous discos of Salento: the Rio Bo.

What to do and what to see in the surroundings

The area of ​​Punta Prosciutto is famous for its unspoiled nature it is part of the regional Nature Reserve.

  • Parks and nature reserves: If you want to explore the area you can go to Bosco d'Arneo or Torre Colimena, a locality within the Salina dei Monaci Nature Reserve from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama.
  • Neighboring cities and localities: Torre Lapillo (12,5 km), Porto Cesareo (18 km), Gallipoli (50 km), Lecce (60 km)
  • Water sports: if you are a sports lover you can think of sailing, windsurfing but above all snorkeling, excellent activities given the type of beach.

Info and useful tips

  • Parking: in the neighboring area there are both public car parks (in the streets near the beach) and guarded paid car parks (service offered by the beaches themselves) with an average daily cost of € 4,00
  • Best time: if you are looking for relaxation, avoid the months of July and August, and concentrate your holidays for the first ten days of September. Alternatively you can always book the beach umbrella and sunbeds at the aforementioned beaches, some even offer small discounts on drinks if you book a day in advance.
  • Access for animals: there are no prohibitions for dogs, but common sense always applies. So it is always advisable to bring everything you need for your 4-zamep friends (muzzle, leash, excrement kit)
  • Useful clothing and accessories: in addition to your swimsuit, beach towel and sunscreen, absolutely bring a mask and an action-cam with you to immortalize the magnificent underwater panorama that the beach offers.

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