Puglia: three days and three towns not to be missed!

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A three-day trip to three towns in Puglia.
Nard ?, a small village but rich in history.
Gallipoli, a lively town on the west coast, and finally Castro, one of the many pearls of Salento, always ready to amaze.

1 day

The first stage, the one from which we start? Nard?, Famous both for its localities? marine, both for the historic center, a riot of Baroque architecture. ? a city? which over time has not known peace, and which bears the signs of the domination of Messapi, Romans, Barbarians and Normans.
My advice ? walk slowly and get lost among the stone streets, churches and ancient shops. (The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, San Domenico and the Church of the Immaculate are just some of the most beautiful).
Also not to be missed is the Castle and its garden called Villa Comunale with many tree species and an adorable little temple in blue majolica.
If you love the sea, here you are spoiled for choice. There are beaches for all tastes, from those with soft sand, to those more? wild, characterized by hidden bays and breathtaking views. Torre Lapillo, Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio are just some of the destinations I would like to recommend.

2 day

The second day we dedicate it to Gallipoli, one of the cities? pi? lively of the area.
Once you arrive in Gallipoli? impossible not to notice that sparkling soul, typical of a city? full of young people; a? soul what for? it gets lost as soon as you cross the threshold of the historic center, where the flavor of tradition, and of history in fact, prevails.
One of the most important things? exciting of Gallipoli? was the arrival at the ancient port, where Gallipoli fishermen display what they have just caught. ? It is possible to choose the fish in person and consume it immediately, accompanied by a glass of white wine. A real pleasure for eyes and palate!
If, on the other hand, you don't trust raw fish, just move a few meters and you will find an? Infinity? of restaurants.
Also in this case you can? think of spending part of the day at the beach that will surely not disappoint.

3 day

The third day we move a little more? to the south, and more? precisely in Castro.
The lower part of the town, which develops around the port, is called Castro Marina, while on a promontory stands the ancient medieval village which? a real gem, with breathtaking views.
I recommend the tour of the city walls, a suggestive walk that runs along the city? among ancient olive trees and incredible views.
A little curiosity: in the Aeneid Virgil places the first landing of Aeneas in Castro, a promontory from which a temple consecrated to the goddess Minerva stood. Excavations in 2007 brought to light traces of a sanctuary probably dedicated to the Goddess, while in 2015 pieces of a statue were found, perhaps attributable to Minerva. If it were possible to reassemble it, the statue would be at least four meters high.
As always happens, the thing that most? it makes me fall in love, they are the alleys, especially if populated by curious elderly people ready to exchange a few words.
I hope you enjoyed this tour and somehow manage to make it yours.
These are three countries that are definitely worth a visit!

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